Super Natural Pre-Cut Glueless Install On Body Wave Wig Ft. @Wig Fever

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Wig in the video:

Style: Body Wave

Length: 26”

Pre-plucked & Pre-cut 4*7 Wear Go Glueless Wig


Beginner Friendly

No Gel and glue needed

3 seconds Throw on and go

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Foreign, are you all ready to see the first wig that you don't have to cut the lace off of you? Don'T have to pluck you don't have to bleach. You don't have to even put a parting in it because it's already there for you, you literally don't have to do anything to the wig before putting it on okay. So I'm just gon na prepare my hair for the wig, because it's not gon na look good. If I put it on my hair, looking like this, my hair is not freshly braided and stuff like that, and I'm just gon na go ahead and brush in this um. My edges, you know because we want it to look presentable, but I'm really not gon na. Be doing too much for this wig, I promise you so I'm gon na tie it down and let them dry and while that's drying, I'm gon na show you all the wig and whatever else I got in the box with it. So I just use one of my Edge scarf to tie it down, and this will leave my edges laying flat. So the wig is from this company called wig fever, and this is my first time working with them. I have to say honestly that I was not disappointed with this wig and I promise you won't be either. So this is the wig. It'S 26 inches, it's like a wavy um, texture kind of here and um in the Box. I also got some other stuff, like this Bonnet, with their name or their logo on it and a few other things which I'm gon na show you in a minute. I got a pair of stocking cap. This tail comb, I'm guessing. This is some extra piece of elastic band. If you need it, I also got this Edge scarf and finally, I got a bag that I could store my wig in when I'm not wearing it and here's the wig guys, like I said before the lace is already cut off. It'S pre-bleached, it's pre-plugged, it's pre! Everything all you got to do is put this on your head, get your hair ready and put it on, that's it and there I'm holding it up against my hand. So you guys could you know see that you know the front of it looks so natural. The way they plucked it, the hair also feels very good to the touch you know it's nice and soft. I could run my fingers through it. No problem also um. I think this is a 180 density, I'm not 100 sure, but I'll get all that information for you guys. So I'm gon na go ahead and put a stocking cap on I'm gon na put foundation on my stocking cap only because my hair isn't freshly braided. So my scalp isn't showing like it should, but I promise you this wig could be worn if your hair is um freshly braided and your scalp is showing so the foundation I'm gon na use. Is this one by Covergirl and I'm gon na be using my foundation brush to apply it and I'm just gon na lightly dab it on and spread it all over the front area, only yeah, and now guys, I'm ready to put the wig on. This is a up close of it guys. I'M gon na have to fix this little part right here. I'M gon na use concealer, and that's because I put the stocking cap on you could see where the stocking cap separated from my skin so I'll fix that. But if I was wearing like a ball cap or if I had my hair braided, where my hair I mean my scalp - was actually showing, then you wouldn't really notice that I mean I love it for a wig straight out. The box. I didn't have to do anything at all to it and it looked this good yeah. They could get my money. I absolutely love this wig so guys. I forgot to tell y'all in the beginning that it has an um adjustable strap and you can adjust it from both sides. So you don't have to worry about your weight sliding off. It will not be too big. I don't think so, um so yeah. That'S the reason why I took it back off, so what I'm gon na do now, I'm gon na do my makeup and I will be back guys to show y'all. You know the overall look with hair and makeup, I'm back on camera guys and, as you can see, I'm adding a little bit of concealer right where I had a little problem there. You know where the sucking cap made with my scalp and making it look more realistic, and then I'm gon na go ahead and curl just the front part of the hair. Because of how I want the hair to frame with my face. I'M gon na put two curls in the front, so I'm just gon na curl that little piece that you see me hold in there and then on the other side, I'm gon na do another little piece like that: that's it here. We are guys all done. Look at how beautiful and how flowy this hair is, like, I said it's 26 inches, but I don't know for some reason. It looked longer than 26 inches to me. So I'm just enjoying this length right here and here's a look at the back guys. I absolutely love the waves that comes in it. I love how full and flowy it is. So at this point I believe I just loved everything about this wig. To be honest, let me know guys what y'all think about it and if it's something that you would try, especially if you're a person that doesn't like to do all that extra just to get your wig on and you like to be able to put it on When you want and off when you want again, the wig is from wig fever and I'll leave all the information for it down in the description box. So definitely make sure you check that out. If you have any questions, leave them down below, I will get back to them as soon as I possibly can. If you find this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up guys. You know how we do and if this is your first time on my channel, go ahead and subscribe and hit that notification Bell, so you will be notified whenever I post a new video. Thank you so much for watching I'll, see you in the next one bye. Thank you.

Wig Fever: honey, it's absolutely detailed video, really help to know more about our wear go gluleess wig.

Monique Pellot: I ❤ watching you , your confirmation on makeup and wigs are informative thank you

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