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14 inches way, i am very impressed to be honest, hi guys welcome back to my channel. If it's your first time here, my name is oluchi and if it's not your first time, thank you for always stopping by today's video is going to be an amazon hair. Video, basically, i been seeing lots of you know: hair band, wigs and i thought to myself: oh it'd, be nice to you, know, try them out like purchase and see what it looks like and also give you an idea, basically what it's all about. So this is the box right here, so i'm going to pop it open and then we'll go through the wigs, because i haven't actually gone through the hair. I like to you know check it out with you guys. I just like you guys to see my reaction when i pop it open and all that and, as usual i'll be sure to insert the actual picture that made me purchase the wig, so the first one i have here is this um headband. Look, i don't even know person. Okay, it says person. Look. I'Ve got um this extra headband and wig cap. It looks quite synthetic already. I can tell that it's very synthetic it has the hairband going on underneath has a velcro, so you can open and close it. Basically, then it has this comb right here, so you know come on here and pop it on so because i've never worn one of this. This is so convenient because you know you don't need to like lay the front of your wigs on. You know how it can just be a struggle, interesting, it's not as bad as i thought it would be, though. Oh no boys, somehow i don't know forehead, is speaking. I think i need to you know, drag forward to cover a bit of the forehead. I don't even know again, i think i should push it backwards, but anyway you guys get the drip. This is what it looks like. What do you guys think about this? I don't think it's that bad though i don't remember what the price is, but i will be sure to pop everything in description box below so do check it out. I think when you have a bad hair day, you just throw this on and run along you'll. Be all right like this is so convenient it's snug, but it's not you know very tight, and so i'm painful you can't even afford to you know, wear it as a ponytail like this is so cute. You go your way. Oh! So i see this is the 16 inch silky straight head wrap got this for 20 pounds 99, so the next hair we've got here. Is this one? I don't even know what this one is, but we're going to pop it open together, wow. There are a lot of things going on here, so you have a lot of hair bands free hair band to go with the wig. I guess so! That'S so nice of them three hair bands and let's see the wheels okay. Then you have some weak socks and then some instruction in there and you have oh happy hair, happy life. Yay happy happy life. Okay. What one is this? Oh this looks nice, oh and the texture. It feels this. This feels like human hair. To be honest, like it doesn't feel synthetic at all, this is so gorgeous. This is so rich. I just hope it is as cute as it looks when i threw it on yeah as usual, it has a velcro thing going on, for you to you know to adjust to your head size and i'm just going to pop this on right now, loving this one Already i i love me long, hair, long, wavy hair and i just like how the band doesn't feel so tight. I'M loving this already. I don't even know about you guys. I don't know about you, but i'm loving this already. This hair is just oh wow. I love this hair like wow. This hair is it this is so nice. Can you see how i'm running my fingers through it and it's just going through? I don't know it's tangling now, but this hair is gorgeous. I need to find out what particular hair this is like. I am very impressed to be honest. Oh you really look gorgeous on the model and it's actually amazon's choice and this it's a lie. This costs 29.89. What no! No! No! This is a lie. This costs 29.89. This is very gorgeous. Oh my this, i can't believe it am. I sure let me be sure this is 29.89. I'M sorry there's a five percent voucher um like five percent discount voucher, so you'd even get it it's below 29.99. This is insane like this is very nice. I know my sister will love this yeah. Don'T worry i'll, put the link in the description below like i don't feel like taking it out. You know what i'm gon na pop on one of this. Let me guess what one do we try? Okay, let's try this one, so i'm just going to pop it on and see what it looks like with the extra headband, so i'm certainly giving these people going to leave a good review on their sites. For this sure this is a best seller. I can't believe this. In fact, these people need to come and pay me, because i'm just this fact i'm doing that, but for them trust me guys. This hair feels luscious. This is good. This is good, like i'm. Looking at the next i have here and it doesn't, i don't think it looks anything like water or that, but anyway, i'm just going to throw it on for you guys to see bots. It is not like what i saw in the picture as usual. It still has a velcro and i think they gave me a headband or something like that, but that's not my problem for now. So this is what this one. This is embarrassing. This is not what i ordered at all, and this is supposed to be. Can you imagine, can you believe this is 14 inches, i'm quite i'm. I am highly disappointed. I won't lie like this one: isn't it this one doesn't just cut it for me, 14 inches way. This is not what i ordered honestly like. It is not what i ordered in any way if it were really long. You'Ll be very beautiful. Tell me how this is 14 inches. I'M just saying i have no words for this particular one. I like the color pattern. I like the texture but 14 inches. No, this is wrong. It is wrong, like that's one, of the disadvantages of purchasing things online, when you don't get to see it. Sometimes they just do you anyhow anyhow and that's what they did in this case, that i'll be sure to put the hair details in the description box below like what's different between this one and my natural, like if you, like, short curly hair. You totally love this, because this is really light. You know it's not as if i have anything on my head at all. Okay, let me show you guys. The next one looks very similar to it. Clearly, there's no there's no way, i would have purchased the same kind of hair and it did not look like this too. Well, let me try it on and see so. This is what this one looks like. I think i this this is not my style. I wouldn't like so let me try the headband with it and see what it looks like in fact, i'm already weak these hairs. This is what this one looks like with the headband and it's got. Their wig is tight. The headband is tight. Everything is just tight. Just to give you guys an idea of what it looks like with the free headband. This is my arms are already hurting. This is what it looks like. I look like one auntie and see all the cheese. It looks quite scanty if you wear full, i would have been much better. This is so so scanty it's a light. This is supposed to be another 14 inch guide. It'S embarrassing! I actually thought this was shorter than this. What kind of rubbish is this? It doesn't even look close to what i saw. The reason why i got it. Can you see it's it's. It'S not nice at all. I paid 58 pounds 58.99 for this. It'S a lie. Can you imagine this is very wrong. This is very, very wrong guys. This is very wrong. Anyway, you can already tell that i am highly disappointed. I can't believe it. I cannot believe it. I paid 58 pounds for this thing. What i have nothing to say, anyway, i'll be sure to put the link to all these hairs in the description box below. So, if you like them, if you'd like to you know purchase them, you can go ahead and do that you know, but i am not. I can't believe this, i paid 58 pounds for this thing see me thinking. I was going to look like the woman, whereas this is what i look like. I look like someone who they dipped inside water, someone they dashed. You know, hey, that's a remnant of wig and i just you know, put it on i'm very disappointed i wouldn't lie. Ah, this is the clerk is of what i bought vessels. What i got so we've come to the end of today's video like this is where i have to leave you guys with this on my litcha hair. Why would i go for the long one that caused just 28.99 as opposed to getting this one? Well, anyway, i don't even i hope you found this video really interesting. Don'T forget i'll, put all the details to these hairs in the description box below so, if you're interested you can help yourself so guys. If you subscribe to my channel kindly do so cause, it means a lot to me and then with all that being said, thank you for watching and i'll catch. You in my next one bye,

David and Chy: Enjoyed watching! They all look good! Long wig was the best!

Gucci Agbasi: Lovely video. Thanks for experimenting the curly one so I don’t have to. The density is looking suspect!!

LUVLE LEO: I just ordered a 26 inch body wave. I sure hope it comes 26 inches like I ordered.

Zeenat I: just the video I needed. that second wig tho

Kosy Cee: Lovely video

LUVLE LEO: African women are so Beautiful❤️. Ya’ll look like GODDESSES.

Salome Tirado: Very helpful

Salome Tirado: such a good video!!

Donprettychiamaka: The curly ones Look like 10 inches or 8, and not enough density.❌...... I like the long body wave too.❤️

Onyinye Onuigbo: Nice one.

Zeenat I: i hope you returned those last two wig cos!

Asma: You are so beautiful mashallah queen

Hurricane Alicia: “14 Inches where?”

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