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Body Wave Headband Wig Human Hair for Black Women Glueless Wigs with Headband Attached 150% Density 100% Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Wigs Natural Black Color Machine Made Wigs 20 Inch

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Foreign, as you can tell from the title she has got to go it just come a time where you know she got ta go, and so you may be thinking who is she she has to go so I hit this particular headband wig. I believe, since maybe March - and I wore this headband wig consistently - probably for over a good six months, and so at this point it's just no longer good and it's time to get rid of her. And since I have to get rid of her, I ordered another one um, I think a headband wig is something that should be just very convenient. You know there's many different prices, many different textures, but for me I just need things that are like a throw on and go something. That'S really easy. I don't have to do too much customization on it, put it on and look pulled together, so this particular wig is a headband wig that hit the strap and it tied in the back, and this particular wig had one two three had four Combs on the inside And this wig cost me less than forty dollars on Amazon, so I really did enjoy this body babe this body wave wig. But again she has to go it's nothing more, that I can do with her I've kind of just worn her out. I'Ve tried to refresh it and it's just not working so it's time for her to go so um, since the other one is now in the trash. I have a new unit and this one I did wear it yesterday. So when I opened up the package, which I will insert pictures of with the patch packaging, look like this again came off of Amazon, and this one, I believe, was under 45 dollars supposed to be human hair body. Wave 18 inch wig. Now here's the first difference. This is like a suede material which I'm not a fan of, and there are only two Combs, so there's a comb here and we have a comb here in the bottom. This one simply goes on just like a headband, so I did put a few wine curls in the hair yesterday um and they actually held up pretty nice there's no product in the hair, so just a few wine curls. But again this is pretty thick. So that's that material - and there are your combs, it's just the two Combs um and it's a headband solid, all the way around 18 inches natural black human headband wig. So now I'm going to just go ahead and throw the wig on as usual. I would say it's just the very same with any headband wig. You know throw on and go make sure it's secure right now. My hair is wrapped and I have just a cap on it with it being wrapped. I have no braids um in my hair and right now my edges are just being laid down foreign suede material. It'S nothing that I would wear without an actual headband over it. Let me see if I can find a headband to go on top. Okay. Just briefly, here is how the package came and it was pretty standard. It had stocking caps and eyelashes in it. This particular wig also came with this headband and so I'll put this one on real quick, but it's not what I'm going to wear today. I don't think this is right, but so this is the headband that came with it um again, it's not really what I want to wear today, so I'm just going to throw in another headband foreign, and I got a pack of headbands, probably 20 headbands off of Amazon for about 15, so it comes in handy and I'm able to kind of just switch out everything and sometimes sometimes on my wigs. I will put this just a little bit like one pump of the Garnier anti-frizz serum, so just one pop and it helps with any frizzing any tangling or that may occur, but - and it also makes my curls look like they were just freshly done, which we know It was not so this is it and again, I always say: if you need something, that's affordable, you can throw on and go. It literally takes about five minutes once you do your edges to get the wig on. If you just store it properly, it's definitely something you can put on quickly and get out of the house for us moms that are really really busy or us that are you work up woke up late for work. You can just get up and go so. What'S your favorite wig or hairstyle to where you are kind of in a rush, just uh your go-to, so this is something that would be like a go-to, and this is from Queen Virgin. Remy is the name of the bread, 100 human hair and it's body wave wig, 18 inches hey if you like this video and would like more videos like this. Give this video a thumbs up subscribe and leave me a comment thanks for watching

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