Summer Ready: Melted Natural Yaki Bob Wig Step-By-Step Install Ft Myfirstwig

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Wig name: Natural Hair Textured Yaki Blunt Cut Bob Glueless Wig Invisible Lace Front Wig - Yaki023

Hair color: Natural Hair Color

Hair origin: Indian Hair

Cap Construction: 13x6" Lace Front Wig 160% Density-Air Lace

Hair texture: Yaki (Mimic Afro Relaxed Hair)

Hair length: 10 inch

Knots: Deep Bleached

Hairline: Deep & Ultimate Pre-plucked Hairline

【Protective Styles & Pre-Customized Lace Wig For Beginners】

√ New Air Lace - Softer & Breathable

√ Mimic Scalp and Melted Well Natural look

√ Quality Textured 100% Human Hair - No shedding, No tangling, Long lifespan

√ Pre-plucked, Pre-bleached, Glueless Available - Beginner Friendly

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This is how every woman acts after they get a bob cut huh. You said something you talking to me: huh anyways, get into this wig. You guys! Look how beautiful that is. I just wanted to give you guys a real, quick peer review of what's to come. So I have my knees here and you guys haven't seen her in a while, because she went ahead and got some dreads in her hair, and I don't really know I can't put no braids in it. I can't do nothing so today we're putting a wig on top of her dreads, so luckily her dreads aren't that long. Yet so, hopefully the wig doesn't turn out bulky or anything. So what I'm gon na do is just twist her hair and pull it all the way to the back and, as you can tell I'm just doing one at a time, I'm not trying to braid it back or anything, I'm just twisting one. At a time. I'M trying to make it as flat to her head as possible. So that's what I'm gon na do and then I'm just gon na sew the ends down, because I really didn't know what to do with the ends. So I figured let me just sew them together to keep them in place, and that's what I'm doing so now this wig that I've previously previewed is from my first wigs, you guys know: I've worked with them multiple times. That'S because I actually like their wigs. I, like the quality of the wigs. I don't know what that thing is that they gave me it doesn't match my niece's hair, but I would really like to use it and see what it does. They also give me a braid band, a wig cap and some goodies. You know some clips and a comb, but most importantly, they gave me a wig and it's a bob wig summer is around the corner, and this is the look for the summer, especially if you like to wear wigs. The best thing to wear are bobs. So now this hair is a Yaki Indian texture with natural color, it's about 10 inches long and the lace front is 13 by 6.. So now I wan na basically detail you guys of how I achieve this. Look because the last video I did went completely viral. It'S all over my Facebook and YouTube, and that's because I broke down to you guys um how I achieved this same look. However, I ended up cutting the hair cutting the wig today, I'm not cutting the wig, so I'm going to show you guys how to place the wig on your head and if your head is too small for the wig and not cut it like. I did in that previous video that went crazy uh. Some of you guys agreed some didn't. However, you know to each his own: do your wig, how you want to do it! This is how I do it, and today I'm just not gon na cut it, because we don't want to cut it. I want to show you how to put it on without having to do all that work. So after I laid her edges back with some got to be glue um, then I'm going to put a wig cap on and I'm just fitting her the wig right now to see how big is the wig on her head. Does it fit I'm cutting off that little extra tab that nobody knows what it's for because clearly like it's, not a part of the lace thing, so I don't even know why they keep putting that on there. But the first thing I want to do is basically match her complexion and I use the Ruby kisses. I really find it to be the easiest makeup to use to basically brush it onto the stocking cap. So now I'm just cutting out the holes to her ear and then I'm gon na spray some got to be glued spray on it. You guys already know you should know by now like how this goes, but um, I'm just freezing it and then now I'm gon na sew it down on her head and I'm going based on the first braid closest to her ear and I'm gon na go over And through, as you can tell, this is my method for sewing down: it's really not hard, it's really quick and it doesn't need to be too small because it's uh stitching is going to hold in place. The cap is not going to go anywhere, so that is my method for sewing down. The next step is removing the excess lace um from the forehead and around the nape, and you want to frame it to her face, but also you're, following the guidance of the got to be glue so wherever that's sprayed, if it's not too deep into her forehead, You know um, you just want to cut that off and just follow the guidance of the got to be glue. When you were spraying, it got to be glue. You needed to spray it along her natural hairline anyway, so once you start cutting off, it should cover her natural hairline and I'm just going back in with the scissors, because the eyebrow razor didn't really get as close as I needed it to get, and now I'm Just chopping off all the extras lace: now I'm putting the wig on you guys, and I really don't want to use any glue on this. I'M going to be using the got to be glue spray, but we're not going to be using any bond and look how lovely that looks that just already looks so natural and I haven't even cut the lace off yet so I'm putting her to work. I'M gon na have her hold the lace down and I'm gon na try to Slick it back, I'm not putting any heat to it, not putting any baby hairs on this. It really does not need it. As you can see just from the earlier clip like it looks really good so now, I'm just gon na spray. Some got to be glued spray along her hairline and I'm gon na use the band to just kind of hold it down and keep it on there. For a few minutes so that the got to be glue, uh sticks to her head and I'm basically just showing you guys, because the company is my first wig, which means it's technically for people that are beginners, so their wigs come really easy to apply. It already comes, pre-plucked already comes a bleached and it's really not much work to do to get the wig on. So if you are a beginner or an expert, because I really just really like how their wigs come. But if you are a beginner, the these wigs are perfect for you and then their lace is HD lace. So everything is is just great for someone that doesn't typically wear wig and want to try, but also great for people that do wear wigs and um the tab around her ear came up, so I'm just gon na spray that again one more time and put the Band on it again, just so that it stays in place, that's the difficulty about not using glues that sometimes got to be glue. Just you know it's easy to come off because it's not uh a strong fix like the glue is so now I'm gon na sew. The hair down and, like I said the last time I did a video like this on her with a Bob. I ended up cutting all the excess stuff. This time, I'm not going to be doing that, I'm just going to find where her break her dread. Braids are, and I'm gon na sew the wig on top of them and, as you can see, it's not perfectly placed on her head or it's. The wig is much bigger than her head, so I'm basically feeling for her braids and I'm going in and sewing the wig down to her braids, the braids that are closest to her ear. That is what I'm sewing down now. I could have lifted up the wig on the side and the back and sewed it down that way, which would have been much easier, but of course I have to pick pick the most difficult way to sew it down. However, each way works so now that I'm at the back, I want to adjust the band that comes with the wig. This is going to ensure that the lace is tight down on her head, because I did not glue it down, so I want it to be a little snug and now I'm just going to pull the wig down some to the back of her braids with her Braids and at the back and I'm going to sew that down, I'm doing that, I pulled it down because I don't want the wig to lift up off her head and make it look too Wiggy her. She already has dreads under them. So it's already lifting a little bit, however, to avoid it lifting even more you want to just make it a little snug by pulling it down and braiding um a row where her braids end. So now I'm just going to go in and make her cute. You know just flat iron it out. You don't want to put too much curve in it when you're doing a bob. You just want it kind of like a little little swoopy and this hair texture feels so good. It'S a Yaki texture, but it really just feels like a natural like a black girl hair that got flat ironed or straightened like if you straightened your natural hair, that's how this hair feels and if you got close in on it, you could actually see that it's A little bit textured as well, so there was a little excess hair at the back. I went ahead and cut that off combing it out and now this is the finished. Look you guys the hair does look natural. I love how I didn't need to put any baby hairs there and I'm just brushing it back and show you guys how it looks. All the information for this wig will be in the description you guys. So if you are interested, it's almost summertime and you guys know y'all want them. Bobs y'all want to be shaking it asking who what where just like, that is how y'all gon na be all day. So all the information will be in the description for this wig. Again is from my first wig and it's their Yaki um style. So I will see you guys in the next video. Thank you so much for watching.

Carolyn Hooper: Too cute and yes it looks natural! Great job

TheBlessed1427: Awww, your niece looks so pretty. You are so talented Ms. Dutchess. Blessings always to you and yours

Rhoda Dowell: Duchess, you did the darn thing!!!!! I need that bob wig for myself. It's really cute and looks cute on your model.

sandy&ammy: U never disappoints ❤

Jackie Randolph: Hey Duchess you do amazing work her hair is beautiful. ❤❤❤❤

LaVonne House: Looks Beautiful

Corliss King: You are absolutely amazing!!!

Just Gigi: Alright Bobby....looks awesome!!! ❤

Christy Woods: Beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤

Maria Esperanza: You work very well and very nice

Heaven Palmer: It's so Pretty

rachel thomas: Love it

Elizabeth: Beautiful❤❤

Aisatta Camara: ❤❤❤❤❤❤ tu es trop douée magnifique

Plush Furr: I jus luv ur nails and neicy is gorgeous I luv her hair too!

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Colin Dulice: She looking very nice mum

Uche NZEKWE: Thi is Cute

Adrinne Fowler: Not the bob talking

Colin Dulice: I like your nets my love mum

Plush Furr: She favor Kandy from Xscape

Colin Dulice: I like your niece my love mum love

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