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Welcome to another video. In todays video, Ill be sharing my thoughts about some Amazon headband wigs. Im also sharing demos on wearing them and tips on handling them.

I hope you find these videos helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

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Hi guys, my name is, and I'm a beauty, blogger and Dr base in the UK and you're welcome back to my channel. So in today's video I'm going to be talking about headband wigs, I'm going to be doing a short video on headband, wigs um. I have posted some headband wig content on my Instagram page and you guys went crazy about them. So I thought I would do a YouTube video talking about the two weeks. I did in separate YouTube. Instagram videos share my thoughts about them and give you guys some tips and demos on how to use headband, wigs so yeah. If you want to see more of that, please keep on watching. So the first question is why headband waves, I discovered headband wigs a long time ago, like I think many of us had heard about headband wigs on social media, but I saw a video that diary. I would leave her Instagram. I had Tick Tock in the description box below, so you guys can check out that video that she made with an Amazon, headband wig a curly headband wig, and I was like I need to get this wig. I don't find four weeks frontal um full wigs, very comfortable to where they give me kind of a band like sensation on my head, and I am not the best or the most patient at applying frontals and closures and all of those that good stuff. So I just wanted something that I would have to just take care of my helps here and they let the rest of me so head round. Wings have been really really good for that, and I can just pop them on, especially because I have I'm now used to wearing them. I can pop them on about five three minutes and I'm out of the dough on like four weeks where you have to like wait and apply, and this and ah we're just so convenient convenient for work convenient if you're, if you're always busy, always on the go. I just want to look put together and if I tell you the number of questions comments, I have got on these hairs. These headband, wigs, like I work, they'll, be eating it up. Like people love it, everyone is always like you look so good. You look so different, you look so nice and I'm just like liking this enjoying it and ever since I will share some of that. Goodness with you, I'm obviously going to leave the link in the two weeks in the description box below so you guys can check them out, but without further Ado. Let me go to talk about the first week, so this is the first week and for ignore it. If it looks like ruggedly, I want it a lot of times. This is the first week, and this is from I ordered this more than a month ago and um it got from the from the US down to the UK. It costs about um. I think it was 50 pounds or 64 pounds about that much. This is a um, 16 or 14 inch, I'm going to leave the screen the details in the description box below curly, headband wig, and it has this like nice, water waves that gets activated by that by water when you apply water on them. This the coils get softer and they get like smaller and they go into this nice waterways. So it basically comes the headband. It'S a headband um, the black head banger at the front, and then it comes with three Combs two at the front and one at the back and also comes with a strap to really secure it on your head. If to really secure it on your head. If you want, I personally do not use the straps, because I find that it hurts too much. So I use just the Combs and then and then use the velcro straps as well. So basically that's what that is how this headband week comes. But for me for me from one of those brands on Amazon that um directly recommend that she recommended, and it is a really really good one. I really like this soup because I think that you get bang for your book, and this is possibly if I wanted to list like my buy this year, that has given me the most cost power across clothes jewelry. This is probably one of them like this week. Is one of them like this week has served me so much for work going out like it just looks good and you can comment out to give a fuller look or you can apply water and some oil to it and conditioner to give it like a more Slicked down, look, you can bring it to the front of your face. You can take it to the back. You can pack it up and I'm going to just show you different styles in which I have like worn this hair and like girl. Some people are some people think this is my hair, then, and they just don't know so yeah. So I thought I would share this with you guys it's such a beautiful week, so soft so nice. I can't say enough good things about this week when I bought this. It Came In A Wig, It Came In A Wig bag and in the week back there was also a. There was also like a headband like a nice flowery and Flowery headband that I could all you could also use like cover the headband I kind of prefer to just leave the headband be like leave the leave the black head band because I usually Fold It Up On itself, so that it's not suit like so it's not so fast or too obvious. I, like I literally fold the headband back on and stuff, and I'm going to show you guys in the demo, so it just looks like more natural and I look like I just put a tiny headband across my head rather than having that huge thin across my The side, the side of my head, so I'm going to show you guys the demo of how how to wear this wig. It'S nothing really difficult like it's literally self-explanatory Kim the wig came in with this wig came with a flowery headman. I could wear with. These. Came with two wig caps and came with a set of eyelashes, which was really really nice um and he got delivered to me from the U.S to the UK. God delivered to him maybe a week. So I'm going to be showing you guys next demo, of how I apply this week so keep on watching foreign next week I'll be talking about. Is this wig I bought from So this one was from This one is from This is synthetic headband wig that costs 20 pounds, and I bought this while waiting for the other one to come in the mail and, honestly, it's just a synthetic hair wig but um. I find that it's a good, it's good for it's good, for it's good value. For money, it's come today with the um blackhead band attached to the um to the front, and it's not obviously as nicely sewn on as the other one I'd like to mention, but also really works. Well comes with velcro straps and then inside the wig. It comes with four actually comes with four Combs four small M Small Combs to secure it to your head. This one does not have any like straps to secure it to secure it to your head. This is a synthetic fiber, wig um. Obviously it's not as um. It'S more Tango prone than the other wig, but you can actually comb this out. Well, if you're very patient with a large tooth comb, you can also straighten it at very low heat. It has all the descriptions in the description box on Amazon website and, if you like, try to go too hard with it or go hard with the tangles. This is going to probably shift on your head, while you're combing it. So I find that it's best to comb the hair out. First, before I apply and putting it on your head, it stays on well, I wish that the material for the headband like for the headband itself was like a nicer material. This is not as great a material as the other one down. I find that this is best when you just let it down. You can also do this as a half up ponytail, if you want, but letting it out is just really really nice and I bought this in color one. So it's like pure black black black and if you store it well and take care of it well, I've had this for about six weeks or two months and it's actually been like good quality. It shares a lot. I would like to mention that, like once, you comb it out like if you put your hands through it baby, she shed him by a minute - it's 20 pounds. So what you like it's expected for that amount, but I also think it's really good value for one. For him for someone who doesn't want to splurge for students or someone who just like wants to get something that makes them look acceptable, so you just have to like lay your edges and that's it foreign of this video. Let'S give you guys some tips on how to apply your headband wigs and how to keep them. First of all, if you have a headband wig like a hedge, a wig head, it would be really really great for putting them on there. If you don't, I think it's best to just store them in your nylon bag or just hang them down. They do well either way. I'M trying not to apply too much heat to your headband with, because, obviously because it comes at a cheaper at a more affordable price, it might shed, especially for the synthetic headband wigs using white suit, that Combs to comb. This hair don't go in with a brush. Don'T go in maybe if your headband is really good quality. I don't know, but you say why to set comb and just like come out, come out the hair patiently and nicely, and the hair will last a really long time for this particular Amazon. One do not like drench it in water, the water we've won just apply like a mixture of water and conditioner, and a little bit of oil just to run your hands through it and really does wonders for the hair when applying it. I would advise that you wear a wig cap, as you would have seen in the demos where I wake up on your hair first, and one thing I find with it. One thing I find with the Recaps is that it makes it easier for the wig to stay on and it also provides places for like the Combs to stick on so, especially if your hair is not plaited. So when my hair is like this and not plaited, I can easily put in the Combs and attach the Combs into the wig cap. Obviously the wig cap is going to tear but like into the big cup, especially at the back, because I find that it is most important to secure the headband wig at the back. If not like, it's going to be like flapping at the so yeah so use a wake up. Actually, if your hair is like this and that's why I like the versatility, because I don't have to have a plait under my head to wear it so use a wig cap on top of your head and then like apply the Combs into the wig cap. Rather than into your hair and also prevents the crumbs from hurting you as the day progresses also for application of the headband wig, if the headband wig, if you feel like the velcro, is getting loose like for this one, the velcro I started to get a little Like the headband, I started to get a little Lux. What you can do is that you can like attach the velcro um you can either you can type velcro up and um and just roll it under the headband wig, and it keeps your headband mix secure. If you don't want to do that, you can obviously use traps that come with this one with this wig and it helps to keep your head secure and I would like to mention for when your headband is not like. Also, it's not like you don't leave out the headband with this much without. I think it's much nicer when you fold it back, so you just have like a tiny strap of headband showing rather than the whole headband showing and just gives a much nicer and more natural look. Another tip I would like to give is that pack, your beef fruit pack, your headband wig anyway, high up and um, lay your edges. I find that laying my edges very well like especially this scarf like really doing the works lay my edges does really great um. I usually keep it under a scarf and then after, like 10-15 minutes after doing my makeup, I remove the scarf and then the edges are laid. It just makes your headband, which look much nicer and you know just makes you look more snatched, so yeah. That'S that this is my quick video about headband, because if you have any questions about headband wigs, please leave them in the comment section below. I just thought I'll. Do this video talking about the two headband wigs and just giving you a reference video to come back to I'll leave the links in description box below? I hope you find this video helpful. If you do don't forget to give this video a huge thumbs up, don't forget to subscribe, join the family. Thank you. So much for watching and I'll see you in my next one bye,

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