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Hey Babes! Welcome back to my channel! In this video I will show you some key pointers steps on how to Bleach, tone and pluck lace successfully!! If these steps are followed correctly!



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Human Hair Pre Plucked HD Lace Frontal Wigs For Women Loose Body Wave Lace Frontal Wig Human Hair Gluless:

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Pantene Shampoo “Blonde Brilliance” Toning Shampoo

Quick Blue Powder Bleach

Salon Care 30 volume

Betty Crocker mini whisk

Mixing bowl

Aluminum Foil


ZGCY 22 Inch Wig Head Cork Canvas Block Head Mannequin Head With Stand for Making Wigs (21’’-24’’INCH)


55 Inch Wig Stand Tripod - Adjustable Mannequin Head Stand Tripod Stainless Steel Wig Tripod Stand Wig Head Stand Tripod with Tool Tray (Mannequin Head Not Included)




Andis 38330 Professional 450ºF High Heat Ceramic Press Comb with Dual Voltage and Auto Shut-off, Black, 1 Count


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Me baby, hey Beauties, my name is Casey and welcome back to my channel. If you are new here welcome so today, I'm working with a wig from sexy Hair Company in the parcel. They send you a instructions guide on hair care and they send you a silk bag to put the wig in. So this wig is 22 inches and it is transparent lace. It is a 13 by 4 frontal and it does come slightly pre-plucked. So I just wanted to let you guys know from here that if a unit is coming to you and it's not even slightly pre-plucked, it's very likely that the knots are going to be really big and the lace is probably not going to be good either. Like don't quote me on that 100, but in my experience for a few years, that's what I've noticed. So you will need developer. Of course this says 20 developer. However, it is 30 developer, my 30 developer fell and the cap broke, and so I had to pour it in an empty 20 developer model, so 30 developers what you need not 20.. I purchased this whisk at the dollar store. I find it mixes the developer and the bleach together really well, so I'm taking one part, quick, blue bleach and I'm going to add one part 30 developer to that and I'm going to take the Whisk and I'm gon na mix it out. What you're looking for is like an icing consistency like something that's like whipped icing like buttercream, icing, consistency, foreign. So when I mixed it all together, I noticed that I did have the right consistency. However, it was still some little bumps of powder in there, so that means it would be still too thick. So I just took like maybe like a little bit less than half of this um of developer and poured it in there. So what you're going to do is just pour it gradually, don't do what I did and pour the whole thing pour gradually the second, if it's still a little bit too thick or has bumps in it, Pour gradually and stir, and then, if it's still too thick, Then you add a little bit more, so I stirred it up, and this is the perfect consistency that I was looking for. So you need the actual bleach to hug like not drip off of the spatula or what um the Whisk or whatever you're using it needs to just stay there, like whipped cream kind of thing, like whipped, frosting. That'S how you know you got the correct consistency, foreign I'd like to mention. Please please, please use gloves when dealing with chemical like this. It can burn your skin and it will burn your skin if it touches your skin and it's left on too long. It will burn your skin. So please use gloves. So I just took a bit of water to pull all the Flyway hairs back so that the bleach won't touch it. I can't find my spray bottle, so you'll see me using my hand and sweating it a bit and putting water on it. So I put all the hairs back and if you notice, I flip the wig upside down, so the lace is facing me and I'm going to take the spoon, the back of the spoon, okay and I'm going to gather the cream on the back of the spoon. The sorry, the bleach on the back of the spoon and spread lightly, starting with the back of the lace, because usually the thickest and then moving my way to the top of the lace you have to have like a light hand when you're spreading this. You can't be pushing the bleach into the hair, because what will happen is the bleach will go like bleach swells, so it will swell up and it will literally start bleaching the actual hair and not just the knots. So the reason I start in the middle um, the back of the lace, because that's where the the thickest knots are that's what I meant the thickest knots are usually in the back. So if you start in the front it's going to over bleach and then you're still going to have black knots in the in the middle of the hair, which is fine, but that's not what we're trying to do. We'Re trying to get everything bleach. We'Re trying to get everything looking like scalp baby foreign, so next I'm taking a piece of foil, okay and because the wig has a curvature in it. I am going to use my fist to bend the foil in so that I can select just place it on top of the lace. So you don't want to push or tap this into the lace at all. Just you just need to put place it and then you're going to use your hand and flip it over like that. Okay and no pushing you don't need to push anything anywhere. Just leave it like this over because it's going to swell and it's you just don't - want the mess and you're going to leave it there for about 30 minutes. So I checked on the unit after 30 minutes and I'm realizing that there's still black knots on the lace - and I do not like that, so I'm actually going to leave it on for another 15 minutes um just to let it process a little bit longer. Some some bleaches take longer to process than some um, but it's fine. You just leave it on a little bit longer and let it process and do its thing. So after an additional 15 minutes, I check the knots and they look much better. You can see by the way that the bleach is basically through it, but not on the hair just bit. All of the knots at the front are non-existent, and this is exactly what you're going for so I'm satisfied next. It is time to stop the processing of the bleach, so you're gon na drench, the wig in hot. Well, I'm sorry just lukewarm water, just it doesn't need to be hot. It just needs to be regular just for your hands to not freeze or get too hot. You know it's just you want to just stop the bleaching, so you're, washing it out make sure that you're washing the bleach out thoroughly with water first just make sure all of the bleach is completely out of the wig. Take your time, it's nothing to rush. You want to make sure that there is no white residue left in the unit before you apply any other product, so you can see that the bleach, the lace, looks a little bit Orange um on the back and on the inside it looks a little bit orange, Like Bobby because it's gon na have like an orange look to it because the bleach and that's just what happens, it gets a little bit brassy. So that's why we need to correct that. We need to tone that out. So I want to show you guys, a new product that I've tried out and I absolutely love so forget about Shimmer Lights. Okay, I tried this Pantene um, brilliant blonde shampoo, it's a toning shampoo as well purple shampoo as well. However, I just find that it's so much nicer, like I feel like it, takes the brassiness out much faster. I feel like it works better. I think it tones better. I think it's amazing before any anything goes on this unit. I feel like this. This right here does what you need it to do like I, don't I don't like I swear by it. This is what I'll be using. Instead, I actually bought it because I ran out of Shimmer Lights and I'm really glad I did because baby it does what it needs to do, and I love it. So I got it actually at Walmart, that's where I purchased it. So I let that sit on the wig for about five to ten minutes to let the toning agents do its thing. So after 10 minutes have passed, I am washing out the unit, I'm washing out these purple shampoo thoroughly out of the lace before I go in with conditioner and detangle, the actual wig itself foreign. So this is what it looks like after the blood, the Bloods. Sorry, the knots have been toned, um toned down I'll, put a picture of the the before and after to show you guys exactly what the difference actually is. So it's quite significant. I am now just going to shampoo. The wig with shampoo. I'M using fruit takes shampoo and I'm going to use my Aussie Miracle wave conditioner to comb through the wig, and that's all you'll see me doing here and then I'm going to take a dry towel and dry the wig out with the towel. This is all the shedding that I did. I got um off the unit as well, so I don't think that's too bad at all. I decided to tone a piece of 613 hair to add a bit of a highlight to this unit as well, just showing you guys that okay guys so I like to pluck the hair out while it's wet now I'll, tell you why. Now the hair follicles are still more tender, so they're going to be easier to come out so right now, I'm lining up the middle of the frontal um, where, for instance, if the client wanted to partner here in the middle um, that's where that would the part Would go so I that's important that you line it up with the middle of the frontal uh, so I'm parting out the middle section, so the middle section. You want to part off first, because if, for instance, you were to pluck any bald spots in the wig, if you part, if you pluck the hot spots in the middle right here, where you would want a middle part, it will completely ruin your middle part. So, that's why you want to part that section out straight um so that you can have a guideline as to how far away or how much you should pluck that area. I am combing the hair back on the side that I'm gon na pluck um, just making sure all the hair follicles are all a line going in One Direction before I start parting out the front of the hairline. So again I did say that this wig is pre-plugged, so I am actually just parting out um, the area that I feel that is, the thinnest around the hair, the perimeter of the hairline, because that's the part that's already plucked out. So I'm going to go ahead later and plug that out a little bit more, but for now I want to pluck behind that. So I'm taking my tweezers, I got these tweezers at the beauty supply store. You need like some durable heavy duty, tweezers, not the little. These it's just, you need good tweezers, like they're like two dollars at the dollar, the hair store. You need good, tweezers and you're, not gon na, pluck in the part you're actually going to pluck behind the part directly behind the part, because if you pluck, on the actual part itself, you're going to leave a bald spot there, so you want to go behind the Actual part and pluck okay, so that's the key to not getting a bald spot in the unit and you're just gon na grab hair and pull back little by little. Now, when the hair is wet, it's easier to pull out, but it makes it that much easier. As well to get bald spots so just drag line by line and take your time because it is a it is something that takes a bit of time and patience, but if you don't want, if you want it to be done correctly, you need to have patience. You need to take your time and be slow foreign. What gets tricky about plucking is that sometimes it looks like you've plucked enough until you actually go to install it, and you realize that you could have plucked some more. So it's obviously always better to be able to go back in and pluck out more as opposed to over plucking, and because you can't put back the hair there. Um well, not easy, at least so it's gon na come with gradual time. The more you do this, like the more you'll learn like what is plucked enough. You know like you'll, learn it just takes some time and trial and error. Basically, so once you follow, this, it'll be like a guideline as to how to pluck and you'll get the basics down, but as far as knowing distress, sorry discretion of how much to pluck out it's going to take trial and error. You'Re gon na see that sometimes you've plucked enough and then sometimes it's just not enough and you have to go back in and pluck, but it's always better to be able to go back in and plug. So now I'm just going back a little bit further on the sides um and I'm going to plug that out as well foreign foreign, be sure to take a fine tooth comb like a tail comb and brush out the hair. That'S plucked out every so often because what happens is if you don't do this, you will think that the hair that is not is still like. Looking like it's attached is still there and it'll make it look like there's more hair than that is actually there. So you need to pluck it out. I mean sorry, you need to comb it out every few, every few plucks so that you can see what hair is Left Behind after the hair. That'S actually plucked out is removed. So that's make sure that you every so often you comb out the hair that is already plugged out foreign. So you don't want to pluck in one place too long like or a pluck in one place for more than one stroke or one two to two strokes at most, you have to you have to use your discretion to see how Loosely the how easily the hairs Are actually coming out when you pluck it, so that's what you have to look look for, so if it's coming out very easily one stroke, if it's coming out a little bit harder, you can do two strokes in one area but make sure it's just two strokes In pass through never pluck too much in one area at all, so I brush all the hair back now, so I am starting to pluck behind the front, I'm not plucking the front of the hair, because that will leave both, but I'm talking directly behind it. So that's what I'm just showing you guys here a little bit up up closer, so you guys can actually see that I'm not plucking on the front of the hairline, I'm plucking just behind it also, please make sure you're holding the tweezers correctly. This way, if you try to plug that way, you're gon na put you're going to poke nothing but holes in it. You got to make sure that the sharp part is facing the front and you're pulling back, because if you have the sharp part facing the actual lace itself, pointing down to the lace you're going to have a hole within your first one or two um Strokes. A thousand percent okay, so make sure you're holding it the correct way. So it does get a little bit dry pretty fast, so I'm just using a little bit of water just to see how much I've plucked out like I use the water. Also because it's like, when you are actually going to style, you fi you'll, actually get to see what has been plucked your basically, you get to see your progress of where how much you need to plucker how much you've actually plucked out what it might look like. Realistically, when you actually go to apply it onto skin, so that's what I'm showing you the difference between the side that came pre-plucked and my plucking, so I went ahead and I plugged the other side off of camera. So this is what the results look like. I put a little white paper towel under it. It'S also another good guideline to use um see where you plucked. It'S almost like just replaces the actual skin for you to pluck on it's just that when the wig is too wet it'll, just like basically just dampen the cloth and then it's useless. This is all the hair I plucked out guys. So here is the final look guys after I have dried and styled the unit off of camera. If you did find this tutorial helpful, please do not forget to leave me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, where I will be posting more content like this. For you guys to see, if you have any questions, please leave them below or any content that you'd like to see in the future. Let me know, and I'll try my best to make it happen. Thanks for watching bye,

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