Detailed 613 Blonde Highlight Wig Install Ft Hermosa Hair (Beginner Friendly)

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Conversation, hey guys, welcome back to my channel, it's Peyton and today, I'm back with another video installing this really cute ash blonde highlight wig from Hermosa hair. I did not get to record a talking video, so I just decided to do a voiceover, giving guys a detailed wig install, but I just showed you guys the construction of the wig cap and let's get started with my install here. I am prepping the wig cutting the lace in the back, putting some foundation and some Foundation powder on the lace. Um also y'all, just a pro tip, do not bleach the knot to this wig or, if you bleach, the knots of this wig use 20 volume developer or 30 volume developer, but I also toned this hair with um purple Shimmer Lights, shampoo and got it this nice Color, so just hopping right in I'm applying the wig parting it on my head. I went ahead and did a middle part. This is a 13x4 frontal lace, wig um, but it's not that much a parting space for like a side part. So I automatically just did a middle part, and here I am clipping my hair up to start um, applying the lace and just getting all my hair out of my face here. I am cutting the ear of the right side of the wig um. I kind of just go straight back and make sure I go above my ear and then I just position it to make sure it's going to glue down correctly and then I did that to the other side off camera sectioning off my wig and using this ghostbawn Xl glue, I went ahead and parted the lace into three different sections. I like to start with the middle so that I lay as the flattest and then I apply a thin layer of the ghost Bond and I go ahead and just wipe it down until it's clear and for some reason I think I was just a little under The influence hi and I did not blow dry the first layer. So I did two layers and then I blow dried it, but usually I'll blow dry, one layer and then blow dry, another layer and then blow dry, another layer. So three layers um. But I kind of was just doing whatever here so sorry about that uh, but yeah, so just apply a thin layer, spread it out thinner blow dry it until it's clear and then once you do three layers and blow dry, it take the lace and apply it Down, I don't really like to use my finger because of oils, so I'll use a comb or some type of flat shaped, stick or rattle comb stick and then I just go ahead and do that same thing to each section and as you guys can see the Wig was already laying nice and flat, and this lace was basically lysine, okay and then I was using some even spray. I'M going to show you guys what that looks like in a second and the even spray just locks and loads in everything. So I use a mix of go spawn in that even spray to get that seamless finish that you guys are going to see after I do the even after gluing and then once I cut the lace, I'm going to do one more spray of even but this Is just doing the three layers of glue blow drying it with cool or warm air for about 30 seconds and then repeating this three times and laying down the lace with a rat tail comb or some other type of flat object. You can use your hands, but I wouldn't recommend it and now we're jumping into cutting the layer days. I kind of just do this wildly. This is not the best way to do it. You can honestly do it better, but I did not have any shears, so I had to use some crab scissors and then I just went back in with my even lace Bond spray and just sprayed all the lifting parts of the lace. This spray right here y'all, is the truth. I recently just started using it, and this stuff is 100 sweat free. So after I spray it, I just go ahead and blow dry. It warm warm and um. I kind of just go back and forth with the even spray and the ghost bond to touch it up and, as you can see once I blow dry it. This is how seamless it looks, and I just go back in with some more Foundation powder and apply it to the lace. Since this is 613 hair. I don't really have to do too much about the baby hair, but then once I'm done, gluing I like to take in elastic band headband and just let that sit while I style my hair, I'm going to be wanding my hair. This is some Garnier Fructis flat iron perfector spray, okay, and I also used some got to be spray for the curls. But here I am just prepping the unit before I start curling it I'm just using this pressing comb to flatten the beginning of the hairline, to kind of make it look more natural and more flat and seamless, and I'm not flat ironing this hair, I'm gon na Wand it so I already wanted to just have everything ready to go so after the curls were done. I could just take off the headband, then I went ahead and applied some more of that Foundation powder to the lace on the hairline and also on the perimeter. I'M gon na put more after I take the headband off, but I just wanted the lace to set with the even spray so right after I spray the even I put on this headband and it helps it become seamless. I use some argan oil to moisturize the hair before I one curled it and I kind of sped through this one curl process. I just one curled my hair for about a minute and then I pinned it um I didn't pin each and every curl. I just pinned the curls I pinned like half the curls honestly. I was mainly worried about pinning the front so that it could like layer perfectly um, so yeah you guys are going to see but I'll just let this run through foreign foreign. So, as I'm finished with one curling, my hair, you guys can see I'm just pinning them up so that they can layer and I'm removing the elastic band headband and, as you can see, the lace looks perfectly seamless but um. The even spray kind of does make the hair kind of like hard um, so I'm just combing it out, and then I am doing minimal baby hair. I just decided to do two at the top and then two like near the edges of the ear. I feel like this wig could be worn without baby hair, but I love baby hair. So um I would say, like the baby. Hair is 100 optional and then I'm just taking my baby list mini flat iron and curling baby hair, so that they can lay flatter. Once I use my Edge booster edge control to Slick it down, you can also use mousse. It'S probably going to be a little bit lighter on 613 hair. I feel like edge control and gel might make it look a little funny, but this ended up coming out really cute, since it was like a multi-color, because this wig is like highlight, highlighted blonde. So it's not just 613, it's like ash blonde brown um 613. So it comes this color. I did Tone it with my purple. Shimmer Lights. Shampoo, like I said, and after I did my baby hair. I just went ahead and put that elastic band back on so that my baby hair could set, and then I took all the pins down and combed through my hair. I didn't want to come out too much because I knew the curls were gon na fall later and um yeah. This is how it came out shout out to Hermosa hair, for this 24 inch highlight blonde wig. It'S super duper cute and make sure you guys check the description box down below to purchase. It use my code, and I will see you guys in my next video thanks for watching and let me know what you guys think about this. Look bye,

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Nervous Babbs: Thank you for showing your way of doing it I'm a white girl recently started chemo and just decided to shave it to take control of the whole situation but now I want to look into lace wigs or even those daily ones they sell in old lay mags lol. I have visited your lives before you and your followers are so sweet and genuine I wish the best for you beautiful girl. Keep rocking it!

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