True Glory Hair Review | Pre Plucked & Pre Bleached Knots!

Thank you to True Glory Hair for sending this wig over for me to review and for sponsoring today's video. This was a completely glueless install.

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Hey you guys so welcome and welcome back to my channel, I am Tisha Marie and today I am going to be doing a hair review for you guys. This hair was sent over to me from True Glory Hair, shout out to True Glory Hair for reaching out to me to review this wig. I'M gon na go ahead and tell y'all up front, because this is Bomb so make sure y'all stay tuned, so y'all can see how I style it up and everything if you guys, are not familiar with True Glory Hair. Let me put you on girl. They are a black owned company and I want to say they're also on like four retail locations in Atlanta. Those of y'all that are watching that are located in or around the Atlanta area make sure y'all check them out, but they do have a website for those of you guys that are not in the Atlanta area, and I will list that information Down Below in the Description box, for you guys, but enough chatting, let's go ahead and get into this hair review. So this is the packaging that the hair comes in. You get your box that says True Glory Hair. We open the box, it says hello, gorgeous packaging is popular inside of the Box. You get your wig, you get a band, some lashes, some weight caps, of course. Lastly, you get your little brush. This is how the wig looks straight out of the pack, and it does have a little bit of bang y'all. This is not baby hairs. This is actually like some wispy bangs in the front now. I believe that this is a 16 inch. I want to say this: is the Isabella wig watch it until the end, so y'all can get a discount code, but I'll link. All of that, in the description box for y'all - and it looks like it's more of like a body wave texture, and this is a ready to wear wig. So what that means is all you have to do is cut the lace off and it's ready to go like you, don't have to plug it, because it's already pre-plugged I want, I want to say it's already three plugs and it's pre-bleached. So you don't have to worry about bleaching. The notch which is great. This is a 5x5 closure. Wig get your three Combs and you also get the an adjustable and back here. So let me go ahead and get my wig cap on put my hair back. The way I need to so we can pop this wig on and see how it looks all right, let's comb through this, because it's looking like it already is pre-parted, and I know that the front is looking a little crazy, but that's because I've literally not done Anything to it, but we're gon na get her together just watch, but what I do want to show y'all are these knots because they are definitely pre-bleached. You know how some companies say that they've already pre-bleached the knots and it's not really given free bleach. This one is like that's definitely looking like scalp, like you see that, so I think I want a little bit more wispiness right here in the front foreign foreign, so she is all styled up, as you guys can see. I did switch up my side, part to a middle part, because the side part just I don't know it wasn't looking right and then I also made my side swept bangs into like full-on Fringe curtain bangs, and I like it a lot better overall. I think it's really cute this hair is really really nice. It'S very very full. I do like that. I don't know if I told you guys this is a 200 density wig, so it's definitely got some body to it. It'S definitely got a lot of fullness to it, and I love that, like it's not too thin, but it's also not like really huge. I feel like the density on this wig is perfect. I really love these things like it's so cute. It'S giving me me from like was it 2000s, when I had my bangs like this, so I definitely have bangs like back in the day, and I love them. I thought they were a Vibe and um. This one is making me think that I should cut some things in my own hair again, but but this is really really cute y'all. This hair is really nice. It'S very soft! I love that it did come ready to wear. I did not have to put any like Foundation or anything on the lace. I didn't even have to really like work delays. I didn't spray any got to be spray on it. I didn't put any mousse on it to lay it down, mainly because I have this Fringe at the front, so you can't even see the lace anyway, but the lace that you can see looks really good. I didn't do any extra plucking or anything on this wig y'all, like the lace, is giving scalp. I feel, like the lace, is definitely given scalp, it's not itchy or anything. It'S very comfortable um the size of the wig like the cap. Is it's pretty good like it's not squeezing my head or nothing? I feel like it's very comfortable. I love the fact that it's a closure because then I don't have to worry about like lace going all the way across my forehead from ear to ear. Super duper easy to work with super easy to just cut the little bit of lace that was on there right off, shedding I'm not gon na lie. This wig did have some shedding, it wasn't a ton, but there definitely was some shedding, as I was like brushing through it, and I feel like I got the shedding because they did um pre-bleach the knots. I don't know if you guys know, but whenever you um put bleach on your lace, it does tend to make the hair shed a little bit easier. So it's not tangling at all. It'S not tangled up in the back or anything as y'all can see. I can easily run my fingers right through it yeah. I have no complaints about this wig at all. If you are interested in checking this wig out for yourself definitely head over to True Glory's website, like I said, I will leave the link Down Below in the description box and you can use my code at checkout to get a discount. So I'll leave my code right here on the screen for y'all, it's Tisha 35. So if you want to save some coins when you purchase this wig, then make sure you enter that code, and I want to give a special thanks to True Glory for sending this hair over for me to try and review, I absolutely loved it. So thank y'all. Thank y'all thank y'all, and that's it you guys, thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video or if you just enjoy this type of content in general, please make sure you give this video a thumbs up, make sure you subscribe to the channel turn on those post notifications, so you don't miss it anytime. I upload a new video and I'll see y'all next time. Alright, bye,

Bob Gierke: This looks like the perfect wig, fullness is great.

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