What Is Happening Here? | A Rant: Sensationnel Cloud 9 Whatlace? Lace Front Wig Latisha

I AM TIRED ! a Rant ft. Sensationnel Cloud 9 WhatLace? Pre-Plucked NEW HD-LACE Front Wig Latisha





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Hey my laughs, welcome back to our channel. Thank you so much for joining me again. I am here with another one about the last, what lace unit Brielle, but I'm coming through so redemption? Okay, I have faith - God dang it! So I'm here with miss latisha and I like a man, you know I love me little ghetto sister. I love me little sister from you know she bring like this now like this. I love it so we're coming through with miss latisha from sensationails house nice with sleeps, with our collection this unit in the color flambo's sand flamboyance and one day, I'm gon na get these nails together, but actually been enjoying not having nails long. So this is a little bit different because this text, right here so I've heard in flim, we are seeing you're, not been loving the black girl blondes lately. Now I'm actually fascinated by this texture of hair okay. So this is how fresh out the peg and again I've been kind of into this texture of hair. Excuse me, this color of hair. This texture is fascinating to me. I almost don't even want to comb her out too much because I feel like no. She put a little heat to get her Lane a little play. This is gon na be kind of cute. Now the texture is much different from the Brielle collection. The Brio, you name, the rihanna is more of a silky texture. While this gives you more of a natural sale, like you know what I mean like black girl stuff into this unit, okay, so this is the insider. Take a pass to comes in the front. One come in the back adjustable straps for kind of forever and I actually really don't mind the color of this lace, so the cap on this unit is relatively big, hair friendly. I'M actually really excited about that. Oh I feel like lying baby. I don't even really want to get into her too much, so I'm just going through this unit and pulling out the baby hairs in the front. We are not going to glue, hurts I'm just gon na go through with our edge tamer and just hit our edges up just a little bit just to give us a little bit more definition around the hairline area. Now this unit is super big, head friendly. Okay, now I'm actually what kind of straps in the back just to get her to lay down flat. I'M just gon na add a little bit of heat to her just a teeny-weeny bit using my wand curler. This one curler is set to 360 degrees. Now I didn't say this, but this unit is going for just under $ 60 and if you ask me, no just no okay, likewise, it's a lot. Okay, I really didn't want to that. Didn'T want to compromise the curls too much cuz. This is a great unit, but the more that I tried to keep them the more. I realized that they're supposed to be brushed out. It'S no way that they made this unit with these curls that kind of tight on purpose. So we just wan na go through and give her the love in Section magic. Now this unit is big big and I have been trying a lot more color lately and I've been noticing that the unit kind of seemed different when you dip into the color round. I mean let's be clear: this color is fire, but what exactly is this unit trying to do? Do y'all know somebody drop down and tell me cuz, I haven't believe I don't get it like. Is it just so it could be a part at a what lace collection. Then it costs as much like that it's under $ 60 or like like. Why do I have to do this much work? Can I explain it all right y'all? I really don't know. I don't know, I don't know if you were to ask me what I recommend this week to you. The short answer would be. No, the short answer would be no, and I I don't, I hope, I'm not coming across. I try to get super honest review, so I hope I'm not coming across as like a negative Nancy or anything. But my mama told me if I got nothing nice to say: don't say that at all she taught me that, and I know you looking like or whatever and full disclosure. I really do try not to watch other people's reviews until after I do my review because I don't want to be swayed like. Oh maybe it's not that bad or maybe, if I do this like no, this is what it looks like out. The pack like, like you, know, enemy and that's what we want to know. We girls we got to get out on the street. We working, we got 15 minutes to get the head together. That'S why we throw a wig on for real for real. So it's like. I you know where you wear this, you performances you want on stage with the kids. That'S what you wear this okay, I don't know who I'm supposed to be, but whoever she is she out here she making a cute cool.i popping a corn pone for the peoples. Okay and that's just the effect, that's just the fact like, I think the curl pattern is beautiful. I think that the hair color is stunning. I think that the texture of this hair is not okay, it's just, and I you know what, though I'm gon na say this, though I do feel like genuinely that, if I got her in black had a loved her because it would have been like natural texture, Hair, it would have been dope, it would have been doing and I feel like I'm disappointed, because I probably should have chosen a better color. Maybe, but I should I don't know this unit is thick. She tangles, I just the problem, is the color is bomb. The color is a reason why you should buy this unit, but you shouldn't, like. I don't think you should buy this unit like I. I don't know how I could believe two things, but I do I mean unless you popping the pom-pom for the pimples like if you out here, sis and you got together, you have to galvanize the kids she's right here, but if you out here and since you Just trying to throw something on so you can hit the local market. You got to go to the raus, so you can grab you some eggs and milk. Oh can y'all see this are y'all. Getting this. I just and it ain't me cuz. I usually can gather a week this the amount damn this color is fire. It'S just like whose idea was this. I wish Uncle Phil this. Do you hear it you? It'S like over process hair, I'm disappointed 8f. Again, don't be talking on my underarms, I'm hot in the noise, so I'm just going to throw this unit up in a pony, so I just wanted to see what she would look like pulled out of the face. It'S that hairline is so wonderful on these. What lace collection units? I thought that this might be a way to redeem the unit moving forward, and I just yeah you guys. I just can't. I said I have to say you guys. Don'T hurt me talk messed this entire time. I don't um hate this unit, but I don't know that I would recommend this unit and that's just the facts unless you like, like I said you lying in bay and you looking for a different look lying bay or is you like? You know what I mean? I think in a darker color she would be fire. I do you know. I just think that the lighter, sometimes colored, hair shows the imperfections or like requires much more work than I think is necessary for this, and that's just effects like I just do, and I do I just don't have nothing else to say. Alright, nothing else is saying. I want to get off the line before I started really talking as if you have not already bus down. I don't know tell me what you think tell me what you're thinking you guys have already watched these other reviews on this unit. Tell me what your thoughts are. I'M curious like, like I said it absolutely look at that lace though good night look, would you maybe she ain't meant to be burst out. I don't know - maybe I did this whole thing wrong, thinking that she was something they needed to be styled and you would just wash away her fresh about the path. The point is, if you ask me for my recommendation: it's a no! No! No! No! No! It'S a no for me um and that's just this! That'S just a that's! Just a so y'all see I'm leaving it just like this for the end of this video, I'm a bit defeated right now. So if you have had already bust and subscribe to our channel I'll show you guys the length of her long all that the cap is super big here friendly. I have nothing else to say. I love you guys, bus down, let me know and I'll talk to you guys later.

liptint: I never understood why people brush out the curls so much when they get this wig. I actually love the pageant girl curls LOL

BePretty Life: These collections aren't made for everyday hair but for performing, special occasions and photoshoots. Easy set styles you do not need to do much to and will hold their shape and style. That's just my opinion. I'd buy the wig but with the mindset of I'd wear it maybe once or twice.

Chioma Ikechukwu: we are expecting too much from synthetic hair. This is really beautiful plus the style and curls. The point of that texture is to give it a kinky/natural look. There are other synthetic hairs that are out there are style to give the traditional human hair look we see with actual human hair, but this seems like there are a lot of expectations from synthetic hair.

Nakita Hill: I love this wig!!! I’m glad I can look past your review and buy it anyway.

IsThatYourHairrr: Girllll...I have her in a natural color and she still annoyed me! pretty texture, but the style out the pack? I looked like the daughter of a pageant mom

The Many Faces of AngieK: Girl you are hilarious love it!I bought her in the same color you should have cut her, once I gave it shape it was I also added more curl with boiled water/ rollers and conditioner method watching another review vid the wig is really natural once you customize a little try it before you throw her away lol

Queen Ro: I truly love & APPRECIATE your honesty sis! ❤️

Rynne Carnivora: Ohmygod I have a story for you I brought this wig and I finessed it so good I could do a half up half down Yet and still The tangling got SOOOOO BAAADD I LOOKED like a beast by the time a month was up I had only worn the wig 5 TIMES NOT WORTH THE COIN

Mara: So glad I watched your review before I bought this wig on this color. Thank you!

Rockie Riot: I got the black one and cut it a bit, Took a minute for it to give me that 70s fluff but it's perfect now. I just ordered this color! I think you look stunning though

Ruby Calabrese: Love this wig on you! Absolutely beautiful. I'm gonna try and channel my inner Latin Dolly Parton with this unit.

Nicci Vee: I just found your channel. Thank God I did! I've been looking for a wig or two. My hair thinned out badly from medication. I was about to look at this wig and came to YouTube instead. I was supposed to see this. Thank you for being so honest. We could use a lot more of that these days! You have a new sub!

KARENA_ROSE: Gurl!!!! Giving us Dijonay Jones from Proud Family vibes lol!! Sensationnel really tried it. I think this was their attempt at a Neesha unit. They gotta go back to the drawing board with this one. You are always stunning no matter what unit you wear though

Simplythetruthfulone: Lol!! Your review had me laughing so hard!! I'm about to buy this wig, but I will avoid this color! And you slayed it to death!!

Snoz Berry: The wig is beautiful, the color is gorgeous. You have to know how to work with the color textures, and these styles and wigs take time. These are not put on and go wigs, they are take your time and get it fight before you go out.

AHS C: Omg! You are hilarious. I Thoroughly enjoyed your review. You kept me laughing, while telling the truth, I trust you. Keep them coming Sis...

B Tribe: I have this unit in a different color totally in love with it but I think I'm going to have to get her in this color

BeyondBlessedChica: No, you're not being hard. You're being honest. You were speaking my every thought about her. She just seems like wayyyy too much work. I love big hair, but that ain't it.

Big C and Lil C👌🏾: I'm so glad you keeping it real! I try not to spend that much for a wig honestly especially a synthetic. The color is stunning the texture is all wrong! Too thick sis but i appreciate the post and your honesty sis you had me cracking up

Thelifeofneya: I have noticed when you dip into the color on synthetic wigs it gets a little weird especially with the curls the color is gorgeous tho

michele6813virgolady: I love this wig I have it in black and 613 but now I ordered this color and I washed and conditioner mine and the curls came back and some women cut it in a bob it is a lot of hair but I love it definitely for a special occasion

Chews Luv: You know what i like about ur channel? The fact that you don't spend 3 mins dilly dallying , you just throw the bxtch on! Side note: has sensationell finally ran out?!

Thelifeofneya: Mind you you NEVER look bad in any wig

Lynn's Beauty Stash: Omg girl you are absolutely the best! Honest opinion! You are awesome I appreciate this share

Fefe_fuh_lease: Hey love! I passed on this one because it was too much hair for my little head... but everyone seemed to love her

lavender rose: Girl you going to be performing in the market thank you

Nichole Renee: I like how you described it as “black girl style”. ❤️. I am white and still wear these textured wigs (just like WOC wear the silky textures) because I LOVE how gorgeous it is, and most people don’t know the difference in textures anyway.

H. M.: I love your channel, and you are sooo funny. For me, I love a thick unit, that is big head friendly, but the layers I do nôt like. I like to put my hair in a bun. It's too much thickness and curls for me.

S. Roberson: It’s beautiful but I agree it’s not an everyday wig, it’s a date night wig

Tisa sankey: Just got mine Friday. It's so crunchy. They sent the wrong color. The black natural colors are fire. The color ones are jacked in texture.its two different textures. It's a mess. I'm trying to dye mine as we speak

JamaicanYardiee: It’s a nice wig, amazing color but I also feel your pain and I’m a hairdresser however I see me doing a lot with it

valerie booker: That color is that's a Diva wig. That seems like a lot of work to get it to flow right

Melissa P: I love your honesty!

Fitness my way: Hi !! What's the quality of the hair ? Does it last a long time without getting dry and ugly ?

Lioness4Life: It's a Very Full wig ,I haven't worn mine yet, but I already plan on cutting it down to wear and throw in some tighter curls

Racquel Marshall: ENJOYED this Review :-D ....enjoyed your "Conversation and Wakanda Forever" more than EVERYTHING ELSE....lol, lol, lol :-D...Keep up the awesome reviews honeeyyyyy...XOXO & Blessings :-)

Eugene Williams: The color is bomb. I would't buy her in black. That is just too much hairrrrrra. Now, I purchased that lavender unit and Geneva when you presented them. Sis I can't walk with you through this fire. If I did, I would toss her in the flames. Annnd Geneva was in the color DR4/T27613, so this unit ain't got nothin to do with the color. Needless to say, I can keep my coins in my purse. The kids told me to tell them, that wig, not unit, is a HOTTTT mess!!! Sensationnel that was an epic FAIL ❌ ⛔ Signed, The Kids Ms. Williams

Sim Simma: “But what EXACTLY is this unit trying to do?”

de mitc: Wow, lol. It looks crunchy, I love your reviews Sis.

Amanda U.: The color is giving me Beyonce vibes but its wayyyyyy to puffy and thick for that texture! But you are beautiful as always!!

Ginger61: Ordered that wig in the same color. But it does not have as blond in it as yours. Do they color the wig differently in what is suppose to be the same color? Do love the volume it has.

Brianna Inez: ❤️❤️ I love you sis! You’re hilarious

Lindsey Jackson: the color is gorgeous, but man $83 in the store for it is so much. its like a 70s big hair vibes to me.

Thelifeofneya: Also if it was 20 $ it would be well worth it but for 60 you want a little more

Just Tiffany: GUUUURL....This wig is literally no better in the 1B. It’s terrible! Some of the other reviews on this unit was great... so I ordered it. I was DISAPPOINTED AF to say the least. It just tangles and tangles and it’s just too much hair! However it might make a good winter wig-hat though

A Native NewYorker🗽: the unit looks like a lot of work but I love the color on you

Shadae Williams: Lol you're so funny big wheels keep on turning vibes!

- 𝘿.𝙎𝙖𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙨 -: I was dissapointed with her too. It's like it almost does it but it doesn't. The color is bomb tho!!

Annie P.: When I say I’m laughinggggg thumb up for the commentary alone

SingKiaMuze: As you said, this is for stage performance and Instagram LEWKS.

A'Me Myself N DIYs: okay why you was doing your hair I was laughing because the concept of the hair is very cute it's very Farrah fawcett is very 70s Glam very woman in a certain age groupbecause on you it's a no and not that it's a no because it doesn't look great on you it looks amazing on you but you look uncomfortable in it you're trying to make it useful and it's more of a matronly 35 + kind of thing we grew up wanting that type of big hairI'm going to order anyway because I got a wig in texture like that but I do think your biggest issue with the hair is not all the kinds the biggest issue is how much you have to pay for that. To be honest this week should be about $45 or less

Logan Marie: I really appreciate this video ALONE cause I done watched so many reviews tryna decide was I gone get this wig. I was like the texture look rough is the texture rough??? then you took that lil piece and rubbed in it the camera and I heard that “chhh chhh chhh” and I said yk whatTHANK YOU, NEXT

Zairean Lioness: ...but I looooooooooove, love,love the color. The color looks so good on melanin•rich skin.

Gabriela R: It needs to be finessed to look good. A lot of alterations on that one. But they have better hair straight out the pack, like Morgan, for way less. I think they charge more for Latisha because of the texture.... but it’s a no for me, dog...

Lorelei Black: This is a Real Housewives green screen wig tbh!

Akeema Driggs: “WHY IS IT SO HIIIIGH!?”

Remy Dowdy: This is my wig and I have it on in my pic. It only looks good in black. She brushed it out . You just ran your fingers throughout it.That color ugly. This wig is everything.Trust me

Andrea Steele: Naaawww Sis...all of this hair just overwhelms you. But Siiiissss I need you to show how to do your makeup looks I LOVE THEM!!!! Natural but stunning!!!

Punky ReggaeParty: Color is beautiful. Too much hair and too many layers that don't fall correctly and the curls were overprocessed. For $60+ I want them to do better. Thank you, Zar!

Mal: Whewww she wasn’t giving no ma’am no ham no turkey no cheeseeee

shawna jones: Synthetic wigs never last which is why i never buy them any more. Anything synthetic it has to be human hair blend( lasts a little longer and restorable). Or human hair. The only reason why i would get this is because i want to do a series of blonde vixen looks. And this is a perfect blonde bimbo look i.e. bobbed wire. I wouldn't have combed it out like that though.

Albertia Ross: Apparently don't nobody on here know how to properly install and actually slay a lacefront wig because it's definitely NOT the wig its the way she wore it she practically just threw it on her head she didn't adjust it, secure it or flatten it to give it any kind of sleekness she just took it out the pack and put it on she did that to herself

Stacy Williams: You performing?, you going on stage?..with the kids

april G: Happy Friday I need you to say the price one more time for me this color look pretty on you

PrettyMonstarZu M: I think it the color... i have her in a 1 and love it ... that one looks bigger

Racquel Marshall: LITERALLY FELL to the ground....LOL, LOL, LOL.....Watching youuuuu hon....GREAT Comic relief :-D....LOL, LOL :-D

Patricia Taylor: Love color. Got same color in Zelena. Not as full as that.

Bunnii Games: It's giving me vintage 70s diva <3 :P

Memie Carvel: So Gorgeous

Beauty Thru Her Eyes: LMAO. I can't stop laughing.

Toni Chapman: You are funny sis! l Iove it and the color. It's just to much hair.

Harley ThaDolly: Omg the way you was brushing it was stressing me lol this wig isnt for you cause you had no idea what you were doing with her im sorry thats what it was really. The texture is fine you didnt know what you were doing with her.

Bre Komal: Guurrlaah.. you’re a mess !! Love your videos

de mitc: Hey Sis, can you do a review on the janet collection Brazilian (Harriet) please. Ty.

Rhonda is blessed Wynne: You giving me Beyoncé! I think it’s a little to much hair , it’s going to tangle!

StarriSkye: The color is cute but...that's why my black a-- don't click pass color 1 ‍♀️ Can you flat iron it and make it straight?

Jamaican Jewel: Popping the pum pum for the people

Mrs. Artasia: I love the video you truthful


The Musings of a Melanin Queen: It’s but it you cut it at the shoulders it would be

fefejay: "Lion Bae" I can't STAND you!!! LMAOOOOO

Racquel Marshall: Falling out Laughing watching you....LOL, LOL :-D

Stacy Williams: I think it would look better..if you could straighten it

Mya Cade: Half up half down cute for me.

Ash: Looks like you would get hot fast as hell

Ashley Bean: Maybe if u use heat....idk but i love ur honest opinion

No name needed: i know u said what u said..but i still like it..lol

Thelifeofneya: It’s a no for me

B Tribe: This is big Glam hair it's not going to the local market hair I would say this is more beauty pageant hair I don't know about popping the poonanny hair if she's walking out with a blowout like that they would be like she is one glamorous stripper

William Grand: I know how you been doing it's Angelique where are those wedding pictures nice wig looks good on you

IsThatYourHairrr: I read the title in your voice lmao

Dejah: Early!!! LOVE YOU!

Shaundale Ben: The color is super pretty! But the hair a fool.

Taneisha Howell: Not on stage with the kids tho

Tinisha Robinson: Why the hair big for no reason that color cute tho

Adonijah Addy: I love big hair .. but woaaa.

GoldenAfrican: true..its too huge man...no ones hair is that gigantic. i think you should have cut her

Kristina Elaine: Wow

Tina Johnson: Kind of looks like Beyoncé.

Ilse Reyes de Belle:

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