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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dedeornella/...

Business Inquiries: [email protected]

Oh, no, hey guys welcome back to my channel. If you are new here, my name is silly. You are welcome to my channel. So, oh before you leave. I hope you hit that good old subscribe button. Girl says: please subscribe. The button is right. There, just click. Just click also follow me on my instagram if you want to, but i need you to subscribe. Okay hit that subscribe button right there. So today we have this puffin ting wig that i'm gon na show. You guys like this wig is a game changer. What lace like what no glue, what lace like no got to be no bone, hold no bad head; no, what else? No glue? Okay! So if you guys are interested in this beautiful unit, beautiful unit, beautiful unit that people - i know when you see me, look like a little boy. That means we have a wig on okay. So today here is from vbaby here. So this is um. Bb is a brand on amazon. You guys should know that if you are not new to my channel, i work with them several times and they never disappoint. So, let's see what they got in store for me today, so we have a headband wig. I know yeah. I'Ve seen this headband we go around all over, i think, like the ending or beginning of august. Well, i got my hands on everything today. Okay, like literally it just came, and i'm like you know what let me just do this little review for you guys real, quick, first off um. This is 22 inches baby. This is a curl pattern. Oh my god! This is so soft. Oh my god! This is super soft, but anyway this is the wig all right. So it comes with like this thing. I don't know how you call it, but you guys see it. It comes with this thing: um wow, oh my god. It has one two three and four and four come comes combs inside. So that means the stains on me. Like you know, it's gon na secure you hate okay, so let me put it on okay, so i was gon na. Do like baby hairs with my real hair, but my hair is freshly braided and you know my edges left me so yeah, so i just kind of like um pushed it back so we'll see. If i have to do baby hairs, then, like you know, i will do the baby hair. So it's like it's kind of like a you part, wig situation, and i am here for it because you know not every day like people just be wanting like a grab-and-go type of wig, so um yeah, i'm so happy that they came out. But whoever come up with wigs came out with like this type of thing, because yeah this wig is like the perfect wig for like if you're going to the gym too like this this. This is the perfect hair, so um, i'm not going to put it all in the front, because it's like a you way, thingy going on, i mean a halfway going on, so i'm just going to collapse. This black thing on here could tie if you want to. Oh, my god y'all. I don't have to do anything to take it. What this is like to be my everyday wig? What is you saying bruh, let me see if i could like so let me see if i could do like a little one and two baby hairs right here: okay, boom and, like you know what i had got to be glue on my hair. Okay, it's not it's not giving me what i really wanted to give, but you you'll see me you'll, see me, you see the wig like you see the wig. What oh, my god! I wish my edges were out more. I barely got them. I'M just gon na brush it back. It'S so cute this way like who, what game changer. I would even leave it like this. Basically, it's like you wearing a wig and, like you just put headband on, but this is super soft, oh my god girl and i think you could like you could even play with it you if you want into the side, oh no, they put their foot on This one like two, i'm not even kidding like what this okay, so you all. It also come with like several um headbands, so i'm gon na try them on for you guys. Oh and sorry, i forgot, you also get a wig cap with this hair, so i'm just going to try the different um headbands for you guys. So you can see. This is definitely oh, my goodness yo game, changer nah! This is about to be like my airport wig, like what happened. What happened? Oh, if you're in a pool, if you're on vacation right - and you don't want your like wig - to get weight like what this game - changer - oh my god, y'all. What just give me like the um cheetah girl vibe, because we are sisters this yeah, this hair. Oh, my god wow. That'S all i'm gon na say wow! So now i'm gon na try on the other headbands for you guys, so you guys can see it too yeah. This wig is awesome. So here's the second star - oh my god, this i love this wig. Already, like you, don't have to do anything anything at all. This is the other one nah. When i tell you this but yeah, i don't see this wig every like what and like, i think, like with the black thing. That'S on it, you could add like your own scarf. You know if you're like the little um, the gucci, not the gucci, you know the um, the louis scarf you could do that to it. That'S like what game freaking changer like so now, i'm gon na. Add the last one, even with the black one like this, you could you. I think you could leave it like this, so it would look so cute with baby hair. Oh my god, i i got ta. I might like wash the front of my hair and like finesse, some baby hairs because, like like what like what this is that fighting wig too, like pew pew pew? Oh my god, i'm loving it. I love all of it, but i think, like my favorite headband is like the cheetah one. Oh my god! Yes, yes, yes! Yes, yes! So yeah guys! This is the hair. Oh, my god, all the effort that you need is going to be listed down below in the description box, so make sure you go check out baby, but be here because this here is popping like i kid you not that i love to see like this is About to be like my everyday, but that's everyday here like what this is my everyday wig point like period, i'm going to be going to the gym, looking all cute, what yeah look at the hair and it's 22 inches and it's full and it's soft baby girl. If you're not honest, then what do you want like seriously, go and check them out? That'S all i'm gon na say everything you need to know is going to be listed down below period like oh, my god, yo i've never been so hyped about like wig ever especially this curly hair child, and i feel like it's suit. My face so like go check them out period. You

Nyla Allure: Yessss I’m getting bohemian curl vibes and the headbands are so cute

HaitianDoll. Sophia: The unit looks so natural. I want a headband wig because it’s so convenient.

Mary Armstrong: Where you get your lashes from they are cute?

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