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Foreign apparel hair, let's get into it, it comes into a pink and white box on the back of it, it tells you the how to care and the hair maintenance instructions on how to keep your hair looking good. Alright, so let's open it up, oh they got it taped up, okay, but let's cut this tape and then open it up. Hey now that I have it open, let's get into these goodies. So, of course, we have the hair that we're gon na get into in just a few. We also have the alley apparel Edge band that you know is going to come in handy always got ta. Have this side edges can look sleep down and like they need to be looking, we don't want to miss some edges just being real. Then we have a wig band as well. This you can add onto the wig. We have some eyelashes because y'all know when we all made up the lashes is like the icing on the cake. So we want to make sure that we're looking good. Am I right or am I right? Then we have a wig cap, of course, our Edge brush and comb combo right here and last but not least open it up another Edge band, so we have our Edge band. We have right here scarf. We have eyelashes our wig cap, our ish brush and comb, and I think I covered everything. So, let's get into this hair, I can't forget the bag, so y'all know about how some of the hairs come in a bag. They put our hair in the box and then gifted us with the bag, and I love this color pink is so pretty I just my favorite color is yellow book pink is so pretty, and then we also have just how to work. How to wash your wigs - and I have two of these, so the maintenance of your wig, all right, let's get into this hair. This is a let's take it out. First, take it out, take it out, take it out. Yeah y'all probably hear my nephew. In the background and my sister yeah, I know my nephew is four months now he's so cute all right. So let me start off by saying with this hair it is already pre-cut. Look at that. It'S already cut y'all, there's no extra lace, they already cut it. For me it is pre-cut pre-plugged, look at that middle part pre-plucked and it's bleached. I don't have to send this hair to anybody because they did everything before they sent it to me. It has combs in it, it has a band and all you have to do is just put on and take it off, yeah, I'm so silly. I'M super excited because they have this wig ready to go. We are ready to wear and I'm super excited. To put it on so, oh let me explain: this is a 20 inch. 5X5 lace. Closure is okay, I'm back so I got my hair braided down all right, so I just put the wig on and let's fix it up here and when I tell y'all, if it's my head really really well, you get to pick what size cap you need so That it'll fit your hair, really good and salt. When I tell you it is hug in my head, it is hugging it I feel like it's not gon na come off all right, so this band and these Combs this on the hair, already really helps, and it's already pre-plugged, like I said and pre-cut. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to add some of my makeup concealer to the top of it, so that it Blends in with my scalp and my skin a little bitter. So, okay, so I'm actually going to use a brush because I just know a Q-tip is not gon na work, so Just Gon na Take It baby to blend it in my absolutely positively love about this hair is you do not at all have to later lace Down with the got to be little because this is a lace, closure wig, but it is the fact that it fits my hair so well, and I don't have to put they got to be a little spray on earth like even for some of my wigs that I just have to slide on. I don't have to do that for this, so that's the stuff that I can skip and we can get straight into yeah. This is straight here, so I love that it's going to flat iron really really really well. Y'All know body wave letter on really well too, but because this is already straight, you know it's not incredible up on this all right, so I'm about to plug these up and then I'm going so far flat ironing the hair. That'S one thing: I love about lace closure. Wigs, though, is there you don't have to worry about the lace. I love lace. Don'T get me wrong because it makes it look like it's melting into your scalp. But if you don't know what you're doing like me, sometimes in me hard it'd be hard. No, I don't want to say that the cap that I have I have a small head. Let'S just be real. I know my fellow head kind of like you know it's not the smallest, but my head is a wholly small, so I got a medium sized cap and it fits my hair. If it's my hair, really like it's perfect, I feel like the smile would have been too small in the um. The large cap would have been too big Sovereign with the medium all right. Well, I am done talking for the time being, I'm just going to flatter and let y'all enjoy. You know what I'm going to do is put on a different top. I'M gon na change, my top once we get done, because this hair is pretty black like jet black. This one is getting, it may be. Brown probably is brown. I feel like it's giving me that Blake because of the top I have on so I'm gon na change, my top at the end, so we can get like. Let me go ahead and change my top. Okay, that's better! So y'all can see the hair in the lint bag. Oh thank you. Thank you. Okay, so I answering yeah, the hair looks really really good, something that I learned, though, was to take some mousse into put it on the top of the closure or or um whatever. You have closure or a frontal and by doing this and you can blow dry, but since I've already fly down my hair - and I have to do that - I'm just going to let it air dry and what it would do is Lay your closure and everything flat And it'll also take care of any flyaways that you might have so not too much just a little bit to get them far, aways into lay the top of your closure. Okay. So this look so I absolutely love this hair. It doesn't well as of right now. It hasn't shaded any it's a closure. If it's my hair, my head really really really well. It was already pre-plunk and pre-cut. For me, all I had to do was just add a little of my concealer. You just call it powder yeah, I don't I don't. I don't wear makeup like on special occasions. Yes, but I don't do my makeup, my mom does it before I have somebody else. Do it. So I put a little bit a little bit of my powder on the closure and you know to let it blend in more. But yes, so if you're looking for a some good hair, it's about to be summertime, you know what I mean it's about to be. Sometimes we want to look good, then, or to use some hair from aliopara. All of their information will be in the description box below and I hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to like comment and subscribe and until next time

BEVERLY Mccall: It looks amazing on you. So natural looking

Ali Pearl Hair: Gorgeous! Thanks for trying our hair

LaQuita Williams: That is a really pretty wig and it looks really nice on you.

Carmen Foster: Beautiful and hassle free...sunjai beautiful as always..rocking and informational presentation..thank you

El Wilson: Love it!❤

Tracey Marie: Your hair always looks good!! DD4L ❤ 1st.

Cherokee Native: Love it.. every human hair wig you always look good in all of it. Thank you for sharing all of them..Have a good week.Please always stay safe Namaste ❤

Tonya Kiser: Sunjahi you look so beautiful you don't need to wear any wigs you have good hair like your father jj

Ashley Ethridge: Beautiful

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