Outre Synthetic Hair Melted Hairline Deluxe Wide Hd Lace Front Wig - Soveida Ft Wigtypes

Hey y’all! The color on this unit is so unique but the cut is so classic! I love this one and I think Outre knocked it out of the park! Link below to purchase from @WigTypesOfficial ♥️

Link to Purchase: https://www.wigtypes.com/outre-synthet...

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Million miles away, hey boo, hey i'm back with some synthetic drip from my good friends over there wig types y'all know i absolutely love them. I get a lot of my own wigs from wig types. They are the go. They do take a lot of my money. Tons because i'm constantly placing orders for my own hair things that i want from them. They are your one stop shop for everything that you could possibly need. Okay, wig type is nice enough to send us off with two units and they both about outre, which y'all know that's my most favorite synthetic wig maker, and they are both part of that melted, hairline collection, which we all know that it'd be so tight on. My head to be about to give me aneurysm, but the wigs are so cute, which one we want to start with. Let'S start with this one: okay, we're going to start with so vita, the other one they sent is lawrence. So no lawrence is coming down. The pipeline, so thank you wick types. This one, like i said, is by altre it's part of the melting hairline collection, it's in the style so vida. I hope i'm pronouncing that right, s-o-v-e-i-d-a and i got it in this beautiful color that i've never tried before. It'S called drs, plum blonde. Okay, plun bloom, not dumb blonde, that's offensive; okay, so vita is 12 inches long. She comes with a transparent lace, she's heat save up to 400 degrees and she comes with a wide lace, part okay, which is a two by five okay, which means that i'm assuming. That means you get two inches of lace going around the perimeter and then a five inch wide part going back. We shall see she also comes in tons of other colors uh look tons of them. We gon na do the plum blonde, though all right, that's just so different, see it there on the stock car, it's probably boring. Why am i showing you the stock car when i can just show you the wig, there's that lace that i've already cut off all right y'all? So the plum is a dark, rich, plum, okay, so y'all know i got my ring light on. Let me turn it off for a second, that's if i turn it down like to the lowest setting, and i mean you know - i live in a dungeon, so i can't really, but if it's at the lowest setting, it almost looks black, but if you turn it Up in the light there, you are and look at them blonde highlights in the front that is so different, all right. The cap construction, you get a comb in the back adjustable straps in the front yeah you get that two inches of lace going around the perimeter and then you get this wide lace. Part! You get a comb here to the right you get to come to the left and you get this band. That'S already sewn in this band gon na make it lay flush on your head, but it's also gon na make you feel like you want to fall out. Okay, before i even put on stocking cap or any of that, let me put her on my head, so we can see what we working with guys, so vita is going to be uh cute, very oh yeah, once we play around with this. Ah, this is cute. Y'All or it's going to be, can i go to that lace of the outrage as well as these other companies say that they make that lace like that to make it blendable to all skin tones, but there's a color up close all right. So i don't sit on here and chat with y'all, because y'all know i will. I look so crazy right now i am going to apply some powder. This i'm gon na fast forward through all that part and then i'm going back with my final thoughts, be right. Back uh uh, i was nervous because i didn't know how to feel about purple blonde hair but y'all. I really like this color blend, it's kind of like the blend that it's giving me bobby boss did with blue and blonde hair. I filmed that. I'M not sure. If it's went up, no it's going up, but it's coming. Um yeah! I really like the blend, but not only do i like the blend of this wig, i like the cut of this wig. I think that this is so flattering on, so many face shapes there was a wig that sensational came out with called natalya that i didn't get a chance to get my hands on, and it's giving me that type of vibe. This one is a must, though, y'all, even if this color is not doing it for you. I do suggest i mean, go, get it in a one, but they make it in a cinnamon brown maple brown, which is a gorgeous color golden honey. Blonde golden amber black cherry, this plum blonde and then cocoa, ginger um, yes y'all. I love love, love! It there's that black cherry by the way it's dark and it has a strip of red in the front. This one is the coco ginger, which is another gorgeous color by altra. I definitely recommend this one. If you look in the description box, i'll put a direct link to where you can go and pick this one up from wig types. This is one that i think that you need in multiple colors for the summer like this is a beat the heat type of wig. We know how we feel about that lace right so here it doesn't look bad. When i step back, you can see it right, but you can, you can totally fix it. It is blendable. This is just one you're gon na have to blend. So if you look, i put some powder there. I didn't put pot over there and you can see that it's even more stark right, but you know, i'm lazy cute, definitely recommend this one. Thank you. We talked to send it over, like i always say, maybe you're not even in two weeks. Maybe she auntie so vita y'all say that right, maybe it's your uncle sylvester, whichever one send them my way me outright wig types we will get them together, y'all we're gon na roll right into this next, one that they sent. Let'S, let's hope that we, like it subscribe, bye, y'all,

Lisa Serme: Keep the short and shoulder length reviews coming please!

Ace Ventura: YEEEESSSSSSSS 50K BABY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Also I'm loving this hair. It's funky in a cute lil way. Great review as usual

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Jaleela Samuel: That plum is SO PRETTY! Imma need them to make that a specialty color for more units!

Certifiably Yours: I absolutely love your personality Sis! Great review... going to purchase mine RET NOW! ‍♀️

Sandra's Got Voice: I actually like the plum color! The style and cut is nice; it’s not too thick/wiggy. Looking forward to seeing the other colors!

Deva19xx Dee Jones: Definitely here for this style and unique color combo. Different but gorgeous I love it

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Angel Clarke: She cute I don't like the blond highlights. Honestly I am tired of Outre frfr their units starting to look all the same.

D- Jay: Cyber Cousin!!!!!!

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