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Hey y’all! Welcome or welcome back to All Things LaShae. Today’s video is a headband wig unboxing + review from Aminow Hair.

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Um, hey y'all, welcome or welcome back to my channel. It is your girl, shea of all thanks for saying. If you are new here, hey girl, hey if you are og, what's good boo thanks for coming back checking out my content, you a real one. If you're new stick around for a minute or two, because i really think you're gon na, like my channel and if you do make sure you hit that like button in the subscribe button and hit the notification bell, so you don't miss when i upload so y'all. I'M really excited about today's video, because today's video is sponsored by amino hair. So today we're going to be talking about all things, hair, just in case you've, never heard of amino hair. They are a new hair company on amazon they reached out to me for collaboration and they sponsored a wig of my choice. They specialize in headband wigs. They do short bob headband wigs. They also do yaki and kinky straights. The wig that i chose was the kinky straight, so i'm going to be unboxing it for you guys. Today it came in the mail and i was just so excited. I was like yes, i'm so excited because girl i needed a new wig. I am going to provide you guys with all of the specs all of the details and all of the links that you need will be in the description box below. So if you like, these types of videos, keep watching so as mentioned amino hair does have an amazon store where you can go and order your hair. My hair came in two days because i got primed. So if you got prime sis expect super fast shipping and yeah, you won't have to wait a super long time for you to get your hair. Who doesn't love that so i'm going to unbox on camera with you guys look at this packaging i feel like this is just so freaking pretty like. I am a sucker for good packaging. So this box is like this chocolate black and this new color. It has swirls on the front it has amino, because that is the name of the hair company now looking at the bag. What i already am in love with is they come with instructions on how to maintain your wig so that your wig is durable and long lasting? It has grooming washing storing and safety instructions on the back. So i absolutely loved it shout out to amino hair for teaching us how to maintain our wigs okay because we want them to last. So i have not opened this at all. I'M super excited to open this with you guys on camera, i'm just in love with this box y'all, i'm a sucker for good packaging and good branding. So let's open the box and see what we have inside. So you guys! This is what the inside of the box looks like, so we have the wig, which is here, and it is packaged really nicely in this bag, this re-syllable bag, and then it also came with this cute lipper print handbag headband. So this is going to go perfect with my outfit y'all, okay, so let's get into the specs of this wig. So this headband is super cute um. Like i told you guys, i decided that i wanted the kinky straight. I believe that it is 20 inches. I am going to put all the information you need to know on the screen. This is what it looks like fresh out of the package and it does come with this little protective sleeve. So i'm excited and grateful for that. This is going to help maintain the integrity of the hair. It also has like this molding paper on the inside, and let me show you guys what the inside of the wig looks like. So it does have two combs up here and let's see it also has a comb in the back. What i also love is, if you guys can see on the back, it does have these adjustable straps and then it it also has an elastic band. The elastic band does have velcro, so i love this because it just provides extra security, as you guys can see. I already have on my wig cap. All i did was mold my hair down right, just molded, my hair down with some setting lotion and put it in a ponytail, and then i just put a wig cap on top of that. And so we are just going to plop the wig on and then we'll do some adjusting prayerfully. This is big head friendly, because y'all see y'all y'all see your girl. Ain'T got no pea sized head. My head is big. Shout out to my mama shout out to my daddy: they both got big heads. They passed it down, so we're gon na see how this goes. So i am going to undo the velcro. We are going to plop it on okay, all right, so i am going to slide it back just a little bit so that it looks a little bit more realistic in the front so that you can see like you know my edges, even though i didn't do Like any baby hairs or anything like that, um i am going to feel for the combs just so i can adjust those and have this extra layer of security. Let'S see the other comb is here, so we're just going to stick that and then i'm going to take these and i'm going to bring them around and i'm going to velcro them together all right. So now that we have everything in place, the velcro is together the combs. Have it secure it, don't move it ain't going away. Okay, um everything is secure. Honestly, if you guys wanted to you, could just wear it like this, and you can kind of do a little swoop swoop with your edges, i didn't kind of swoop them, because i'm just going for a more natural look y'all. I love the texture of this hair. Like if you are someone that really does enjoy like the kanekalon look, you will really like this. I think this is super cute and i love the fact that it's a nice length, as you guys can see it stops at my shoulders. So i like it. I really do so you guys this. Let me turn to the side, so you guys can see how the hair looks from the side. So this is how the hair looks from the side. Profile is really full, but not too full. That'S super important and then this is how it looks from the front view. If you wanted to pull the hair to the front you can, and it just gives you like this full glamorous look like i'm giving diana ross i'm giving big hair, don't care, i'm giving. I'M here i'll pull it up to the party party. Don'T start till i come in okay, so i actually really like this. It is definitely different from what i'm accustomed to that's. Why i didn't get the bob wig! That'S why i did not get the yaki straight, because this is so different and that's what i wanted. I wanted something that was different. I wanted something that stood out so y'all. Honestly, i give this wig a 10 out of 10.. It is super affordable. I am going to put the price point on the screen um. Currently, this is the price point on amazon, and so, if you're looking for something that's just a week that you want to put on to run, errands or you're just going to be doing something really quickly and you need something effortless, a nice everyday wig. This is super cute, i'm just in love with how this looks, but i want to put the headband on just so. I can show you guys how the wig looks with the headband. So give me just a second and i'm going to put the headband on. So i am just adjusting the hair then, and this is what the wig looks like with the headband so y'all. I really do like this, and even though this is a synthetic wig, it is like so easy for me to run my fingers through. It'S not tangling or anything like that. So if you are someone that is a little on the skeptical side when it comes to synthetic wigs, this is definitely a good synthetic wig. I promise you. This is a high quality synthetic wig like it is so soft. You guys so soft, you guys see as i am running my fingers through it, i'm not getting any shedding whatsoever, so i feel like this had been really really complimented. I was not expecting that at all, but it really does complement it and, of course you guys you can adjust this to your liking. So even though i just put it straight on as it came, you can turn it part it to the side. If you want to do that, i like it the way that it came so i'm going to be wearing a wig like this, but it is so cute super full without being too heavy, it looks natural if you are someone that enjoys the natural look. You guys know i'm relaxed, but before i was relaxed i was natural for five years. So, if you enjoy like that natural texture, you are certainly going to love this wig. Now, as i previously mentioned, they have several options. So if you are not a kinky straight girl, you also have the short bob to choose from, as well as the yaki straight. So if you're a yaki girl, that is definitely something that you can go for as well. I was interested in kinky because i knew kinky would kind of give me that natural fix as someone that used to be natural, as i just mentioned, i still sometimes miss that look, and so this gives you the look of a silk press on natural hair, especially 4C, natural hair, so if you are looking for an alternative as a naturalista and you still kind of want your look to be very similar to your natural hair texture, this is also good. Like i said it's really giving a blowout on natural 4c hair. So you guys i'm telling you it's super cute, a very, very, very nice length. I love the fact that i'm a super tall girl and it still kind of complements my facial structure. It complements the frame of my body because of the length it's not super overwhelming. It'S not too much, you know, so i really really love that for me, love that about this wig. So you guys, if you are looking for a straight yaki or a kinky, straights or a bomb about headband wig, please give amino hair a try. You guys. I love it like, and it's crazy i would be real with y'all. I did not think i would like heavy weeds right so when they reached out to me for the collaboration i'm like what do i have to lose to really try it right and i'm not gon na lie to y'all. I'M a girl that likes these days of time to just jump up and go. I don't like stuff that just takes too much effort. I don't know if covey and the pandemic did this to me, but if it's gon na require me too much energy to get dressed and to go, i want to be able to slap my wig on put on my little outfit and go, and this affords me The opportunity also, i love the fact that, with the headband wig you get to switch out your headbands, so you guys saw where amino here sent me one headband, but i actually have another headband that i want to try give me one second i'll, be right back. So, let's try something that's a little bit more fun and glamorous. I don't know if you guys have ever seen the bedazzled headbands, but i have one and so i'm just curious to see what the headband wig looks like with the bedazzle headband. So we are just going to pop it on really quick and see what that looks like. So i definitely love this, especially with the red lip. It is really just giving queen vibes like african queen. I love it, so you guys, if you are thinking about giving headband wigs a try. I definitely recommend that you guys try out amino hair company. This is a new hair company, but i'm telling you guys the customer service is on point. The hair quality is on point. The price point is on point, so i do want to say thank you again to amino here for sponsoring today's video. I had so much fun with this partnership and collaboration, and if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to give me a big thumbs up and leave a comment in the comment section below until next time. I will see you guys again soon. Bye,

Dakota Wilkins: I love this look!!! The texture is nice.

Vanessia Johnson: Yesss I absolutely love it!! I'm going to get me one right now!! Do you get an affiliate commission off this

Co Marie: it’s definitely giving

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