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In today’s video I’ll be reviewing another unit sent to me by I hope y’all enjoy!


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Cloud 9 Swiss Lace What lace Wig 100% premium Fiber

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Hold your step out of the salon me. I just left the salon. Okay, i just ah hey you guys, welcome and welcome back to my channel with another hair review from sam's beauty. You already know you already know this unit is so pretty and if y'all want this, like you got to keep watching you, you got to watch from the beginning to the end. Okay, so so we go. But before we get into this video, you got ta like well, you don't got ta like yet because you might not like it, but please if you do end up liking. It make sure that you comment like and subscribe. Okay, make sure that you subscribe to my channel you're already here. The support is free. The support is free, hit the subscribe button - it's not going to so today i'll be reviewing another cloud: nine swiss lace, wet lace, hairline illusion wig in latisha flamboyage gold. So here is the card showing all the special colors. This is a 13x6, so you can pretty much part everywhere, okay, so this is what she's looking like she's already pre-plugged and that's like a plus. I love this textured wig. I cannot wait to put it on. This is not my first time doing a cloud9 swiss lace, hello, hello, hello, how's, everybody doing so. She is absolutely gorgeous. We all know that it comes with the comb in the back adjustable straps, two combs in the front and that 13 by 6 parting space. So i'm just going to pop her on just to see how it's fitting it fits absolutely great. It is big head friendly. So i can deal with this. I can deal with this, so this unit is a beyote fall. You can pretty much do whatever if you want to wear it on the right side, if you want to wear it on the left side, if you want to wear it up and down, if you want to put it in a bun, whatever you want to do, Girl do it, okay, do it, so i'm just going to add my powder to the lace, so you can blend in so now, i'm just adding my got to be glue spray all around the lace of my edges, so i can melt the lace to my skin And then i am going to blow dry it and come back foreign, so i melted okay, i melted the lace and now i'm just going to use my got to be glued black gel and i'm going to lay a little baby hairs. I won't lie i've gotten. A little lazy, i don't really too much like a lot of them like i used to, but yeah we don't get into these baby hairs. I hope y'all like this wig. Okay, this unit latisha, so um like i said, make sure that you smash that, like in that subscribe button. Okay make sure you leave a beautiful comment and i'll catch y'all next time with another wig review.

Constance Green: Love it!!! Most people don't know how to style Latisha and over brush her. But, you did GREAT!!!♥️

Jataia Artriece: Love this wig! Looking forward to watching more of your content!

Britt V: I am the first one here and here you go again. Killing it. You are so gorgeous! Loving that unit.

Jayna Williams: I just ordered this beautiful wig I can't wait to wear it

Porsha Kay: I love the fact that you can part in the middle or you can do a side bang. I loveeeeee your videos girl you be doing tha thang!

Lamont Sopshire: beautiful

SamsBeauty: STUNNING!!!

Everyday Life Videos:

Goddess Love: YASSS you look great! SOO pretty

Meke Kaale: New here! I loooved this video. You are so pretty! Really enjoyed this, looking forward to more content.

Cherry B: Freaking gorg

Tina 💋: Pretty

T Rell:

Porsha Kay: It’s the makeup for me too

Cherry B: Guess who just left the salon

Bruhzeez Yah:

Gabe Sopshire: Bhad too the

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