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Hi y'all, so i'm about to do a quick unboxing! Please disregard all of that stuff. In the back, like my nail stuff and um myself, my soft box, soft softbox lights, so um just the back story. You nice, you, nice off of amazon, reached out to me to me. Let me get my together. Just the back story. Uh, you nice! You need off of amazon reached out to me to do a review. This is the bag. I just got came home to it. It has not been opened. I was going to open it, but i was like let me open it on camera um, so yeah they reached out to me to do a review of one of their headband wigs right off the top. Oh, this is my son's remote. Anyway, this is the box here now mind: y'all, i've never worked with them before. So this is something new. This is the wig which is very pretty um. I guess this is a additional headband, which is really cute too. They do give you a wig cap and i can use these once. I put makeup on them and let me open up these lashes, so you all can see - and these are the lashes they're actually a whole lot better than the lashes that they used to put in the packages. Those are probably even like workable, like you can actually work with those. So anyway, let's get into this hair you get. This is a very pretty headband. You get another headband, that's very pretty! Now this is 16 inches. I do believe i wanted to try something different, because i always go with the longer length, so this is different just coming off the cap construction. This is the hair straight out of the box. This is water wave that i have into, but it's from a different company, so i mean it's: oh, this actually smells really good like a perfume or something. So i probably have need to go wash this first but yeah. This is a 16 inch natural color um. In a six yeah natural color, 16, whatever y'all get what i'm saying um now lately i've been wearing headbands, not a headband wig, because this is the actual closure wig, and i just do my scarf on top. So i am excited to see what this looks like um there's a comb in the back, a comb in the front which i will probably take out the comb in the front, and then you have a this adjustable band in the back and of course, you also Have the two adjustable straps, so yeah, y'all um! This is just the unboxing. It'S very pretty. I probably just go ahead and try it on. Let'S just go ahead and put it on um you might as well. I have the time. So, let's just do it wait, like i told you, this is a closure wig and i just threw my scarf around it. You probably don't even need a second cap honestly, but i'm gon na go ahead and make use of it. My head is really small. This stocking cap is giving me trouble, but yeah if i was doing a lace, closure or lace frontal. I would just put my skin color on here, but since we are i'm just trying this on too, but i am going to eventually cut this out because i don't see the need for a comb in the front disney. Personally, so oh yeah, i have a small head and i am having trouble getting this okay here we go so this is the unit on. I probably want to put this up in a bun honestly, i'm gon na have to go find. Oh, this is a pretty decent length, y'all for it to be 16 inches, but i probably go find me um, i'm gon na put this up. I think i'm gon na wear this up and not down. So i just scratched strapped in the back. It is a little uncomfortable, so i'm just gon na try to pull it up just a tad bit above okay, so that's a little better, so y'all! This is the hair straight out of the box. I did not manipulate it. Y'All saw me take it out of the box and then y'all saw me put it directly onto my head um. This is cute. Let me just powder myself, real, quick, but y'all. This is cute um. This is doable. This is nice and i got this off of amazon um. It was roughly 96 dollars for a 16 inch. I do plan on um water bleaching this for thanksgiving, because i really do want a like. The black is cool, like i've been getting into the blacks lately, but i really do want a um like a not a dusty like a sandy color for christmas. So i think i am going to be. You know water bleach it or whatever and i'll you know. Come on here and show you all as well, i should have done my backdrop, but this was like a spread mama kind of video so but y'all i'm going to, let's see put it in a ponytail, i didn't think 16 inches would allow me to put it In a ponytail or even a little bun - and this is just a loose bun y'all, so i think i'm going to do that, but before i do that, i'm just going to try one of these headbands. They come with the scrunchies in the back and then so. This part here is not stretchable, but this part is - and it's like that with both, but i'm going to try some color and i'm going to see how this looks. But i mean you can leave hair out in the front if you like, but y'all know, that's not my juice. So that's not what i be giving. So i'm not even gon na try, hmm it's cute or whatever you just have to make sure you're placing your headband like over the actual wig headband. That'S the only thing but yeah i'm going to put this up in a ponytail y'all in a bun and then i'll come back later with that or i might do a get ready with me. I just chat with you all. That'S what i think i'm gon na do so. This is the initial video me unboxing, the hair and just simply styling it putting it on the side of the third and just playing with it. Y'All see the texture um, it does have like a perfume smell to it. The length is pretty - and i think this is like 150 density i'll leave all the specs in the description bar below, but i am going to come back once i've washed this hair um. I don't know if we're gon na come back once i wash it and bleach it or if i just after i washed you, i don't even know y'all, i'm just planning these videos as we go, but i probably will uh bleach it and then wash and then Come back with you all, i do want to let y'all know this little strap in the back is irritating to your neck. I just want to let y'all know that it's rare ears, this right here is irritating, but overall so far as of right. Now these 10 minutes that we've been you know right here. I really do like the unit so far. I love the curls on the unit, don't hate nor like the smell of the unit, but i'm digging it y'all, i'm digging it. This will be so great for girls. Like me, you know who hairline is how it is but y'all. I like this. I really really like this, so i'm gon na start rambling. I'M gon na leave all the specs in the link. If you all want to purchase in the description bar below, but i am gon na, come back after i um water bleach, this hair um and then we can do a sit down talk through the cons, the pros and all that good stuff. Okay, so i will tell in my next video peace

African Violet: I have a kinky curly unit from Unice and I love it.

Teiren L. Jackson: Thanks for the video will be getting one

Love Love: Very pretty

blessedone4ev: Did you water bleach you're headband wig and how did it turn out?

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