Best Affordable Amazon 22 Inch Kinky Curly Headband Wig | Viennois Hair Store Review

This is wonder head band wig gave what it needed to give. This hair was sent to me for review and hopefully this wig can give you Excitementit gave me.

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Oh, what's up friedrich gang, it's your girl, seisei and i'm here to give you a quick review on how to neatly uninstall your frontal without damaging your edges and giving a nice review on this hair that was sent to me. It is kinky curly headband. It is 180 density and it's brazilian virgin hair. So it's really good. I'M excited to show it with you guys this company reached out to me to do a review. So why not and plus the hair that i'm taking out my head is their frontal and it blended really good. I can do a review on this pretzel that i'm taking out, if you guys want, but as you see, i am just removing the glue from the borderline of my hairline and i'm using 91 rubbing alcohol. There is a whole bunch of alcohols out there, but this is the strongest one and i like to just get it over and done with so right now, you'll see that i'm going behind my ear and just sliding my wig off with my finger. It'S very easy and simple, because i already got the glue residue off of my forehead, but it started to hurt a little bit so i just took the alcohol bone is off baby? Yes, okay! So yes, this is the hair. It is 32 inches 13 by 6.. It is wonderful, human, hair, okay, so this is the hair that they sent me. Let'S go ahead and unbox this bad boy. It came with a cap and it has this really cute headband, but i'm not gon na wear it. Okay, y'all! You see it's 22 inches. So i was really excited that they sent me this hair because right out the pack, it didn't, have no smell and look look at this. Look at the curls like the curl pattern. Yes, baby, come through okay, no product on there at all. Yes, look at the band, it's very thick, that's the only thing i don't like is that it's very thick so you'll see me later fold that back, but it has four combs inside. So you can make sure it's on your head, good baby. It'S very secure! Let'S go ahead and get this cap off my head, y'all now! Yes, i did just take the braids out my head and i'm combing everything out don't come for me. Don'T come for me! Okay! Now i am taking the 91 rubbing alcohol and boop getting on my edges, because i need to make sure there's no residue and my hairline stays a hairline. I don't know what y'all be doing, but yes get the 91 alcohol and get all of the residue off of your hairline, so your hair can breathe yes now i have braids back in my head. I don't wash my hair all the time because i like natural oils and i need it to make my hair grow. You know can't wash my hair every day, but i only think i did for my edges here: y'all, which is curling with the curling iron under and now i'm just putting edge control and some spray. If y'all want me to go into details about that, i will surely enough go into details, because i love dramatic edges, so i'll just show y'all what i'm doing little one two real quick, even though it takes about 30 minutes a little one, two for y'all. Just let me know it looks like i'm using a lot of product y'all, i'm really really not. In my next video i will show y'all the amounts that i'm using and the actual products, but, as you can see, i'm just twirling everything in circles. It'S really simple. So i'm gon na just go ahead and be quiet until it gets to the next part. So y'all can see, there's a weird transformation. Okay, yes, i got ta, look at myself multiple times, so i apologize yeah, but look just y'all wan na fast forward fast forward. But look look. Look! I'M done. I'M done! Okay, y'all! So here i'm gon na go ahead and show y'all, because i was trying to get out the house like at this point. I was trying to get out the house because i had to step out, but you see the band is still big, but it's so cute. I didn't put no product on the hair. This is fresh out the pack. I am going to try this headband on just to see if i like it, if i don't wear it out to the club just so, it could look a little bit more natural, but look it look good, look at it um it was given too much. So i thought i could just use one nope can't do that. So it's all right. It'S all right! You know i had company behind me, don't mind them, but this is how the outcome came with no product in it it still looks very natural. I love it because i did wear it to the club like that now this is the next day y'all you see, i was like. Let me go ahead and put some product on here. Let me spray it down. It came to life. I was so mad that i went to the club and it was so dry y'all. So this is the castor oil that castle cream and the olive oil cream that i love to use it moisturizes great for curls. So that is the only thing that i'm using for this hair watch this transformation. You saw what i had, but when i went out to clip right, just just wait a few seconds and you can see this hair just gives so much bounce and volume. I'M like girl, what what's the only thing you did was spray with water and add some collection. Yes, i did that i did and it looks like mine look at it from the back. Okay. Now you see the difference. You see it. I like how you can part it too. I am surely gon na do like a little pineapple hairstyle with this, and you can see the actual length when it's wet instead of dry. So, yes, i came through for y'all y'all come through for me and put it in the comments. If y'all want some more reviews on some more hair i'll, be more than happy to give you all some techniques. Thank you. Okay, okay y'all saw me just take that big old section and spray okay don't come for me. I got tired. I got tired. I was like oop. This is a lot of stuff. I got ta do for each section. I don't know how y'all natural hairs. Do it, but you know the more hair reviews i do for y'all the more patience i would have, but i split it into make sure that it was oils, not some oils but some cream on there brush that out, but y'all don't see the transformation, don't come For me, don't come for me, i know. Y'All see them. Edges is different too. Your girl was playing around with her edges and fell in love with the dramatic look y'all know: y'all people, people and people. Okay. If y'all want me to do like a tutorial on my dramatic edges, i'll be more than happy to let y'all know what i did but take a look. Take a look at these curls go ahead, go ahead, admire them natural, or what thank you rosewag for sending me this hair. It is beautiful, i'm so excited it flows in the wind, there's no smell. Some hair comes with smell this company, both wigs that i got from them did not come with any smell and look. It looks very natural. I don't have any complaints about this hair and i haven't had any shedding yet so that's a plus y'all, even with all the brushing that y'all saw me do i haven't really had any shedding now look at this girl who's that who, who let me know, comment Down if y'all know this girl right here on the camera, because i don't know who she is, who is this girl? She thinks she on that. I think she is on that because she look at her look at she's trying to do something to her hair up. Oh, no, oh okay! There we go. She thinks you're cute. So if you like, this video make sure you go ahead, give this video a thumbs up comment down below. If you would like for me to do some more reviews, for you make sure you subscribe to this channel, if you would like to see the whole fit i have on, because this is also sponsored by two people for the hair for rose, wag and also the Bathing suit that i have on, if you will like 30 off on any clothes items, please go ahead and go over to my instagram check it out. Bye, real ball status.

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