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Hey guys welcome to my channel, my name is kiki and i'm back with another video to end today's video. I will be talking about this headband wig. I have on right now from not doula hair. Yes, this video is sponsored by nadula. Here they sent me this 14 inch ombre highlight headband wig. So if you guys would like to see how easy it is to put this wig on continue watching, if you haven't already, please be sure to subscribe to my channel, give this video a thumbs up like comment and subscribe. Follow me on instagram at lavish looks underscore by kiki and yeah. Let'S get into this video guys, this wig is very pretty. I mean like very pretty, who wouldn't want to purchase this her from now doula amazon here for like ninety dollars, like amazon prime two days like like that's a still period, all right guys. So today's video is sponsored by now doula hair. They sent me their 14 inch headband wig, i'm so happy to try the headband wigs, because you know that's like the new trend right now, everyone's doing the headband wigs, it seemed like it's super easy easy to throw on take off at night time as well, so That is the hair that i will be showing you guys today. So yeah, let's see so this is the packaging very cute in the back. It tells you, like the hair, washing instructions, tips to make your hair last longer. So all of that this is the hair, but so yeah they gave the stocking cap and they gave this headband, but i have my own headband that i'll probably be using so yeah. Let'S see, oh, i love this hair color, so i was able to pick the hair that i wanted in the color, and this is the color that i picked. Don'T worry guys. The link to this hair will be in the description box down below the link to the store, the type of hair. This is the color inch. Everything will be in the description box. This is the front. This is 14 inches. I'M gon na give you guys the details on this hair ombre highlight 14 inch, hair 150 density, so this is it here, so we're going to put this her on guys, okay, so this is how it has the strap. It comes with one two, three four combs and then the elastic strap to tighten their hair. So let's put this wig on guys all right, so i'm trying to look through my hair, so you can see. I already did my baby hairs off camera, so we're gon na take our wig cap. All i did was put my hair in a not a bun in the back simple, i'm gon na pull this just like this, so your baby hairs are out, and then let's put this wig on and a good thing about this way, guys, as you can see, Like you don't have to bleach no knots, you don't have to pluck one two three. This is good for beginners. Like me, you know because i'm still learning so i'm put this on. I'M clipping the i put the comb in the back to secure it. Just like this get my straps the elastic band hold on. Hopefully it all fits, oh okay, it's in and it's nice and snug. I got to worry about my wig coming off. All right, you see and i'm gon na do the front clip i clipped it. I put the the comb in the back end and then i comb in the front i pushed it into so now, i'm going to flip the headband up, so you can see my baby. Hers see like that. So you can see my baby hairs. That'S not bad and it's nice and secure it's not moving. So that's what i was nervous about because, like is this weight going to be moving around and it's not uncomfortable, neither so 14 inches. This is a nice length because um i'm not gon na lie. I thought it was gon na be like a bob real short, but it's actually not the hair. Is nice and thick, not bad. I think i'm gon na curl it. So that's how it looks without me doing anything to it. They sent two headbands, this headband and this headband, so let's try it with their headband. How does thing go? Go like this. I guess it goes like this. I don't! Even so. That'S how i look with the headband, see it hides the whole black band, so you wouldn't even know that i had a headband wig on, because this covers it completely so and then because i flipped it over twice, it really covered it. So that's very pretty, and then they have this one. This is a pretty color, especially for like spring and summer. I like this color same thing, and it covers very well very cute. This might be my new thing, guys, quick and easy. You ain't got a plug. You don't got to bleed, you don't do that! Do none of that so guys you better click that just go to the description box, click the link and place your order for this headband wig from the doula amazon here guys, yes, and it feels nice and soft. No smell to it purchase it guys purchase purchase purchase so they had their minimal shedding, which is normal. It wasn't like nothing crazy, so i just wanted to let you guys know that so i curled the hair, let's make sure we're still in order still good. So i'm going to take my headband, send this one pretty and i'm going to put her on like this now. How freaking cute is that period and then we're just going to go like that, let's curl it comb out my curls, i'm going to take a little bit of olive oil gloss and hair polish, like a tiny, tiny bit run it through the hair, like that, make Sure this is on good. I like this guys, i'm thinking just like that. Just like that and you're done like it's that easy, even if i wanted to put it all back, i can, but i like to do my hair, like this, so cut this part a little bit more. I want to learn how to curl my hair with the curling iron. I need to learn that i don't know how to do. I watch videos, i'm like how the hell do they do that so yeah. I need to learn that just like that, this one, you guys, need to definitely order. This hair is definitely good for beginners, something quick you take it off the same night. Wake up the next day. Put that junk right back on just make sure your baby hairs is in order and you're good. This is quick and easy, so shout out to nadula hair for this beautiful wig and yeah. We'Re done guys just like that, so guys, thanks for watching, i hope you enjoyed this video make sure you purchase this hair, that is on my head, everything's in the description box. If you haven't already, please be sure to subscribe to my channel hit the post notification bell, so you're notified whenever i post videos follow me on instagram at lavish, looks underscore by kiki. Let'S be friends, and all of that and um yeah guys go get you this wig guys go get you this head band, wig from not doula amazon hair, and it wasn't even that much. I think when they sent their head was like 84 dollars. What tax probably came up to like 90? If that that's a still and it's amazon, so you know amazon, prime, you get your hair in two days, can't beat that so guys go purchase this hair until next time be blessed, be happy and be safe. Peace,

Mayah Life: Its beautiful..

Hunney Bombshell: This is cute I should try this


Mycee: First

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