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Hold hey, y'all, welcome back to my channel, so today we are doing this fire look. What is it giving y'all jessica rabbit? Is it giving chucky the bye to chucky it's just giving it's new? It'S a new feel it's a new look and it's a little bit different for me, so i really really really like it. So these are the products that i'm going to be using for the video. I just want to give you a little bit of insight. Y'All know some of these are my favorite favorite favorite products, but i just had to put y'all on real quick. So this is what the wig looked like when it was fresh out. I did go ahead and pluck it and i already had to go in with the plucking tool like i already had to get crazy with the plugin, because it was a little bit thick but of course very manageable. So i don't have any braids in y'all. So i had to take the edge control and slick my little edges back real quick, because i do not be wanting it to get caught in that spray, but the way that holding spray really holds it'd be pulling. My edges sometimes and it'd be hurting like it really really really holds so be careful. It does what it's supposed to do, but you still got to protect your edges as if it was like adhesive. So, being i don't have braids i'm just putting in a ponytail, and my hair is not the thickest unfortunately, so i just put it up in a little ponytail like this and just keep it pushing. Of course, i do the same tinting, my um ball cap and so on and so forth, and i take my wig as well y'all. When i tell you, i didn't know that this wig was gon na lay the way it did, but y'all just watched. It was late, honey y'all. This wig is so secure, like i just had to stop the voice over real, quick because sheesh this wig is secure. I was not playing with these combs period. This is how she's, looking now and we're gon na give her we're. Gon na put her into a side part like we're gon na do about real cute. He says this is i tell y'all all the time. The key to getting bouncy curls is the layers. Sometimes i use the scissors. Sometimes i use a razor comb. Is there a difference? Kind of, but not really, they both pretty much. Do the same thing. I guess it's just whatever you want to use that that point. I do find it that it is a little bit easier to work with the razor comb, because sometimes you can't get the right angle with the scissors and then you just keep chopping and keep cutting. Sometimes you don't get the right cut, but for the most part the razor comb does the job. So i just put some light layers in there. Well, let me not even say like y'all cuz, i was getting a little bit razor happy, i'm not going live, but i put some really good layers in here and i made sure to do all my curls away from my face and in all different directions. So some i would curl you know, of course, away from my face, but i would do it upwards downwards. You know stuff like that, because i wanted the best result that i could get possible so make sure if y'all want some bouncy curls, some big bouncy, curls curl away from your face. You want volume on all of the above. You have to layer and curl away from your face, but it is a certain technique that you have to do so it don't come out looking funny and that when you do your facial framing layers, whether you're doing a side part or a center part that you're Doing it the right way like you're curling it the right way, i did say i was going to do a um, a tutorial on the different types of curls and stuff like that, because i do feel, like i kind of understand, curls and really know how to You know i feel, like i'm an expert y'all, i'm not calling i'm showing over a little bit. So if y'all want a curling tutorial, let me know i was going gon na just show you guys the different types of curls how to get it. What'S the best tools to use the best products for the hair etc? So definitely let me know - and i will get that video out to y'all cause i'm not gon na lie. I really i'm i'm seriously considering doing that, but i'm not gon na post it if y'all don't want it. So you got ta. Let me know if you want so uh me: hmm, foreign um, foreign foreign, all right y'all. So this is the final look. I'M about to make it a little bit more wild. I want it to be a little bit more bouncy, so we gon na flip it back and forth a little bit hold on. It'S like this look is so fun like you could really do anything with it and, as you can see, the curls dropped a little bit. Of course, i could just brush it out and like redo it, but i don't even want to let's see what it gives on this side. Do they give what it needs to on this side? Yes, i could definitely. I could definitely train the hair boom and like make it something. I love fun hair, but this is my good stuff, you're gon na put it back over here, but this is my good side, and this is so cute. This is different. This gives me like a halloween wig like i'm, about to be the body chucky or something like this is so cute. How y'all feeling about this here? How you feeling about this? Look, because this is a bit different. So it's just like. I love how big and wild it is like. I just love this and look at that, and i love some cut. Even blunt ends with the curls like it. Just always gives it more body if you want more body in your hair, cut the ends and make them even and then curl it it's going to give it such like uh. I can't even explain like a seamless, effortless type of look, i'm telling you it looks so much more neat and just classy looks great, but let me know what you think about this look down below in the comments i didn't think. I would like this this much because i didn't know what i wanted to do with it and i didn't want it to look crazy, but it actually looks cute. It looks like you know something. I would really have to dress this up. Somehow i don't know, but i do have a discount code. So if y'all want to use my little discount code to get you some coins off, i'm going to put that in the bio, all the information and all the links below will be there so make sure y'all go check it out. So i could go get y'all. One of these wigs and yeah yeah, i'm just having fun with it right now like what, if i wanted to curl this a little and just like, do a messy like updo. Thank you i feel like i got a fresh blowout like this is very much given the vibes and shout out to janoda here for sending me this beautiful wig, oh she's, cute she's, a moody thanksgiving and i'm so happy like. I said that i decided to go with this style because, yes, baby, let's give it period, leave your comments down below. Let me know which i think like if you like this video and subscribe. If you want to see more videos from - and i will see you on my next know - me video

Marissa Thomas: Yes I need a curling tutorial and how you layer your wigs !

Nails by Knesha: Cute love the color with the skunk stripe

LadyJ: Beautiful on you. Beautiful color. Definitely giving what it needed to give

Angie: Yes please do the curl video, the unit looks bussin!

lii leutogi: Yes ma'am love this wig it's giving hot girl summer vibes period

Jerlisaakay: It turned out so good !!

𝐉𝐃𝐈𝐎𝐑 ♡︎: yes we def need a curling tutorial!!!

Kayla Grant: Not me singing Keyshia Coles songs after seeing this bomb ass hair…..”I SHOULD’VE LIED, I SHOULD’VE CHEATED, BABY I SHOULD’VE WENT OUT TO THE CLUBBB”

Junoda Wig: OMG so pretty sis, thankyou for review!!

iseeLONDON: OMG PLEASE DO THE CURLING VIDEO‼️‼️ ( Sorry didn’t mean to yell).

Carline Exilhomme: Damn soo pretty


Tt: Idk how old you are … but it’s giving keyshia cole early 2000s .


Shaolin K: Zoomed here. I was WAITING!!!

P.A.T: ❤️‍

Dyhesha Williams: Paris!!!!!!

Brandon Star: Super saiyan god hair

AsToldByDeeDee: It’s giving rogue from X men

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