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Hey best friends, welcome back to my channel in today's wig tutorial. I'M going to show you guys how to install your wig without glue. I didn't even use an adjustable, strap just hairspray and I promise you it's going to last you three days or more. I already curled the hair off camera. If you guys do not know how to pin curl just Googling on you, I said: Google, it just search it on YouTube. It'S so easy. All I did was literally take my one inch barrel, um curler, curl the hair, and then I pinned it up with a clip and large sections. I did not flat iron the hair before I curled it. I literally just washed it blow dried. It parted, my hair. In sections and curled the hair okay, so you do not have to straighten your hair to get the voluminous look, if anything, if you really want to achieve that voluminous look with the curls, never straighten the hair just blow dry, it and curl it, and it's going To give you that desired, look that you're going to see at the end, but anyways um, as you guys can see. I took some alcohol Hall and a cotton pad and I just applied the alcohol. Why do I say alcohol like that? I applied the um alcohol around the edges of my hair. This please do not skip that step. If you want your wig units to last you two three days. Please use the alcohol first because remember like our scalp, our skin has natural oils and that mixed with the glue is not a it's, not a pretty sight. So make sure you know you take your alcohol and swipe it across your forehead and the edges. And then you go in with the hairspray I use even hair spray. The red can the red can is the best hands down hands down? Literally I'm telling you right now. The hairspray is Gon na Last you two to three days with this install then after I spray the even spray along my hairline. I blow dry it on a cool setting for about 30 seconds now, you're going to see me apply the wig cap, I mean apply the wig and I didn't even have to sew in an adjustable strap. This wig unit was so snug to my hair. To my head shape, I loved it, I'm so happy. I didn't have this sew on an adjustable head trap for added support. Literally, all I needed was the the hair sprays crazy. Now, I'm going to just spray the hairspray along my edges, 30 seconds cool setting right. Oh and another thing I cut the lace in four different sections. I just noticed that doing it. This way allowed me to um, lay the hair better. So, as you can see yeah all you got to do literally just spray. Take your rat talk, comb smooth it through with the end of the rattle comb, to make sure that the hair properly adheres to your hair. Why can I speak I'm the worst at explaining stuff? Ladies, please just watch this tutorial, don't mind me because I'm the worst at explaining things, but I hope you understand what I'm saying all you got to do is spray the wick spray um. You know pull the lace over the hair and smooth it through with a rattle comb, and then I tied my hair for about 10 minutes. Now. I'M just cutting the lace, be very careful when cutting the lace and make sure that you cut the lace as close to the hairline as possible. So it can look natural and don't worry about the white cast. As you see, I'm going to eliminate that with some Spritz holding spray, if you guys want your lace to melt, please go ahead and buy yourself some Spritz holding spray after you cut the lace, apply the Spritz um spray along the lace, and I promise you it's Going to disappear now, I'm going to spray the lace on my fingertips and then I'm going to apply it on the hair and then I'm gon na go I'm gon na go in with the rattle comb. I noticed that the right toe comb was better for me and then I'm just going to tie my hair up for five minutes and at that time it's going to be melted. Well, not all the way, melted because fun fact about me. When I install wigs, I don't put foundation on my forehead until after so you're going to see a little bit of the white cast. But I'm going to correct that and while the hair is you know, melting, I'm gon na go ahead and remove my pin curls and it came out so beautiful this hair. I cannot believe that this is a straight hair texture and it holds curls so well. You would have thought this: hair was body wave, so look look at it, so good and, as you can see like I said before, do not straighten the hair and then curl it okay, because you're not gon na get your I mean I I don't know for Me I just noticed that the curls last literally these curls last me three days: okay, just blow dry, the hair and then curl it your your curls last longer, at least for me and yeah. So I'm removing all of the pin curls and I just can't wait to play in the hair. It'S so beautiful. Now, as you can see, I have my hair in the center part, but I just feel, like the center part, wasn't giving so towards the end. You'Re gon na see I'm gon na part it and give it and part my hair um and give myself a side part and that's going to be giving but anyways I removed the edge scarf and now I'm applying my baby hair with Nairobi. The foaming mousse I used to use Edge Edge control, but I noticed that edge control made the wig very greasy and just hard to work with with the mousse. It'S just. I just feel like it just Glides on better and if you don't know how to do your baby hairs, literally, all you got ta do take your baby, hair brush and just make C like motions, okay, and when you making that curve. As you can see what I'm doing place, your your pinky finger on that um the Curve, if that makes sense, so when you swooping it just you know, leave your finger there to Glide the hair through baby hairs is looking cute. Now I'm taking the clips out and I'm gon na style, the hair um to get that voluminous. Look I like to um spray hairspray towards the back play with the back a little bit and then bring the hair to the front, and I was like okay. It sends a part is cute, but no, it needs to be given more than this. Okay, let me do the side part honey. So I took my rattle comb and I'm gon na go in with my wand, curler um. Just to as you can see and don't mind the stuff on the wand, curler, that's like old Hairspray that I cannot get out. I try to clean it, but I'm just going to part the hair. Add some Spritz spray and I'm gon na go in with my wand, curler just so that the hair can stay in place. As you guys can see, this tutorial is very, very easy. It literally took me five, like no more than like seven minutes to install this wig and I'm telling you it's not going nowhere and um to preserve the curls. I use flexi rods at night, but yeah so simple and easy. You can do it. I love it. So much I love it so much and that's it and now I'm just gon na be playing with it a little bit making sure that it's to my liking, tell me the side part is not giving like the side. Part is giving everything but anyways. You guys hope you guys, like this tutorial until next time, Bella gang or no gang

✨️Mysalett✨️: this is the best tutorial. you made it so simple

Jazzy: I love the color of the hair. Absolutely beautiful

Bella Apple: Looks very pretty

Cara’s Place: Super cute! I love this color on you big sis.

NaturallyPaige_: Soooo pretty! ✨

Pretty Natalie : I love it sister ❤️❤️❤️ please do more hair videos I sure missed seeing you on here I’ve been looking for you to post new videos

Tenyka: Beautiful color on you sweetie!

Dating a Gamer: You look beautiful as always!!!!

Alexus Love Beauty: i love those colors ❤

Yayannx3: Hair color is everything ✨

JaniLeias Palace: Love you Bella yes u always slay ur hair

Sunshine Day: So cute thanks for sharing

Ro Za: Gorgeous

change thestory: Girl if you knew how I be going through withdrawal symptoms when you ain't soon as that bell ping n I get a notification from love your natural I just get hype ❤

xoMissSANCHEZxo: Love that hair color, its giving rich auntie! ❤❤❤❤

Chia Nao: This hair color on you

Elexi O: Lovely

Sweet Queen: Sis you so pretty, God bless you

VicksStyles: Oh the hair colour

lexie LEXIE: Hey Paige I sent you a very long email but I didn’t get a response I take it you were very busy but I wanted to ask you could you do a video on how to deal with being chosen/different. We relate in many ways, and one of the things I am dealing with is just being different no matter how nice I am to people I still get evil in return. I was working at this banking job within a call center and so many people were hating on me for no reason even when I was quiet, not bothering anybody and I know you have also dealt with this before people being jealous of you for no apparent reason. For now, I am just staying to myself, but I just wish that I didn’t get emotional about these types of things like why does it affect me? Anyway sorry for the long comment ❤

Tameka Davis: Cute boo ❤❤

Brip Brip: Yasss best friend ❤

JaniLeias Palace: It’s giving scalp ☺️☺️

HiraBeauty: Literally thought that was Nicki Minaj in the beginning

Exclusive Barbie: Good morning ❤


lawanda alexander: Why don’t you post on ig sis?

Dee Luther: Great Video As Always Gorgeous thumbNail Tho U DiD a Wonderful Job Bella GanG Forever You Looking Hella Beautiful Makeup Always Look Good Pretty Smile Good morning Have a Fabulous weekend Stay Bless N Be Safe Always

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