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Foreign just face it, no one knows so. Y'All can see what we're working with working crazy, but I have to you see this. This uniform Airline, full Airline zone now the work - and I don't know what I don't really like. You saw them. Do this. I'M gon na really like, if I forgot to finish this away but anyways. I think I'm gon na plot this off camera, because this is a lot of work, a lot of plugins. As you can see, it is going to be a lot of protein, so I'm gon na do this off camera. I love that for me trying to get rid of the year old clock all right, so we're gon na work with a center part being moody crave. Love and Death, but I keep everybody swear to God. This y'all need to get this. This is the shins. This is the thing: okay, one sprayer and it on it is on it's not going nowhere. Still. I love this spray. It it gon na leave my ear. Crunchy and I stopped spraying on the leaves because it doesn't make it crunchy this another is a spray they make it crunchy, but that is what I, that is why I'm just gon na put this number and put it on, because it's just me seamless, we'll, go We'Re gon na wait a little bit. I'M gon na just tie this down for it to further melts. Before I cut it all the elements, all right foreign, so that is that that is done. I'M gon na just tie it on for one little minute. You know just for that extra melting and then I'm gon na do my makeup and I'll be back. We pretty much finished with the install. Oh wait a little bit as you guys can see. The lace is not that bad, I'm defining the part yeah, but wait. Let me check out this: oh should I do baby hairs. I don't know clear. Clean Airline baby ears are nah because, because I did my plug-in pretty good, as you guys can see compared to when we have that uniform, overlooking thing where we're not using that. I don't know but yeah I'm wondering if I should do play videos. I want to do some baby hands. It'S been a while, I think I'll, be giving you guys too much no baby in this video. We don't really like them still, but I love curly hair. I know how this makes sense with a curly hair down, so we're doing too much, I'm gon na be too. We do this yeah. I think I'm gon na do the baby hairs. Y'All, see that I don't have to write, but I just feel like I want to do it. I think it's gon na be super cute yeah. I just got ta be so cute, so I'm just gon na take some of the hair. Oh, I don't want it to be too thick. Thank you thank you here. Then we are able to do our makeup foreign address. I bet you're just uh. I think I need to open that shop. I want to say comment down below. I need to open a shop as the ear dresser up to us. Stylings, yellow obvious talents. Yes, girl, I feel like if you feel the ear, especially lace wig, but I'm going to Jamaica come. I feel like Jamaican. I have too much at least we do ones, but but again, Avid luck, but I feel like the Jamaica girls. Then they need to get it more. You know cause. Somebody else will promise somebody not ready practice, not saying that they are not good, but they need more practice, especially when it comes down to plucking, making the airline look more natural, that's where they have the problem. They will not do that and then pack up the ear with some thick baby ear. No girl, you got ta, you know you got ta know how to do it like right now. I'M gon na feel like they're my two teeth, but I like it but not the chubby, because guess what you see when empty like this, I saw from movable yeah but you're swimming. I do not like it. Okay, I started so once we put the Bun over this. I don't even use nothing to make it be hard. To be honest, I think I need to cut this little. I'M gon na clock out some of this, because I don't want it to be this thick. I'M gon na pluck it and I'm gon na cut it. Okay, the baby ears are baby earring, okay, um, I'm just gon na add some mousse to these parts. So by the time I'm done with my makeup, it is dry and it is just fluffy all over. So yeah man, I got ta play with it too much when it's dry like this on your rake, it too much time to get freezing. I don't know like that. I want some nice stuff juicy curls right. What I had to do is to separate the curls. You know but yeah. This is how we're looking so far. I love it. I like to buy look on my ear Beauty, Italian beauty, Christmas. I must start use my talent, you know another style, but now the fridge over here a little bit separate the curls, and then you know once we get back we're gon na finish it make whatever perfect, but guys. I love when my hair is movable. You see that seamless, seamless you see that seamless, I'm just going to put on my bun set my baby here. Imma take them off, they make a woman look at them yeah! Well, I love the inside. I don't even feel like. I want to do no makeup to be honest: I'm not getting paid for the makeup portion, I'm I'm looking there, I'm good makeup Mega start with yourself. When you calm down now, she's the fusion them lashes. Double the grill then put on I've only wear those one time. 2012. When I was going to Jamaica, I miss it. Everybody lift my eyes, I said never again, but I feel like I'm gon na start wearing them, because my skin is skinny. So right, okay, this is what will keep your baby ears from shining okay. Let me see flexible crown, they're movable like a wheel like a tree, I'm gon na. Do my makeup and I'll be back okay guys, so we are done with our face and the hair is looking gorgeous. As you guys can see, I Spritz a little water just to bring back a little definition to these curls. I did not want it to be wet because y'all know, I don't know what looks I don't like it. I love to have this soft curl um kind of cool look yeah, so I'm gon na need for the no wet look. As for my baby hairs. We'Re just gon na comb them out, as you can see they can. They can move freelys, so they can't move and we love our baby here that moves, even though they probably don't look like them can't move, but, as you guys saw they're moving. Yes, so all the specs would be listed in the description box down below please to go and check it out and please to make use of a coupon code. If there is one okay, summertime is coming up. This curly hair, you know, is summertime, ready, vacation, ready, low maintenance and that's what we want when we are on a vacation right, especially if we're traveling to a very hot country yeah. We need the curls okay, it's Spritz, Spritz water, and we are good to go all right so check the description box. Thank you lovey here for sponsoring this video. Yes, guys, don't forget to like comment, share subscribe, and I definitely see you guys in my next one. Bye. Thank you.

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