Amazon Headband Wig Find! $12.99

Found this on #amazon.. I give it 3 stars #amazonfinds #amazonwigs

Let it out, then, let it be what it is yourself.

Sifonia Davis: Ms. Shirley, you a whole vibe. I couldn’t even pay attention to wig at first because I was too busy watching all your facial expressions and the way you was pulling the items out of the bag. The wig turn out amazing. ❤❤

Em-Jay: I bought that from Amazon and It's a beautiful piece and the hair is nice and light but recently I gave mine away because I did not see this video first!! I hated that band but loved the hair. Thanks for posting this.


A Joyous Occasion with Sire Eminence Zakkiyyiah: Yasssss! Love it!

Unknown Unknown: Hey can you make a video on how you use the bobby pins?

° cappucinos°: Beautiful pls ma, can you drop the link thanks for sharing it

Sunshine Love Yashar'al: Okaaaayyyyyyy come thru 12.99!!!!

Ooops •: Is there a link for it??


Tiffany Fletcher: You're Beautiful ❤️

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