Affordable Amazon Headband Wig.| No Lace! No Glue! No Gel! Felicity

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Purchased: Amazon

Hair color: Black

Brand: UOKPT

Hair Type: Body wave wig, Wavy, Headband wig

Hair material: Synthetic

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Hello, everyone and welcome back to my channel if you are new to this channel, a very warm welcome to you if you are all subscriber. I thank you so much for the love and support. It'S really appreciated. Thank you! So much so without wasting much of your time. I have another hair review for you guys. The hair that i'm going to review today is also another headband unit. I mean that is the new thing in now. So, yes, we are all jumping onto it, and this one too. I got it off of amazon, and this is how the hair looks like this is how it came in a package just like the first one in a clear plastic bag. This one says it's a body wave headband, it's a water wave wig. That is all that is written here and let's go ahead and open it up when you open just like the first one, it has two headband like so, and it had a wig cap in there. So you get free gifts inside your package and this is the united. This is how she looks like right out of the package, so we go into the cup construction, and this is just like the first one or just like any other unit. It has one comb in front two on the side. You have one at the back here and then you have your adjustable straps and also the velcro. The vehicle that you put together also has some baby hairs at the back of the unit. If you want to put it all up in a ponytail that way, it covers the back like that. So yes, this is in a color 1b. This is how she is looking like very beautiful, gorgeous waves - let's see, okay, yes, so my hair is already prepped. I have my red cap on. I push my hair all the way back, so i'm going to put her on and i'll be right back stay tuned, okay, so this is hair. This is how she is looking like. She is very, very full um. It'S it's very! Very beautiful too i like the waves. I got minimal shading with this one, but i mean it's nothing too crazy, so yeah just use my my hand to brush it through, like you see me doing like this now, this is basically the way it came out of the packaging, no products, no nothing. It looks a little bit shiny and this is the way it's on it yeah. I think i like this one too very pretty, so this is how the front is looking like. This is on the side back other side and in front so yeah. This is how she is looking like right now: it's a very long unit 22 inches long. This is a synthetic unit as usual with synthetic unit. If you make it on every day where you are going to experience some mutton and some shedding it, because it's it's plastic and so you're going to experience that, but overall i mean these hairs come in affordable. So you can have as much or as many words that you want to have with these. You look beautiful so, like i said early on, it's simple, it's beautiful! It'S nice! There'S! Nothing that you do to this unit at all your headband, you put it on, adjust your strap at the back, and that's it no less to cut no glue. Um. No broadcasting thing to do is soft to the touch. The unit itself is very soft and you have an instant beauty going on you know. So, yes, i mean i'm going to put on one of the headbands with this one and look um to see how it's going to look like on me. So stay tuned right back, okay, so after putting on one of the headbands, this is how she is looking like. This is a gorgeous unit. The wave and the bounce is very pretty oh yeah. This is how she looks like so once again like i said there is no lace to cut with these type of units. You have no legs to cut. You have no glue to stick your unit down. You don't know how to do the bald cap. Um wig thing: you don't have to do that and this one to expose this your own natural hairline, so you can have your own hairline exposed. You can do your own baby hairs to match with this unit, and it's perfect. This is hair, is soft to touch. I mean there is nothing much to do like i always say these are unique. That is like simple five minutes units that you put on and you're out of the door if you're a busy mom and with children like myself, i mean you don't need and you don't have time to be fixing your hair going to the sound and all of That you put one of these on and you're out of the door on your way to wherever, wherever you want to go. So these are very convenient. They are very comfortable and it's also for everyone, big head, small head. Everybody can rock it because they have this adjustable bands and the velcro, and the thing going on is very secure because you have four combs one in front here: two on the side and one at the back. It feels very secure. It'S not snag or giving any habits at all, it's very very comfortable. So, yes, you can look into one of these and let me know what you think about this unit um as usual, feeling myself. So, yes, thank you so much for making it this far and watching my videos, if you haven't already please do subscribe to my channel, don't forget to like share comment on this video and also push your notification bell. So you do not lose any upload from me until i come your way again. Next time, bye,

Eunice Agyapong: Beautiful ❤

Gibjon Ziyan: Beautiful

Alfred Asante: Nice one

Neko Wu: Nice one

MO: Keep it up!!

Wintine Mathis: nice

Aba Nhyira: Nice

Sebbeh Agyapong: Is nice Please l need one

Sebbeh Agyapong: Is nice Please l need one

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