Sensationnel What Lace Hd 13X6 Wig | Zelena | Flamboyage Blonde

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I hope you all enjoy this video. Remember to like, comment, subscribe, and share ! Thanks for watching

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Hey guys, what's up, it's me aries deshawn and welcome back to the channel you guys so today's video, i am going to be installing and styling this unit that i purchased from amazon. This unit is called the sensational selena unit and it is in the color flamboyage blonde. Now the lace on this wig is a 13 by 6 hd lace, so it is transparent, um. What i did notice throughout the video that i did need to put on some foundation, or at least, if you have some lace, tinting spray that works good, because this lace is super, transparent and see-through. But you guys this unit is just gorgeous see you guys. I am trying to install this unit now this wig, i'm not sure if it's small head friendly, big head friendly or which one to be exact, maybe it's just because my dreads under my cap were a little thick and bulky, but this is a super snug wig, Like it does fit comfortably, but it is snug so uh, while in styling this, i would advise to try to get your hair under your unit to lay down as flat as possible. The unit did have two clips that are attached at the front of the unit. So right now i am just flipping this inside out, so you guys can see now these were a hassle trying to cut these out of the unit. These are sewed in pretty good, but honestly the clips - i don't, have a use for them, so i always cut them now. My go-to for this unit installing is going to be the got to be glue. Normally, i would use the bowl hold or something else, but because this is a synthetic unit. I won't be wearing this for too long uh. So i want to make sure i have something that i can apply and i can take off easily and it's not going to be too much um. If you guys can see. I did not have my blow dryer, so i did have to fan this. It took some time, but maybe next time for the next unit that i do install, i would use some of the. I believe it's the even spray i'm gon na try that and see. If i have a better turnout, i tried to cut my lace and i mean honestly sometimes it's different. Sometimes i cut three slits before um, either way i just always try to cut the middle first so that i can just apply it in different sections and make sure it is completely laying flat this process would go so much smoother. If i did have my blow dryer, but i'm going to tie my hair down again just for some better compression that it stays onto my head, i need that wig to be okay, stuck it's not going nowhere, but um you guys. This hair is super thick. It'S really pretty up close, i would say it does give off kind of a little bit of a yaki texture. I guess i don't know, maybe you guys can see it. Let me know, as far as the shine it's not too bad to be honest. Y'All have not worn a synthetic unit in years, but i told myself these synthetic units are starting to look better and better. So i need to try my luck and see what i can come up with and see how i can style these units, because this is a synthetic unit is it is going to shed, but that's with all hair, but expect some shedding um. It wasn't too bad. Maybe you guys can say it's bad, but it wasn't too bad. I'M used to um that type of shedding with my unit, so it's not as bad as long as you know how to manage it properly. This unit did come with baby hairs. I did not have enough time to kind of like cut too much in shape and make my own but um right now, i'm just plucking out some pieces, so i could try to make some baby hairs. Normally, i would go over the lace on the outside, with um some powder foundation and a brush just to blend it in a little more. I did realize that i missed that step after i watched the video during this editing process, but um yeah. These baby hairs are looking good, the lace is transparent. I don't know you guys. I want to try to see how long i can rock this unit being that it is synthetic. I just want to see the longevity of it. Hmm um now just a heads up. If you are going to go ahead and think about purchasing purchasing this unit, i would advise to keep a brush handy again. Synthetic units do shed, but you also need to keep a brush because it does tangle, but again as long as you're able to manage it. You guys honestly, should be fine, so i just started using the hot comb. Somebody put me onto this trick, but it does work wonders as far as laying away those flyaways, and i don't know it just - gives you a flat foundation. Look, you want a nice look to start off with um. As you can see, mine is pink. So if you guys are interested and where i got this hot comb, make sure you guys check the description before you guys head out or just ask me and i'll go ahead and drop the link in the comments below all right. You guys. So this is pretty much the final look. This is one thing i love about synthetic units like you really don't have to do much. They already come styled, so it's just styling it yourself, making it your own, of course, but you guys this wig like this is cute. I like it um again, you guys can kind of see the yaki texture in it um. I believe this wig was going for about 60 on amazon. You guys, but let me know how you think did i do a good job. Let me know if you guys are interested in purchasing this wig. Please comment down below and let me know you guys all right, so this is going to be it for today's video. Let me know if i did a great job installing and styling this unit um, if you guys want to see more videos like this in the future. Just let me know because best believe i got them coming, but um don't forget to subscribe. Like comment share. Do all those great things on your way out and i will catch you guys in the next video love you guys bye,

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