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Same Hair: Junoda Pre Cut Lace Glueless Breathable Body Wave Air Wig 22 Inch 180% Density;

Direct Link: https://bit.ly/3nqEZmr

√ Super Convenient: Glueless, Pre-Cut Lace, Pre-Plucked, Pre-Bleached Knots, Grab & Go, 3-Second Install and 1-Second Take Off, Beginner-Friendly and time-saving;

√ Hyper Natural and Realistic: 3D Dome Cap, Single Knots Wig with Natural Hairline;

√ Comfortable to Wear: Upgradded Wig Cap with Silicone Strap, Better Grip Without Slipping, Breathable, No Worries about Glue Allergy or Scalp Irritation

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Foreign wig, so, if you're interested in seeing what the airless wig looks like, please keep on watching this video and guys remember to download the link app. The fast and easy way to safely send and receive money on your mobile phone available both on Google Play and the Apple Store also follow them at linkjamaica on Instagram bus boys. All right guys, as I was saying in today's video, we are going to be working with one of our favorites, who is janoda wig now janoda wig has a new air wig, that's supposed to be super light. Super convenient, super, realistic and very comfortable to wear. So we are going to get into what that wig looks like right right now. So of course they sent us their beautiful white and gold genota wig box and inside the box, of course, is our little silk bag? Now, let's get into the contents all right, so they did send us a white and gold curling iron General wig, you out did yourself. Oh, it's, not a curling iron. This is a um guys. What'S this called? Is it? Is it curly? Is it it's kind of flat in the middle? I call this a curling wand, iron curling, one flat iron right. I think you can do both we're definitely gon na try this out right now. I see it has 180 degrees Celsius and 200 Celsius. Oh my God! This is so nice. Thank you guys. So much don't know that way. Let'S keep going guys and see what else we got all right. So, of course we have a set of wig caps can never have too many of those we have their janoda branded lace band. We have an edge brush a cute little janoda clip a set of lashes, their janoda do's and don'ts Hair Care card. I love these cards. They help me so much. Sometimes, when I don't remember what to do with my hair and of course, we also got a sleep cap to wear when we have our wig on now. Let'S get into the main feature of this video, which is going to be this 22 inch, 180 density body wave wig from Genora here now the air lace is 4.5 by 6.. All right, that's sounding to me like it probably can it's probably going to be a closure? It'S probably going to be a closure. Now, of course, our body wave wig is beautiful. Already it's so so bouncy and it's still in its netting. So, let's remove it all right, so remove the netting we're looking at the curls and already the lace is: oh, so beautiful guys we're gon na go into a close-up, don't worry, but I'm just admiring this hair. Oh the air wig guys. I have to show you a close-up of what this air wig looks like it's definitely different from what we're used to. Let'S go all right guys, so, let's start with the wig and the quality of the hair. So, as I said, this is their body wave in 22 inches and of course it is beautiful, but let us get into the air wig look at the construction of this cap. Do you guys see the difference between the wigs that we normally get and this week from janodaway? This is definitely an air wig. This is made for your head to breathe. Now. Do you know that says that air wigs are super convenient because they're glueless, the lace comes pre-plucked, pre-bleached right, so look at the knots, it's a wear and go. It takes like three seconds to put on and remove so it's definitely beginner friendly. The laces are also hyper natural and Hyper realistic. It'S a three Dome cap with single knots and a natural hairline and, of course, because it's their air wig, the wig is very comfortable to wear it's breathable cap is breathable. There'S no worries about the glue, allergy or scalp irritation, but, of course, inside their air week they included two clips on either side to fasten it, the band to fasten to your head and also the elastic that makes it not slip from the back of your head. I'M excited for this new wig genota, let's get into the installation so again guys. This is janota. Wigs air wig and the closure is 4.5 by 6. So it's not too big, not too small. Just perfect. Now all I did was just hold the wig onto my head. I have not done anything to it as yet, but I'm gon na go ahead with a little bit of got to be glue spray, because janoda has already cut the lace for us, so we're gon na work with the lace that they've given to us and see How that looks? Oh foreign. Thank you. Thank you, two, two, three, all right guys. So this is what the new 22 inch body wave wig the air wig from janoda wig looks like so I just went in and even though I said, I would not cut the lace. I just cut a little bit more off it because, of course, we like as little lace as possible. I have not plopped the hair or done anything to it. This is strictly from genota wig right out of the box. They already sent us the hairline looking as natural as possible and the knots looking very bleached, the part looking very, very good. So all I did was just went in with some wax: stick went in and flat ironed. The top. You know comb through the curls and applied a little bit. I got to be glue which you don't actually need. You could have worn this way glueless, but for the purposes of this video I use just a little bit. I did not cut any edges, though no baby hairs, if you guys want to do that, you could definitely do that when you get this wig, but this is the hair in its natural state. Now again, this is: is the air week from janoda wig, so the cap is very breathable, there's very little chance that you could have have any glue allergies or any hair allergies, because again they are using the new Air wigs and those eliminate the chances of any Of that, no of course, if you are interested in checking out this way, don't forget to check the description box down below the link to this wig and all the other wigs that janoda wig sell will be there. Look at the Quality guys. Oh, my God, look at that here is beautiful guys, but you guys could definitely curl it or straighten if you want, when you get it. Don'T forget to like this video comment below what you think of this new air wig and how interested you are in trying it subscribe to my channel, and I will see you guys next time bye. Thank you.

Tina anna pink: The hair is beautiful love the waves. It does have a clean parting, you just need to center the wings straight . I am not good at putting on wings myself

Junoda Wig: Glueless= Less time, more beautyWanna Try Ito bsessed with it!Thanks so much for sharing Junoda Hair. LOVE you!!!

unique shantina: Yaaaaaassss Tan

CheetahBeauty Hair: This is Cheetahbeauty Hair. The hair package for collab has arrived at your local on April 17th. But the tracking info shows Delivery Exception. Pls check your email and get back to me ASAP.

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