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The same wig I'm using in this video:

Nnzes Kinky Straight Headband Wig for Women Synthetic Headband Wigs for Women Girl's Yaki Straight Hair for Daily Party Use Easy to Wear

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Happy new year, this is your girl breezy back to you with another video. If you are new here, go ahead and hit that subscribe button and go ahead and turn on those notifications. If you are not welcome back so today, i got y'all with a new hair tutorial, well hair review, so this hair, of course, is from amazon, and my hair is from the hair, is from n n z e s. So, of course, you already know i'm gon na leave that in the description below, but i also will leave the name right here. So this is a 16 inch straight headband wig. So let's go ahead and open this up and see what they have in here. So, of course it comes with a wig cap, cute little headband and something else fell out. Oh the hair is actually from. I want to say it says i see hair a i s, eye hair all right so far. This is like a very thick texture. It looks like natural hair, so i'm going to show you that it has the little headband part in the back where you can adjust it to your head. Well, secure it to your head. It comes with three clips, one on each side and then one in the very front. So let me go ahead and slide this on. For you it's a little tight. My head is big, like i told y'all before heads a little bit okay, but it's not! Actually, it's not too tight, though once i secured it in the back, it's not as tight as i thought it was going to be actually loosened up a little bit kind of weird but hey there. He goes. Oh, this is cute okay. So before i put my headband on i'm just going to show y'all how thick it is turn around, so you can see the back 16 inches and i i think this is really 16 inches. You know it's true to length, so let me go ahead and put the headband on so y'all can see how it looks with it. Push the headband part of the wig back just a little bit, so my baby hairs will show so it'll look a little bit more natural. Then then, of course, you have to play with it a little bit more to style it on your head, but so far i feel like, if i play with a little bit more, this could pass as my real hair, which i think tell me in the comments Below but i like it, they said that you could do a lot of different hairstyles with this. So like say, i wanted to have half of it down and then just put some of it up. I could do that as well so like if i wanted to make a little bun or something at the top. I could do that, but of course it didn't work right there, but that y'all get the point. So if i wanted to put it in the ponytail as well, i could put it in the ponytail and rock it as a ponytail. I like this, because this is very versatile, so i can do like a couple of different hairstyles with the headband, of course, but i like it, it's really thick and full. So, of course, i have to spend some more time playing with it to get it to my liking, but so far i can just wear this. However, i want to, i just wanted to lay down a little bit more, so i'm wondering good for a synthetic wig to have like the option to have like different, hairstyles and stuff like that. So i like it, i give them a thumbs up, because i will be able to do a couple of different things with this and it actually looks like it could be my hair. So i'm gon na go ahead and give you a thumbs up, because i like it and i feel like it's true to length it feels like some natural area. I honestly wouldn't even think this is synthetic hair from just touching it. It does tangle just a little bit, but of course this is a synthetic wig. You want to go ahead and, like you know, get the kinks out or whatever, but i think that this wig is really cute and it's something that you could wear and wear in different styles and stuff like that. So let me go ahead and comb it out. A little bit and, of course you already know the price for this hair is going to be up here. I give them a thumbs up because look at this shop that look like it could actually pass as my real hair. Once i do my edges and stuff, what do you think i think i'm gon na give them a thumbs up just play with a little bit more, so you can see a little bit more hairstyles. So let me show you how this will look in like a ponytail style kind of moves back a little bit. So so, of course, if you wanted to wear a ponytail up top, you could do that as well, and it will still look cute. I can see a whole bunch of different hairstyles. I can do this. I, like it y'all i'm gon na, go ahead and give them a thumbs up, because this is a wig that you can do so many different things with as a headband wig, and it will look like your natural hair. So once you figure out how to blend it to your liking, and things like that, i say that this is worth the money. Okay, i think that if you're looking for something that's going to be versatile - and you are looking for something - that's just a quick little fix to your day - then just go. This is it. This is like one of those lazy girl hacks. So, of course, you already know i'm starting to seem like i'm the headband queen, because i've been reviewing a lot of headband wigs, so y'all know this is what it is. These have been wigs, i'm giving them a thumbs up, because you don't feel like doing your hair just slide one of these bad boys on and go so i, like it y'all. Let me know what y'all think below as always go ahead and hit that like button. If you haven't go ahead and hit those notifications make sure you subscribe to my channel, but as always see you guys later in the next video bye.

Mocha Michelle: Hey love. A tight wig is better than a loose one. I love the kinky texture hair. You can def slay that❤️❤️❤️

It’s lil cc: Great vid this is what I have been looking for I been waiting to get more into head band wigs and I really do like this one might have to go and buy it

Justin: Keep grinding

Team G Fam: Great video :)

Pacifier&Deli: You beautiful

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