Raw And Virgin Hair Vendors For Your Business

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Foreign title: you already see what this video is about. If you are new here, welcome, we talk about all things, Faith, business and lifestyle, and we do a little something something on the side. So if you're interested, please be sure to like comment, subscribe and definitely turn on those post notifications, so you know each and every time I upload a video let's get into it. Okay, so on today's video, as you can see, I'm gon na be dropping some more vendors and I just want to give a quick disclosure, because over the weekend I had a couple of comments. People wanted to troll me for some reason so um when I share vendors with you. Obviously it's not a Chinese vendor and I make sure I give a disclosure before I even start the video like I'm doing now, but um when I share vendors with you. These are black women who have hair companies that are sharing their vendors. So let me just put that out there, because somebody didn't comprehend the last time like I know I give a great disclaimer letting you know that this is not a Chinese vendor. It ain't! No contact information, nothing but their information, the person who is selling the vendor, so I just had to put that out there because this weekend was crazy and I just want to let you know. Excuse me, you know when you're trying to help people, it's always going to be someone that isn't grateful. I'Ma just say, isn't grateful and that's. Okay, because, like I said you don't have to watch the video, but for those of you who rock with me and who've, been rocking with me and who will continue to rock with me. I love you, sis, I'm gon na keep dropping information. I'M gon na keep doing research, and that's just bad on that. So I just wanted to say that before I continue with this video because I'm sorry guys, I keep having the hair go in my face. Okay, I'm back, but I just wanted to say that before giving out these next few vendors, because people just do the most like girl relax, so let me catch my breath. Y'All know we by the time you see this video I'll, be seven months. Pregnant girl, the breath is leaving okay, but I'm so grateful, but yeah girl. The breath is slowly disappearing, so the first vendor - and these are all of their Instagram handles. So these will be their Instagrams. You need to go on their Instagram click. The link in the bio and then you get their vendor from there: okay, okay, so nailed by nail on Instagram she's, a hair stylist, and she sells her personal hair vendors list, and this. This includes her personal hair, vendors, HD Lace, Wigs four, five, six and seven by seven HD lace, vendor closures for vendors and raw Indonesian and raw Vietnamese vendors and yeah, and it has reviews so check that out that is nailed by nail. And let's move on to the next person, XO fancy hair teak and she is a wig designer and she sells her vendor as well. So, let's let me tell you guys exactly what her list consists of is actually on sale right now, so go ahead and copy that, and she also offers Apple pay for it. This vendor list you'll receive two Virgin Hair vendors, two HD lace, Benders one packaging vendor and one eyelash vendor. So that's what she said and that is XO fancy hair teak. The next one is. She is the beauty I follow her on Instagram and on um tick. Tock, but she is a stylist as well and she also sells her vendor. Let me click and go to it. She has classes and everything, but you guys can check all of that out on your own, but uh. Let me go to these vendors for you. I actually have a lot of things that you can use and she off she has a wholesale program and she does Private Label wig making and you can collab with her so she's a wholesaler. So that's also great because she's already tried the vendor. So she is a wholesaler. The next person is uh, I don't know if it's La flux or laf Lux, but anyway I'll have the name on the screen. I don't really know what that name says. I'M pretty sure it's laf looks, yeah laf looks so she sells her Avengers list as well, and the vendor list consists of raw bone straight vendor a raw Indian vendor HD. She has different packages, so these are the three packages: the Luxe package, the boss package, the Diamond package. All of them consist of different things, so go ahead and check Carl's page. Oh I'm not gon na go through the list of everything that she sells. I'M just giving you the names and you guys can look for yourself but yeah. These are all again these women, they have a hair business and they are selling their personal vendors. This last young lady, her hair business, is called Vanessa Lux hair. Her name is Vanessa and she sells her virgin Raw Hair vendors list and it is not on sale for 27 dollars, so it includes Virgin Hair vendors, raw and Indian and Cambodian hair vendors, HD lace, transparent lace, custom, wigs 613, hair hair tools, packaging satin, bonus, eyelashes And more so, ladies, you want to start a hair business. I know it's different from Chinese vendors, but it look like in our culture we're straying away from that, because the girls are really helping the other girlies and I'm here for it, because it's enough money to be made and we're all trying to do the same thing And with that being said, um, that's why I share these type of these people who share their vendors because they are number one black women um. They have their own hair businesses and they're sharing with the people. So that's what I said so the person who commented on my other video she was saying I'm confused. These are not hair vendors but the hair companies - and I always say these people sell their vendors. Yes, it's a hair company. They have hair companies but they're selling their vendors. I always make sure I say that so I just want to be clear in this video. That is what this video is about: hair companies selling their hair vendors. So it's ultimately up to you. If you want to deal with a Chinese vendor go ahead, if you want to deal with an Indian vendor go ahead, but these people are giving you the resource and I'm just giving it to you. I'M just doing my due diligence, helping you and I'm just doing what I need to do so again. If it don't work for you, it don't work for you, but for the girl who's just looking to start a hair business and you need vendors. I have given out so far at least 20 vendors and um all of my videos together, so you have enough, you can go through the packages for yourself, you can even go through at the end of the day. It'S all a risk. Let me just say that, because even with the Chinese vendor they're overseas - so you don't know if you're going to get a good product, it's business is risky period. It'S up to you. It'S going to take money to make money and that's just what it is. So I'm just giving you a resource and it's up to you to what you want to do with that. Okay, sis, so that's gon na be the end for this video again. Thank you for watching. If you are new here, welcome, welcome I'm Kerry. My name is lakeria, but you can call me Carrie and that's it. So, please be sure to like comment, subscribe and comment below and let me know some other video ideas. You guys want to see um. Let me know what you need like I said. If I can help you, I will help you, but until next time family, I'm out foreign

scary cousin: The only problem is these people selling are selling a vendors list for thousands of dollars which is ridiculous

Shenelle Goodbar: Love your honesty on all your videos You wanna see others win … I love it subscribe sis

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