Curly Headband Wig From Amazon! | Affordable Headband Wig Unboxing And Review | Ft. Cossaro Wigs

Curly Headband Wig from AMAZON! | Affordable Headband Wig UNBOXING and Review | ft. Cossaro Wigs

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Um hi guys, it's me classical here, i'm clarissa assassins where that's kisses and that's how it feels we're back with another video. If you're new to my channel go to subscribe like and share and make sure you tell a friend to tell a friend, we are back with a wig review, so i know y'all have often seen the headband wigs all over instagram and facebook snapchat to talk all Of those evening, youtube has been having the commercials and the information regarding the head thin weave, so your girl went ahead and purchased her a wig, a headband wig off of amazon. Yes, she purchased it off of amazon. So i want to show you guys. This is how the package came out of the box and i'm going to open it up when i open it up. I pull out this, which is the bag from casaro. Cosaro is the brand that i purchased my headband with from, and i wanted to do a review on it because, honestly, i have been being doing my research on these um headband wigs and to be honest, they're kind of pricey. Not all excuse me not all of them, but quite a few are kind of pricey. So i wanted to make sure that i did a review on the brand that was more or less on the inexpensive side. I spent 60 dollars on this wig and i got the 16 inches, so here's the wig, let's pull it out of the bag, so out of the bag immediately, you get the hair, which is that way. The hair and, like i stated this, is a 16 inch. Curly headband wig, so you guys can see that and then i feel like there's some other hoodies in this side. So i got a wig cap which i'll be using in this video. Okay and i got two heavys - i'm excited this one's flamingo white and this one is blue, green white and like a pink two pinks colors, actually it's two peaks. Let me you see it. I think these are so nice. Is there anything else in this day? No fun fact: whatever bag, your products or wigs, come in. Please make sure you keep them trust me. It will pay off in the future when your products are nice and you know organized and it helps to keep it clean and it helps to keep it from getting frizzy and messed up. So just make sure you get the bags for all of your hair, bundles wig crochet lots of your crocheting. All of your hair. Keep your bags alright. So what we're going to do is go ahead and try on this wig using their wig cap, i'm going to go ahead and open it and put one on it comes with two. So i'm going to take one and put it on my hair. I do not need to blend my hair because i, when i say blending my hair, i mean blend the wig capsule mat so that it matches my skin complexion because i'm not actually using it. Really i'm just putting it on to protect my hair from frizz and then i'm going to push it back for this video. I will not be doing my edges, but at the end of this video i might show you some pictures of me wearing this, and my edges are completely done. I just really wanted to try this wig and see what it would do for me. All right push the hair back a little bit just a little bit yeah, just a little bit like that, i'm so excited. So this is the 16 inch i'm going to take it out the wrapping. So you can see curly, hair and look at the tag. So i'm going to take it out of the wrap, keep this as well. It will come in handy as well as keep this. It will come in handy, so this is the wig. This is the wig. It comes with one two, three straps one, two, three, four. Four of these pin things like what are these called? I don't know they keep the wigs in place. So there's four of them, one at the top two on the side and one for the back, and here is the headband. This is how the headband looks. I'M really excited what you can use, but i'm just very happy that i got two headbands to try out, and this is the hair guys. Oh my gosh. The reason why i got the 16 ish is because a lot of people were saying that the texture, the curl pattern, made it shorter than the 14 inch. So i didn't want it to look too short, and so what i'm doing now is just raking. My fingers, through the hair so give it a little bit of a comb out, look not really, but just a little bit of something. I don't want to loosen the curls up too much, but i just want to see what it's working with out of the package. So, let's put this on, i did not oh, i forgot to show you guys, and it also comes with this. It'S like a velcro for you to be able to take the wig on and off and secure it to your head so that you don't feel so conscious about wearing the hair and, like oh, my gosh. It'S going to stay in place things of that nature. So i'm going to i'm going to undo it there we go, i'm not taking that off yet so so, let's try it on this. Let'S try this one! Oh! This is not big girl. Her friend um do okay guys. So this is how the last band looks with this hair. I really do like this hair. I mean it is nice and soft, like it's very nice, very soft, and it feels really good to touch i'm not getting any, shedding. Look! No shedding look from this wig. Chris cosaro came through girl, i'm telling you because sombra came through and this thing is really affordable. Like look at this curl pattern, like look at the curl pattern and it's you know as you wear, you can definitely brush off the curls. You can put loose and water on it, but this is good. So, yes, guys! This is how it looks. You can put this in a ponytail if you wanted to and it will stay secure. I absolutely love this wig. If you're new to my channel you're wondering if you can buy amazon wig, yes, you can, it is affordable. It looks amazing, and you know what pasaro really did well with the manufacturing of this window. This is what this wig will last you and the best thing about it. You don't have to really do your edges. That'S the reason why i did this video, because i've seen a lot of videos, reviews on headband, wigs and every single girl had their edges laid, and i wanted to show you that people from raising your hair and you put the headband on your hair - looks just Fine with the heaven - and you can push it back a little bit more and it will still look very cute with the headband and you know not having your edges completely laid like these. Wigs are literally try on put them on go type of wigs, and i love that i always love a quick procedure style. You know when you're in between wash days and and um, you know actual hairstyle or cornrows and braids, and all that i'll just give your hair a break. This is really good for that. I would give this hair a good, solid. 8.5. Like seriously. This is really going to give us a nine, but the hair texture is really really nice. I can only imagine it being longer like here, so this is the 16. If i could, i guess 20 22 24 26 would probably be really pretty. The curve powder is bomb. I didn't even do anything out. I didn't do anything. This is what i literally took off on camera and look at the texture of the wig look at this get into the curls get into the curls. I mean like i love this. I love this is so so so so so worth your money if you're trying to decide if you're sure, if you should buy this week, i know it's all the animals. I know you're going to have your doubts. Don'T doubt it baby. This wig is amazing. Just wait: it's very very nice, very nice, very nice. So with that being said, make sure you subscribe like and share leave your comments down below if you tried the amazon, wigs or a wig from amazon, and especially the headband wig, but this is from cosara i'll leave all information down below in the description box. There'S another wig, i think called wing or lean. I haven't tried that one, yet i might try one in the future see the difference between this one and the other one, and this one is it this. Is it i'm glad i got the 16 inch, so it gave me some length because i've never been short like that, and so i am happy with this league y'all happy so make sure you subscribe. I guess you like, i said and try out the amazon way. So if you got some coins on the links down below you could save, you got some coins, always using us here. We all need a cute little style, so save coins and shop with cassaro today. Thank you so much for watching this video and i will see you guys later: peace, love and blessings. Thank you guys for watching bye. You

Anihja Ra'zheem: girl headband wigs are the next best thing!! this looks good on you

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SweetNay: I just got mines i love it

Lee Loc’s: Yassss i been seeing this every where !

Queen Mariee: yes come thru headband wig

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