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Have to be careful because it's a closure again so like don't be licking your hair, all up trying to flip your hair back and stuff yeah. Remember it's a closure. It'S not a frontal, and I know I do that. What'S up welcome back to my channel if you're a new, hey girl, today's video is going to be on this 5x5 closure wig from Arabella hair, I've already bleached. Well, I've already plucked the knots on this wig the hairline. Excuse me. I did not bleach the knots on this because the wig is like a reddish brown and every time I bleach knots on like red wigs. I never come out right, even if I could tell like the knots are still black it'll never come out right. So I just decided to not do it and just pluck the hairline, it's really not too bad. I don't think it'll be visible on the install, so you know that's the only thing that really matters. If you want to know where this wig came from make sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button, so you can be notified when this video goes up it's from another company, I'm not going to disclose, because you know conversation reasons but make sure to follow Me on here subscribe driving everything you can see the information or you can go. Follow me on my Tick Tock page, because I do have this install and the information listed in my bio, it's wig off and just pretty much take y'all through the whole entire process of me doing a wig start to finish, because I never really do those anymore And I don't really be talking through my stuff anymore. I just be doing voiceovers and stuff. I haven't even been active on here like that. To be honest, so I'm gon na just take you through the whole process of me doing this install no makeup or natural. Today and get into it, I don't really be concerned about my edges because, as y'all can see, this wig came straight off with the cap adhered to it. None of my hair was actually on that Loop. It was just the wig cap. I have fresh braids in my hair. I just braided my hair, not too long ago on that install, which was a couple days ago, all right, so I'm just going in with this 99 alcohol in this washcloth. I promise y'all, it's not a dirty washcloth. I was using it to take my makeup off like extra makeup, so it's a little brown, but I'm not dirty this makeup, I'm just cleaning the hairline of where that glue was at and excuses. I burned myself on the last install I've been burning myself a lot lately. Thankfully, this is the closure, so it's not going to take no time regular, wig cap and I want to make sure I pull it like right to the edge. I don't want my hair showing, but I want it as close to the edge as possible, I'm going in with my kiss lace tent spray. This right here is better than even hands down Evan. Ever, however, you pronounce it, this is so much better. They have such warmer colors. I prefer this one. This one is a dark brown spray and it's. The color is literally a perfect match foreign like that line of demarcation, and this is a 5x5 closure. I'M going to go ahead and spray the same lace-up spray on the inside of the lace here, so we can just have a nice little match one. This wig did come with an elastic band, so I'm going to go ahead and put wig on hold on. I got a big head. Oh it's like wait. A second. She is tight. Okay, let's fix the wake up. It'S so funny to see everybody turning their wigs to the side, doing a little new like closure, deep side, part thing, because I literally have been doing that for forever. It'S really not a new thing. Like I said I had been doing that. I want to go ahead and do the ball cap method just off the basis that I overplugged this wig slightly. I don't want the cap showing through the the wig. That'S just super, not cute. It'S it's not cute. If you have a denser hairline, you can go in with no wig cap, but because it's hairline, I did overplug it's really not over plucked. It'S just pluck like Supernatural like this is the type of way you could wear with no baby hairs, which I'm probably gon na. Do we're going to see how it turns out, but yeah, I'm gon na just do the wig cap, so it doesn't show through the closure because that's tacky, so the wood cap is already tinted. So I'm just going in with my glue and laying that down and I'm just gon na let that dry. When it comes to the closure, you want to make sure you're cutting off these little side pieces here on the closure. You have this area of the closure where it's like double stitched, a little bit. It'S the edges. You want to make sure you're cutting that part off and I hope y'all can see what I'm talking about it's right here, this little thick piece, it's on both sides and you want to make sure you're cutting that off. So you can lay your wig down nice and flat. You just cut straight up and cut almost in like a l formation and then it's gone. Your wig should never be sitting exactly where the wig cap ends at it should be in front of it. A little bit because you'll see your wake up and it'll look crazy, but as you can see, it's it's not as visible. So that's why I went ahead and just did the ball cap method instead of letting it stay out. If I had plucked less than we could have done that, but we'll just do it in a different video, we got ta go with the Motions. Okay, this video is going to be very chaotic because I'm talking through it - and these are the things that run through my mind as I wrinkle it on so I have the wig lifted up in the back. It'S not all the way down because closure wigs they fit on your head funny. Sometimes they don't ever throw your hand all the way, because of the way that it's made, it's a lot smaller and less space than a frontal wig, especially if you got a big head like me, you got to pull your wig down because you got a little Hairline and all that stuff, so I want to leave it pulled up in the back like this until I'm ready to lay the wig down and then I'll pull the back back down. We need some slack okay, but this is what the wig is. Looking like. I, like the color, I love reddish brown, wigs and like gingery, wigs my whole dad side of my family has this natural hair color, and I don't so it's cute to see like what I would look like if I had this hair color but yeah, I'm just Gon na spray, the hairline I'm using this Chi flexible, finish spray and I'm just going to spray this. This is pretty much like Sebastian shaper, but I just keep trying to switch it up and I want all the hairs out the way hot comb straight back. So when we go to lay this wig down, there's no flyaways, we want to clean install. I am going this way down. I'M using this glue from a wig dealer, one of my favorite glues. It is so good, especially if you have oily skin, but going in here, I'm probably just gon na do like two layers, because I don't want the wig to stay on that long, because I plan on putting my other way back on. I spread the glue across and then I spray my glue down because you don't want to wipe your glue up because it will make your wig cap roll back up and you want to make sure that you're spreading your glue onto your skin a little bit. Your wig will not stay if it's just on your wig cap, your wig cap is Fabric and it's not going to stick to the fabric. It'S going to stick to your skin. So that's why I say to pull your lid down a little bit in front of the wig cap. Your wig cap should be literally just on your hairline, like it should not be in front of your hairline, where you've got a whole bunch of extra space, because that is what makes your wig look like. It'S real real low when you put it on because people go in front of their hairline too far. What'S up this glue dries super fast, so that's another reason why I like it and y'all, are seeing this in real time not split up, not edited. None of that one of the things I have a hard time with is seeing where my wig cap ended. I'M not gon na lie I'll, be so seamless. I don't need to be knowing where my skin started. Okay, we're just gon na wait for that to dry. Okay, so it's dry, it's strong clear! Sometimes I use a comb or I just take my hands and press the lace in, but I'm trying to be gentle because I ripped this a little bit on this side. I do like to take the Combs that are right here on my closure, wigs and stick them up underneath the cap for security, something about a closure wig. I just I just like doing it so foreign laid down. I want to take my scissors and I'm going to cut the lace. Usually I don't cut the lace right now. I put my band on first and then a couple lace, but because it's a closure, I'm just going to go ahead and cut the lace. So now I'm going to take my band and lay the wig down taking one of these clips. Okay, clip the hair out the way, and I want my band right on the edge of the hairline. So it's laying that lace part down not just you're, not just trying to live closer, I'm trying to lay the edge the edge of the way down. To be honest - and I was just clipping the back of the wig down at that point, because now we have the lace down. So now I can clip the wig down and you got to be careful if it's too hard for you to pull that wig down and clamp it down. Don'T do it don't do it because it will pull your closure back or your frontal back it'll make your wig slide back. If it's too tight, just don't even do it. This wig, I feel like it's, not super full, and that could just be me because I just took off a 250 density wig. So but it's not super full. It feels like 180 yeah. It feels like 180, but the tracks are not showing it's not like boneless or nothing like that. It'S just not as thick as it could be. It is soft. You know I can run my fingers to it, but I am experiencing shedding with that. Of course it's nothing too crazy. I'Ve had widths where it's like too much like really really too much and annoying, but it's not too much it's not annoying. The lace is nice and y'all gon na see, I mean, as you can see, what I've done so far. It'S Blended pretty good. I like this. I like when wigs come with like light brown tinted lace me personally, because I think it's easier to blend on brown skin, it's probably harder to blend on like lighter skin tones, but for me and my skin tone. I think it melts a lot better when the wig comes with like a slightly tinted Brown lace, instead of just transparently White, I find it a little much easier to melt down, considering we did not bleach any knots or do any any color remover or anything. I think it looks really good. You can't even tell it looks like it's been bleached, so my chi Flex finish spur I'm just gon na spread it foreign like. I don't want to go in and section all the sections out. I make it super flat because that's probably not how I want to wear it. I like big curly hair. I love big curly hair. Actually, that's my thing. I usually use Spritz, but I don't have it right now in front of me, so I'm going to use this Eden the red. Can, I think the black won't be too um too sticky. So I just spray it on my finger and go in on the lace. Just to melt it down a little bit more, the lace is very nice. This is not HD lace and, like I said I love tinted lace, a little bit because it blends with brown skin better than have like a super ashy tone. Considering that I have like some extra lace here, you still can't see it. That is really really good, but I want to go ahead and Define My Curls off camera and come back probably tomorrow. When I do my makeup, um and so y'all can see the finished. Look I love day, two curly hair just looks so much better, so I want to Define it now and just let it rinse up over time and air dry and all that and we'll be back tomorrow to let you see the end result foreign. This is what it looks like dry, defined, curls and all I just put water and then Nairobi mousse in it, because that moves I'm trying to tell you it's top clear I held out so long before I bought it because I just felt like you know, why Did I really need that for the price that it is? Why did I really need that? But you really need it. It makes a difference and I was going to do edges, but I decided to just do one little swoop because I thought it looked better um. So here you just have to be careful because it's a closure again so, like don't be lifting your hair all alone, trying to flip your hair back and stuff, you got ta. Remember it's a closure, it's not a frontal, and I know I do that same thing. On this side, closure starts here. We can shift it okay, but the color is super cute. Usually I would say this is a fall color, but I think it is also like a summer color, because it really complements the skin well, and I feel like it brings out my skin tone so yeah, definitely a summer color as well. Curls are pretty. The hair. Is from the drier side, but it's not super dry and, like you know something that I couldn't deal with. I had to wig this same exact, color um, same exact, curl pattern pretty much from another company and it was very, very, very, very dry and very, very, very, very bad with shedding and tangling - and this is not like that um. It does shed a little bit, but it's not a real big tangle tangler. It'S not it's, not bad. When it comes to tingling, you know what I'm trying to say, but yeah details will be down in my description box below make sure to hit that subscribe button. If you're not already subscribed, so you can see my videos because I do not post them a schedule very bad over here, I'm chaotic, my life is chaotic, I'm very impulsive and I just do random things, so I will be randomly posting videos and that's why you Need to be subscribed, so you can see when they come up here so yeah make sure to follow me on my social media and I'll see y'all in my next video

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