Headband Wig! No Glue Needed [Catti Hair]

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I tried this hand band wig easiest install ever hope you enjoy!

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edgecontrol used https://www.amazon.com/BOOSTER-STRENGT...


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Hello, everybody welcome to my channel. It'S k how y'all doing and today we're going to be doing a wig review by katie hare yeah katie. Here they send you this and all that good stuff. It'S like a headband wig, but the headbands don't come with it. So you won't have to purchase that on your own, but amazon got you um, and i also did purchase this hair from off of amazon katie here shout out to them all right. So let's get right into the video right. So you know my hair's already washed braided, all that good stuff. You know so that we gon na get into our edges. I i use um edge booster, the orange one. I mean they all work. Fine to me. You know slow bit slap it on on your edges. So what's good with you guys like what should i be doing hmm for some reason she needs all right, y'all, i'm back, i had to get mia come on, you did mia come it feels nice. Now, let's try i have been on i've waited for her, i don't even pay for myself. I wait for her good health. I pray for her good wealth, not bad, not bad, not bad. So i give this like one out of a 10 i'll, give it like a a 10.. I mean what y'all think like. Let me know what y'all think, because i think it's pretty nice, it's cute, it's cute or whatever so shout out to katie. Here you guys i'll leave the link where you can purchase this here and the description below. I don't quite remember the price, though you can get this on amazon and um, but it's like i'm pretty sure it's less than a hundred dollars, though so it's definitely worth it no glue. Y'All just saw me just i mean i think. If you don't want to do no edges, you ain't got to do no edges either so good to go. So thanks for watching you


Keana Edmond: i see you sis

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