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Another video, so i just got off the work, but i just wanted to show you guys my new favorite wig, it's a headband wig, so i'm about to take it off the bum right now, so i can show you guys how it looks down. This is my favorite wig now, but let me take it down and show you all right, so i had it up in a little half a path down a little style at work. So i'll just put it like that again, as you can see, this is a bum texture. Last time i checked it was loose wave if i'm not mistaken, but i will put the link to the wig in the description box down below. So if you guys want like the exact details and stuff like that, just check the description box hit the link. It is an amazon wig, but as you can see, it's really pretty. It'S really dark uh. It'S supposed to be a natural color to me, i think, is jet black. It is kind of dark for me. That'S the only thing that i don't like about it, but other than that i love this week. Yo so, like i said, i got, ta have a path down style, which means - and i had it in a bun initially, which means it's very versatile. You can also wear it down fully down. You can put it in a ponytail, it is versatile, um you, you will be able to see the tracks, so you can't do a whole whole bunch with it. But for the most part you can do a couple styles. So right now i have just a regular headband. I got on top. This is a headband. I got off of shein but, like i said this headband wig, so it kind of already has like a headband built into it, but you can uh. You know up your fit or just add an accessory by buying your old, your own headbands. I like these cross head bands. These are my favorite type of headbands, so i got us a couple of these from sheen and i also got some gifted to me for my girlfriend um from amazon, so you can get these headbands from anywhere but yeah. I like these ones from sheen, because they're really big. I got this one in the pink one. So if i can, i will link the ones from amazon in the description box and then i will also link some machine in the description box, but i'm gon na take the headband off this headband i'll show you guys like what the wig looks like by itself. Okay, so this is the wig by itself, don't mind my little baby edges. I got my hair parted underneath for when i do my braids and then i also got a wig grip. I thought the wig grip will help more. It hasn't really helped me a lot. I have a big head, so i for me, i have to wear another headband on top. I don't think that you have to wear another headband with this wig but um for me personally, that's what i like to do, because this one doesn't feel tight enough for me. So i do like to put another hip in on top, but this is just like the kind of like the headband that comes like already attached to the wig um. As you can see, it's literally sliding back as i speak, that's why i like to just put one on top um. This is the heaven just so cool, but yeah. That'S a really nice wig. It has like velcro in the back the velcro you just basically put it on and you adjust the velcro piece so the size that fits your head best um but yeah. I love this way because it's so easy literally all you have to do is do your edges. You don't have to your edges because you can cover your edges with your headband or with this headband. So honestly, all you have to do is throw it on. I prefer edges, so i just do my little white edges, the edge controls from yesterday and, like i said, i just got to work so they're kind of curling up and stuff, but i really don't care because i kind of like the look it adds to this Natural alright, so this is just like a quick video just for me to show you guys my wig, because i love this wig, so much don't mind how it looks right now, just just remember how it looked when i had the other hair being on, because it Looks fun like that, but this was just a quick video, like i said, definitely check out this wig. I love it. If you like, dark hair, if you like curly wavy, hair um, you will love it and it's actually 20 inches. So it does have a little bit of length to it, but this biggest bomb. For some reason i forgot about to say - and it is a little tangled so don't mind that, because i had it on all day been absolutely early this morning, but yeah guys definitely check this out. I will link it in description box down below. It is an amazon, wig and uh for the 20 inch one it's a little over a hundred dollars, but it's worth it. It is definitely worth it. Okay, so check the description box check the wig out and if you want to purchase it just check it out, because honestly headband wigs are becoming a trend. So if you don't want to buy this specific one, you can just get into looking at other headband, wigs in general, but this week is bomb and i would not ask to make this video. This is my own like little literally my own personal opinion, because i love this week so much but yeah i'll see you guys next video bye,

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