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It was until I put this hair in my head that I got a real realization and we go get into that. Hey you guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is Diamond. I share content on lifestyle, Health, Wellness, Beauty and, most importantly, skin care, and I'm also on the road to 20K and at 20K I'm going to do a giveaway every time I hit a milestone number. I always do a big giveaway, so if you're interested in any of those things go ahead and subscribe. Today'S video is about wig dealer, the wig dealer shop, wig dealer. I'M not sure I always get confused with the name, but it is a hair review on the wig dealer. That'S the hair I currently have in right now and we we go get into it. Okay. So when it comes to my hair reviews, I rate hair on five different Stars, One, the price point of the hair is the hair worth the price two. How well does the hair take color in this video? We won't be waiting the hair on that, but that is something that I rate hair on, because normally I would dye my hair hair blonde or jet black, but this video we don't need that. How much does the hair shed? Because if the hair sheds is trash? Okay, it's trash does the hair tangle, because if the hair Tangles along with the shedding it's trash, it's trash and how long does the hair last so, let's just get right into it. My initial thoughts on this hair is that it's super soft, like this hair is really soft and you get it in this very nice black packaging and honestly, that's what they spent most of their money on. So you get it in this black packaging. You got the hair, you got a bunch of little goodies uh like a headband. I was supposed to get a wax stick in my order. Didn'T get that um and like a card, my initial thought was damn this hair is so soft like this curl is so pretty everything is bomb, especially the lace, the lace, initial initial thoughts, initial thoughts. I looked at that lace. The lace came, pre-bleached, the lace came pre-plucked, the lace hair was soft. It was until I put this hair in my head that I got a real realization and we go get into that. I don't have my phone next to me, so I'm just going to link right here what I bought and how much it cost. I think it was like mid 400s or low 500s, I'm not sure, but I know I got a 18 inch closure. 20 22 and 24 inch raw, Indian hair. No, this hair is not worth the price honestly. Truly, they spent all their money on that box on that velcro, velor, gold, interior box and a little package that the hair comes in. But when it comes to hair quality, they did not think about hair quality at all this hair, this hair, this hair sheds there's no way to get around it. You are going to be shedding like a a mutt like a mixed breed dog like a cat like a bad rug like you are going to run your fingers through your hair, and it's going to shed like crazy. I did not cut any of the wefts. I have two bundles in my hair, along with the closure and the fact that I did not cut any of the wefts and this hair sheds. The way that it does is just absolutely insane to me when I first installed this in my head. I actually left it in its natural state, this curly raw Indian State - and I didn't like it I didn't like it. I was ready to rip this out of my head and um. I just went home washed, it blue dry it and after that it was just game over so for shedding one star. If I could give it zero Stars, I would but one star. Actually, one of y'all recommended me: try the hair, because I was going in on Kendall, hair, boutiques, uh closure and at this point I wish I just purchased Kendra's hair Boutique and did not try a new hair company, but I wanted to try a new hair company. I wanted to see what you know other companies and like give it a try and let y'all know how it is remember. I said if the hair sheds is trash if the hair tingles it's trash right now. This hair looks really good on camera, and you know what I think this hair is. I think this hair is Studio Hair. I think this hair is for a modeling session. This is not live in everyday hair when it comes to their Instagram when it comes to the influencers that they have with their hair in it's literally for photo shoots. I do not believe that this hair is for everyday wear. It mats up I'm sitting here and I'm looking in my viewfinder, but I'm sitting here the hair looks good, I'm not moving, though so as soon as I am to go outside as soon as I am to walk in some Breeze. It'Ll go from looking like this to looking like this okay and it naps right here. It naps right here and ain't. Nobody got time for that. Another thing: it's not in my reviews, but this hair does not hold a curl. It does not hold a curl at all um, I curled my hair, and you could kind of you could see something something trying to come over here this side. This I gave up this side. This side completely gave up but um less than 10 minutes ago, because I curled my hair right before filming this video. I had full curls less than 10 minutes ago and the curls have fallen, and this is what it's Fallen to so this hair does not hold a curl, and I don't have straight hair in. I have raw Indian hair in that is naturally curly. So I would think because normally I purchase body wave hair and I purchased body wave because it holds a curl better, and you would think that this would hold a curl because of the natural state that it has. But it doesn't, it does not hold a curl. I actually don't have high hopes for this hair. I'Ve had it in for what less than a week now, and it has not been the greatest experience and I purchased this hair to go to Africa for my birthday and I'm just really upset with the quality with the customer service. I didn't even tell you all about the customer service, so I actually ended up emailing them and letting them know hey. This hair is thin. This hair is not as advertised like: hey I'm not looking for a refund, I'm just trying to figure out how I could fix this to make this hair look better, because what I got is not what I expected and what I got is not what y'all are Advertising at all so, and then I also added in that my wax stick was not in my package, so they did sort that out. I have the wax stick coming, we'll see if I actually get it, but what they told me is what I what I sent to them was hey. You know this hair is thin. I purchased the 20 22 24.. It'S not supposed to be this thin at the end and I'll actually add in a clip for you to see just how the hair looked, and they said. Oh, you need to wash the hair when you get the hair in a bundle. Listen! Listen to this, when you get the hair in the bundle it's going to be thin, but wash it blow dry it and it should be better. It should not be thin anymore. I let them know hey, I did wash the hair, I did blow dry it and it's still thin. Then the response was, oh, we'll add another bundle. No, I just told you there's something wrong with your hair. I just told you there's a possibility. I got a bad batch and you tell me to purchase another bundle of hair to add into this full head of hair that I have already that's. Actually, what you're seeing right here is not thin, because I had to cut it and I got longer bundles because I wanted longer hair, but I ended up having to cut it so that it's all like even throughout, but I just I I don't know I I Don'T know what they got going on over there. I really don't, and I'm not even going to do an updated review on this hair. The only way I feel like I might do an updated review on this hair is, if I dye it and if dying it makes it better some way. Somehow then I'll, let y'all know but initial review one week in my experience. So far, is it's a hell? No, it's a hell, no okay! I have high hopes, but no it ain't it. I have more hair videos for you to watch. I have more lifestyle videos for you to watch. I have travel videos. I have a ton of skincare videos that you can watch. Thank you so much for watching I'll talk to you soon. Bye,

IAmJasRenee: I agree with this 100%! They used to be so good pre-Covid. Assuming they switched vendors but it’s terrible now! I’m so disappointed

PURE RRED: I love how in depth your reviews are! Kinda scary lol but I would love for you to try out one of our units from my company! They’re definitely an investment & we do not offer returns/refunds as well BUT if you was to have any issues within 365 days of having your unit, that unit will be repaired or replaced FREE OF CHARGE!

Barbie Gang: I brought hair from them a complete nightmare. My hair went missing and wig dealer never took responsibility for replacing the hair that i paid 600$ for . It was horrible

Vivian Moorehead: Thank you for being honest!!! I feel like so many reviews leave out the bad and only talk about the good!

Sharde Edwards: They sold me a 613 wig. TERRIBLE!!! THEY HAIR TURNED GREEN while trying to tone it. I emailed and called numerous times. I finally got someone on the phone who had another person in the background telling her what to say. They said “the hot water damaged the hair” f!cking jok3!!! Shedded like crazy. $500 down the drain!!!! Oh & yea They blocked me

🐮Vibes like a cow🐮: I’m mad I’m seeing this after I bought a wig but I heard more goods then bad so I bought one instead of 3 smh ima do more research n try to find where these celebrity stylist vendors n not these companies cuz why sell regular ppl trash hair n influencers the best for free I’m sure ‍♀️

N/A: thank you for this !! Jayda Wayda said WigDealer had the best hair & i was considering buying it but no way!! not anymore!!

cashkay: i bought a wig from her years ago it was so bad she blocked me & bashed me never again smh

Myfilteredview: My mouth dropped when you showed the length smh thank you for your honest review

Ifeoma McKenzie: D Hair and Yummy Hair are my go to hair companies

Nisha Landburg: They say on the website they are no longer accepting returns on the website and because so many people are probably are complaining. Also you said you only give it one star and you wish you could’ve gave zero stars if you could. You can give it a HALF ⭐️ STAR

Kiarah: Thank you amazing content ❤❤

J. Reed: Thank you I was about to purchase this hair but no

Alexis Dior: Ondibu and Yummy are my go to

Cerenna Dias: The hair sheds horribly lace goes bald day by day

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