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Hair Detail: 22" Water Wave Highlight #4/27 Piano Color High Density 13x4 Transparent Lace Front Wigs

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Baby, take your time, hey, y'all! What'S up thanks for coming to check out another video, so today is a wig review from a brand that I've never worked with before, so this hair is from a yayi hair. So, thank you so much ayali for sending over this hair. The unit that I have for you guys today is a 22 inch water wave unit, and it is highlighted in a four and a 27, and I love this color combination. This hair is so so pretty. I love that the wig also comes with an elastic band already attached and the hairline does come slight lightly pre-plucked. It was pre-plucked enough for me, so I didn't pluck it anymore, because that was perfect for me and usually when I have blonde wigs, I don't need to do too much anyway, because it kind of just Blends better anyway. So this is what the hairline is looking like once the hair is washed co-washed and air dried. I did wash the unit. I would highly suggest washing your units, especially your curly ones. First, they just come out really really much nicer and just easier to manage when you do that, so I was just testing it out and seeing how you know the hairline was looking for me and I liked it, so I didn't do any more customization on it. I grabbed a natural color cap and I grabbed my she is bomb lace putty. I did see another YouTuber um review this. I can't remember her name, but I will put it in the comments down below so this putty is really nice. Instead of using the spray which kind of drips and leaves a lot of like residue that you have to clean up, I tried this putty to see if it would be better, and I definitely like that - it's like stickier and easier to manage it's easier. To put it where you want it and not have too much and get too messy so um, do I like it better than adhesive spray? I don't know Jerry's still out it's my first time using it, but I definitely did like it for this application. I did use my mini fan. This is from Amazon and I'll link it down in the description box and in the comments. So I didn't tint the lace um, which I kind of regretted afterwards. But honestly, you guys, I totally forgot um and with makeup it was fine but yeah. I just totally forgot I kind of zoned out when I was doing this review, so I went ahead and placed the wig where I wanted it and um you know. I just waited for the the lace putty to kind of get like partially dry, but I still wanted it to be tacky. So I went ahead and placed the wig down. I used a rat tail comb to press in the um lace into the lace putty and to kind of start getting the hair to um. You know the lace to adhere to where I wanted it to be. Thank you. So when I was editing this, I didn't want to cut out too much of this part of the process. You do have to use patience with this. It does take time to go ahead and lay the lace down properly. So I didn't want to cut too much out of the process. Just so you kind of can get an idea of how much time you need to use, and then I went ahead and grabbed the little mini fan again to go ahead and dry. The wig down the rest of the way for the lace, and then I went ahead and just um used an elastic band to help melt the rest of the lace in so now. It'S time to go ahead and work with the curls, I used my water bottle. This spray bottle is one of those misters. You can get that off of Amazon as well and I'll leave links down below for that um. I just used my spray bottle to wet the hair. Like I said, I had already washed the hair, but I did want to make the curls pop with a little bit of Nairobi mousse. I went ahead and put that all over the hair, and I grabbed my Denman brush to go ahead and make the curls pop. But first I did like some finger. Combing and just you know, work the product through with my fingers. First, foreign further work, the product through, I grabbed my Denman brush. This brush is great for clumping the curls together and making them pop, but you don't want them to Clump too much together. You kind of want them to separate as well. So I use the denim brush for that, and then I use my fingers just to do some finger coiling so that the ends of the hair will really get those nice like juicy coils that really look so beautiful in this type of curly hair. So you're going to want to do you know a few finger coils just pull out some sections and finger coil the ends so that it just gives it that really really nice curly q. Look thank you foreign. So now, while I'm waiting for the curls to air dry, I'm just going to cut off the excess lace. Thank you. So the lace putty worked well, but I just wanted to use a little more adhesive for that one area. So I added the ebb and Lace. Tint spray and then I added a little more of the lace putty, and that seemed to work well for to make my Sideburn area stick. I grabbed a little bit more of the lace Putty for the lace that was not already like stuck down um, because I just wanted all the lace to be fully stuck down. So I just grabbed a little bit of that lace, putty and just rubbed it on the edge of the lace wig so that it could kind of just be fully stuck all right. This is the other Sideburn area started. Lifting I just wanted to be extra cautious with that Sideburn area, so I went ahead and added a little bit more. I did my makeup off camera and I know you can see a bit of a Halo, but you guys have to understand, like, as YouTubers were under these really bright bright lights. So the lighting really does pick up um the lace for some reason. But I promise you in natural lighting. You cannot see this lace. This lace was blending perfectly, but this bright ring light. That'S sitting directly in front of my face. It just picks up the lace in a weird way. So sometimes it draws more attention to lace than necessary. Um we'll be moving soon. I can't wait till we move, so I can do more videos in natural lighting, because the ring light is just very, very harsh lighting and it doesn't like show what the hair looks. Like in real lighting so soon enough, hopefully you guys will be able to see some natural light. Videos from me say all right. All that say this hair is absolutely stunning, I'm so happy with the way it came out. It'S been so long since I've had a blonde wig, I'm so happy with this one, the lace, the curls, the coloring, Everything Is Beautiful, kudos to a yayi hair. I definitely highly recommend it. I'Ve been wearing this wig for almost a week, maybe a little more than a week, and it's just as beautiful as the first day. I will leave links down below, so you guys can check them out and thank you guys so much for watching make sure you're, subscribed, um and share this video share with a friend share it with the wig lover share this video with your mama peace, foreign

Marjorie b: Wow...glam bombshell! Love it. TFS

barretta king: Beautiful ❤❤, I luv the color, Baecation hair, YASSS that’s you super pretty

Sammy Da Goat: Third Comment Flawless Wig Pretty Face

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