Brutally Honest Wholesale Hair Vendor Review: Private Label Extensions

In this video I will be discussing the wholesale hair vendor Private Label Extensions and I will give you my honest opinion/review.

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Today’s video is all about the wholesale hair vendor Private label extensions, review, hair reviews, vendors, business, tips, resources, girl boss, beauty boss, wholesale vendors, motivation

Hey boxes, third is for a new hair. I welcome back to my youtube channel. Why are you doing on today's video? I am going to be doing a wholesale hair vendor review and today I'm going to be reviewing private label extensions, hair company okay. So I did give you guys some vendors in a previous video on my channel, and I gave you guys five wholesale fingers and private label stitches. What'S one of those wholesale vendors that I didn't recommend you guys to go check out and just see what their hair was like and sampled the hair and see if it was a good, you know hosting her company for you. So I have the hair in my hair today and I'm gon na be giving you the real real team on this hair. Ok, so this is your type of thing subscribe to my channel if business tips, resources motivation is the type of stuff that you like to watch definitely subscribe like this video, if you found it helpful, let me know if you have any questions and let's get into The video okay also, I ordered this hair. I ordered this hair a few weeks ago about three weeks ago and it's almost been two weeks since I've been wearing the hair. When I first got the hair, I actually let like my little. I call her my daughter she's, like my little six-year-old daughter and she came over and she installed this hair. For me, I know you know coronavirus. Kovach 19 is going on, so nobody's been able to go out and get their hair done right. I got her to put this hair in for me. I asked her opinion of the hair. She actually thought it was pretty good quality, hair, okay, girl, what'd, you think about the hair, which our first impression - okay, this Kiera she gon na, be putting my hair in when I took the hair out the package. My initial reaction was, you know the hair. Was it felt pretty good? It wasn't a bad looking quality um like I say it's almost been two weeks since I've been wearing hair, so the type of hair that I got was. I got Brazilian straight 16 inch. The hair is not in this natural texture. It was very straight at first, I actually took my crinoline iron and I crinkled the hair to see if it will hold a curl or crinkle, and it actually did pretty good with the crinkles um. My ends are kind of shabby now I've been like out and about all day today, but it wasn't that bad. You know what I'm saying so, like I said when I first got to here, it was pretty decent. Looking hair, I've been wearing it for almost two weeks, and I do like the hair, I feel like the hair. The reason why I like the hair is because it reminds me of my natural hair. That'S why I like to hear I like there, because it reminds me a lot of my real hair if you've seen any of my previous videos, you seen my real hair and I have pretty long hair, it's pretty long and my hair on the texture. It'S just kind of reminds me of this a lot, so I do have like a middle part, and this is my real hair at the top. So my hair's like coming down to the weed, and then I have like my edges out so all these, and just these are my real hair y'all. So I don't have like a last week. It'S not all laid like you know. Some of these girls be late. Cuz it's not a week and I don't use gel on my hair. My hair is naturally curly. So if I put gel on my hair, it would be just like it was jheri curl instead of doing the baby here. So I you know just leave my street. So anyway, I have like some of my hair out in the back. I like the hair, because it reminds me of my natural hair, but I would say that the hair is quality hair for the grade that is in and what I mean by that is for this hair. I didn't pay. I think I paid about thirty or forty dollars a bundle for this hair, so I got two bundles and I want to say that my total was like 80 something dollars for two bundles of hair. So I would say for the price that I paid: it's ok, hair you're, not I'm saying like if you on a budget and you just need some quick hair. This is actually a good choice. You know I'm saying if you're thinking about selling hair, what I would suggest that you do is think about your target audience. If your target audience is a woman on a budget, you know she don't want to pay $ 400 bundles. She just wants some quick bundles. She got about 30 or 40 dollars, you know to spin on a bundle. This would be good hair for you to sell because it is quality for the price. Okay um now I will say if your target customer is going to be a little bit more high-end. A little bit more bougie, you know she don't my hair on a budget. She gon na pay about five hundred to a thousand dollars for her hair. This is not gon na, be the hair industry to go it. You need to pick somebody else off the list. Like Bellamy hair, I know there are very like high-end wholesale hair vendor, so you want to go for more expensive hair which might cost you more to start but, like I said when you're starting your hair business, think about your target customer and what they like. Okay. So there are girls out there who this hair is not up to their standards, but then you have some girls out there and this hair works. Just fine you're, not saying it's just fine, you know it's in their price range. It'S a good grain of hair. For the price, you know that she's willing to pay for hair, and I'm actually like I said for me - I like the hair because um I like the hair, because it just reminds me of my real hair and it blends in really really good with my hair And it actually looks natural on me, and people would think that this was probably about your hair. You know, so that's why I like it, but you just have to understand who your target customer is what you like, and what your customer like and what you want. Your brand to be like, okay, so, like I said this is not bad hair. You just need to understand who is going to be buying this this hair? Okay. So if your customer, like I say it's on Gucci side, you might just might not be the choice. P, but if your customer is the average everyday working woman, she just wants some quick bundles. She probably won't wear it for no more than a week or two. You know maybe three weeks she's looking to wear her some bundles or something like that and she's. Looking the dual on her on a budget, you know this might be the hair okay, so that is my review on this private label. Extensions. If you've tried this hair before leave a comment down below, let me know what you think of the hair. If you've tried it before, if you have any questions about this hair leave a comment down below and until next time. I will see you guys on my next one.

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Hey Kilo Cares: I swear you are the BOMB!!!!! Just purchase the vendors list! When I say I’ve been stressed for days you have relieved it! Thank you and Blessings to you!

4EVAMO: Thanks so much! I just started selling hair on my site! I believe I picked a great vendor! Thanks for your info. I love natural looking hair as well!

Keshia Simpson: Great review

CarlottasCorner: good video. i've purcahsed from this vendor and got the some pieces from the Raw Hair collection. Not bad thus far. going back for more.

Ruth Abalo: So glad you brought out this review perfect timing

Keshia Simpson: It looks really natural

Sandra Seven: Thanks i wanted to know the real deal about their hair.

Teona: I just order blonde from them i hope it’s good hair bc I sell hair‍♀️

Phya Scott: great review, thank you

Cookin it up with Dabney bee: Great video and thank you ❤️! What’s the name of the vendor you mentioned ?? Belle hair??

Rene Hill: Their hair is STIFFFF

Shay H.: Did u get the regular or the premium grade?

Michelle Creque: Pl hair is affordable but it sheds entirely too much!

Anjanette Ndnd: How can I get in touch with you, I wanna start my hair business but I can’t find a real vendor omg

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