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In today's video I brought myself a half wig from Amazon. Of course I had to share because its beautiful and affordable ..SO PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, LIKE AND SHARE BECAUSE IT REALLY HELPS OUT MY CHANNEL


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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel if you're new to my channel, my name is miss tamika. I upload videos once a week which is sunday and then i also throw in a bonus video throughout the week and if y'all here for this hair hair band wig that i got from amazon, then y'all know what to do. Y'All got ta keep watching yeah. You got ta keep watching and oh before you keep watching click on that subscribe button. As i wait, okay, you finished. Okay, you subscribe okay. Now we get ready get into this wig review you guys so just keep watching bye. I know y'all, like okay, miss tamika. What you got going on this hair, um, quick, weave, a half wig and i did get this hair off of amazon and i will leave this particular wig down in my amazon store. I think it's a shiny, i think that's how you pronounce it. Not a hundred percent sure you get 1b and i do have my hair already and shout out to my daughter. She laid my edges y'all honey. My daughter is the edge slayer like look. She did my uh edges so shout out to my daughter. Thank you daughter, like i said, i did just um get this hair off of amazon. I did purchase this with my own money here. Wig, i think with tax and everything came like 21. It was really affordable. Here is the packaging. I did already open it just to make sure it was. You know to make sure everything was everything, because if not, i was going to send it back, because you know with amazon, you can take it to your local codes and a packing and ship it. For you get into more details about the wig, once i put my wig on so i can stop looking crazy. So it comes in your traditional packaging. This hair board. It comes with your net, a like a wavy texture, type of hair, there's the texture, and this here is a cheaper wig. So, of course, you want to get a lot of shedding and all of that kind of things it's not as good quality. As that eunice hair, i think, or you nicer, eunice um hair unit. I featured here on here on my channel, but if you you know like okay, miss amigo, i can't afford to pay a hundred and something for a wig. I got you, i got you that's why i'm here to share this affordable, one for, like, i said, twenty one dollars and if you have amazon prime it'll take less than two days to get to you off and inside you do. Have one comb also have a comb in the back with two straps to adjust the wig cap? I did already pre-adjust it because, like i said, i did already open the wig. So what i'm gon na do is i'm not gon na put no products or anything on it because, like i said this, one here is a little cheaper than the other wig that i had so i'ma. Just put it on and say here: these are beginner friendly type of um wig reviews go ahead and put it on and if i'm looking down it's because i'm looking at my mirror view type of what is it um bands, but for the sake of the video And the way my edges are laid, i'm just going to use this headband. You got to place over here and pull up, so i'm going to just use this one because, like i said it's a lot easier and like kind of to the top okay y'all, we got the wig on the headband once i'm gon na press. That back and so there you go, i do have a big forehead y'all, so don't mind the forehead but yeah. Here'S the wig on i'm not sure how it's looking on camera. So this wig is really pretty you all. I really really love this hair wig remind you of that other wig. I just did a review on the eunice hair unit or you nice, or how i repronounce it. I did showcase that hair wig on my channel and it kind of reminds you of that, but um that one was a little more expensive and, of course, the quality of that wig is beautiful versus this, like you can feel the difference in quality yeah you all. Here'S the wig i'ma turn around so y'all can see. You can see the back. I can see this wig shedding or getting tangled. So that's why i'm trying to stop planning it, but it's a little addictive yeah. Like i said this, video was going to be really really quick, because it's just me trying on the wig with you all, like my daughter, laid my edges like she laid my edges. She did a really really good job. What i'm gon na do now is i'm gon na go ahead and end this hair video, but i wanted to get on here and share with you all my wig, my really quick, wig review. So with that being said, you all, i hope you all enjoyed my really quick um headband wig um, try on what is it unboxing or whatever you want to call it like. I said uh, please give this video a big thumbs up, because it helps out my channel and also before you go. Please don't forget to click on that subscribe button and that notification bell, so y'all can be notified each week when your girl uploads videos, and until next time i will talk to you later. You

Modelchickny Luxury For Less: Love this wig. I ordered it. Btw I love your eyeshadow color combo can you do a tutorial on this look? Kudos to your daughter, your edges are laid.

Brittany Mckeithan: I love it!! It looks so pretty!! come thru with the swoops!!

JaneDoeChick: LOL @ you waiting for us to click “subscribe”. Well, I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a while! I love your handbag reviews!! That wig is very pretty! And $21?!?!? That’s a great price!

smartclassyladyj: Very nice..... Your daughter did excellent with your edges!!!! Thanks for sharing

Mya2k: I love it tfs

StefJTay: It’s the eyes and lips for me, boo.

summerskye1100: why do you wear wigs with all the hair you have?

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