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Hey love bugs welcome back to my channel, i'm ashley for tuning in for the first time, and today i just did a beautiful sleigh. This one comes courtesy of miss coco and they sent me this beautiful straight lace. Wig in this video you're gon na see how i cut these layers. I was on tick-tock. What was it a couple of days ago - and i seen this girl - do this hack, where she literally took the hair, and she just like pinned it here, pinned it here and then pinned it here, and then she cut across cut across cut across at each pin And she was able to come up with this gorgeous perfect, perfect super layered cut. I'M not sure if you can see it here, this lighting, but it literally is the perfect like aaliyah cut it, release everything and more so i'm going to go ahead and jump into the video today. We'Re going to do a start to finish, install also rocking some baby hair and you know the whole jazz the whole shebang. So if you're interested in rocking with me today and seeing how we got this look and maybe even learning a thing or two keep on watching: okay, my babies, so today i'm teaming up with miss coco. They sent me this beautiful straight lace. Wig, i feel like i'm definitely in the mood today for straight and i have a plan. So this is their packaging and then this one here is 20 20 inches in length. It'S a straight wig, 13x4 lace, front, 180 density, there's some goodies and stuff in here. As well, but you guys know i'll show you guys that later um, as i mentioned, this is a four inch parting space. Now i do have a oh cute. I do have a plan for this one, so i was on tick, tock uh. You know i feel, like everybody starts their sentence off with that. Nowadays i was on tick tock, but i seen a girl. She had like a side. Part um, like you know, alia, vibes side, part soup, bang and then it had like the heavy layers and how she did it was she kind of like took the two pieces of hair rubber band them two pieces, a little bit below that and then another third Piece and then she cut it across and it when she took the rubber bands off it made the perfect layer. So i can't remember who it was. You know how you're scrolling late at night, so i can't remember um the person to give them credit, but of course, we've seen this done before many times. I don't think i've ever done this. I think i've done a lot of different things, especially back in the day on here with hair. That'S probably one of the things that i never did, so i'm going to go ahead and jump into the tutorial. First, we're going to start with the install of course um. I'M probably not going to do that much customization, because we are going to do a side part, or at least i think we're going to do a side part. Yes, since it's four inches of parting space, i think this will suit the hair best. So let me pull out my wax stick and my electric hot comb and all my little goodies and we're going to get started. You guys know I have it linked in the description box. That is where you can find this hot comb, and then it's also where you can find this wax stick. So let's go ahead and do the install and then we'll do the style immediately after though, please come, get your shorty teeth up gas, so sick go with my whip. Go 40. come on really don't miss though you gon get yo shortly. Oh, that's, surely, do the work and read the end of it: selling game and pimping, pin and popping off a purely penmanship been the you not a benefit beneficial moves. I'Ve been the man shake it. Moving, like the minute hand, beat the coochie like a hour. Long keep it lit. I keep the power on power up a super saiyan superman saving hoes, not i top tier top floor top shouter. You are not top five to be completely 100. These people can't keep me from coming. I'M moving now what you doing tomorrow, if you want to do it, i see you get to it now. I see the view from the top of the podium audio sodium wingspan. I am the they itching to see when you sitting with me. You a wing man, everybody say they hot some of y'all ain't right, though everybody got punch lines, but some of y'all ain't right, though my brother got caught with a weapon by 12. He was only 11. fast forward, these be angry as hell, and i swear imma send them to heaven me and my dog in the river, and this is morbid to me. Women be orbiting me. Winning is normal to me. People be doing the most when they get to the audience, be how you normally be all of my a lil off. Some of them is really on. She got a wiggle inside of jeans. I do not know how she feel them on me and these don't get along. They be looking at me like. I did them wrong, but they hit the bank. Then i hit the bong on the same, just a different song and i hopped in the game like a six man, hoping it made me a rich man. Let your problems, let your problems, let your problems, okay, love bugs, so i think i executed it. I may have put too much emphasis here. You guys see how, like i did a perfect job here, but then it's like super long. Something like i need to cut it and go here to make it perfect, but i actually don't want to take my length off, so let me know what you guys think i should do as far as the hair itself. This is a beautiful, beautiful, 13x4 lace wig. I love it and it was easy to install sometimes with some companies, especially when you're working with a new company you get kind of nervous, because if the wig doesn't fit your head, the install process is just annoying, which kind of throws me off a little bit. A lot of the times, because it's kind of like if it takes a little extra to install it because the wig is loose and big it just kind of just messes up my five and my excitement for the install. Now i love the fact that this one is nice and long and full again, i'm probably going to cut it about here. So i'm going to take about a full inch off. I was going to do it later, but i'll just do it now. This is how much i took off it didn't need a trim, it's definitely full, but i just feel like because i put those deep layers, it kind of like the style in a way to keep the length to me. That is much better and i'll go up and clean it up later and i'm just going to take that bendless and bump it. I probably can go up even more, but i don't want to stay here and play a face. You guys get the picture and of course you know, you know how it is. When you wear your wigs, you constantly are doing something to upgrade and update it. So i worry about knitting as far as the brand. This is the box that the wig came in and it's a pretty nice sturdy. You know heavy box, i put a little money into it. I also provided a dust bag and i'm sure we are provided with the goodies, the usual suspects. So, let's see yellow dolphin clips an edge brush rat tail comb, wig caps, purple bonnet. This is like a butterfly print headband and then a pack of 3d mink lashes. So this one, the box specified that it was 20 inches in length before the hair cut. I think they sent me a couple extra inches. I feel like i got at least 22 because look how long it is um after the cut. So after the cut is given like 22 24, so i matter that they gave me a couple extra inches. That'S always a plus the hair itself, i believe, is 180 density and it's definitely true to density. So, if you want to keep your fullness um, definitely don't cut layers, it's summertime. I definitely don't need all of the layers you know. In my i mean i don't need you know fullness, it's summertime, i'm probably going to wear this to fourth of july, i'm probably going to buff it tighter for the july, but i'm very very pleased with this look. Let me know what you think i did do the baby hair on the underneath, which you really can't see or tell with this one because of the way i have it styled. But it's always nice to be able to you know, pull it behind the ear and give a vibe on either side or even to like push it back into a phone, a phony, a pony, low or high, and you guys see this one has a nice good. Like sheen a good bounce to it, no complaints at all. Let me know what you guys. Think, of course, i'll have her linked in the description box. Thank you guys so much for watching and as always i'll see you in the next one smooches

Jackie Randolph: I love how you cut this wig it looks lovely.❤️

Mscoco Hair: So beautiful baby! The wig is perfect on you~

Leida Pérez: Mi negra este color es el que manda ❤️

stone molex:

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