Summer Blonde Vibes!!! Pre Colored Highlight Wig | Beginner Friendly | Ft. Yolissa Hair

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Hair Info: #yolissahighlightwig Body Wave 13x4 Transparent Lace Front Wig 24inches 200%density

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Hey you guys, it's your girl certified touch, I'm back with another video and we have a new special guest Ali and today we'll be installing this beautiful, 13x4 24 inch. Wig look. It came with some curls in it already, this beautiful wig came from yolissa. All the information will be in the description below. Let me see what they got. Oh, they gave us some 3D eyelashes um baby hair brush. They also gave us a maze band and it also gave us a little scarf. They gave us a cap. Look at this. Look at this. Look. How cute y'all see how cute it is and look show your beauty. Don'T forget you got it now. Y'All can check out the Instagram their YouTube their Facebook, everything okay after this video make sure y'all like subscribe and y'all need to engage in the comment. Tell me what other hairstyles y'all need me to try. Next, okay, now stay tuned and watch me slay. This beautiful wig on Ali okay, thank you, foreign! Thank you, foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign foreign. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. Thank you.


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