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Hey everyone welcome to my channel. It'S hermosa bell in today's video i'll be doing yet another headband wig review. I will be working with no doula. This is a 14 inch, jerry, curl, texture, wig, so more natural texture with tighter curls. The wig has an adjustable velcro, strap that you can adjust to your head size with four combs. I usually just attach the comb in the back. I know his name. I just want to let you know that he's mine and the weight came with a comfortable, stretchy headband and a wig cap as well, and i went ahead and laid down my edges. I just used a little bit of eco gel, so this is the wig. I did wash it and i did post a video about it as well, so you guys should go ahead and check it out. I didn't have any big issues with shedding or tangling now. This wig is a 150 density which is fine for curly hair. Wigs. The hair is also really soft as well, but yeah. I did want to show you guys how the wig looks before i wet it, and i did do a few different styles that you guys are going to see now, because this wig is so tell you versatile is so. I did want to point out and say that you don't really see the jerry curl texture until the hair is wet and if you guys put any more products in it, i just wanted to show how the hair looks when it's dry. I guess you could call it out of the box, even though i did wash it, and i did want to show you guys how to style it as well. Just if you guys decide to wear it this way and not have to activate the jerry curl curls. If that's, what you want to call it with any liquids is: oh special me he belongs to me y'all. I love this hair. I really do prefer, prefer wearing a headband wig that is textured. I did do a few. I did wear a few headband wigs that are straight and i'm gon na be honest with you, like it's really hard to blend your hair, if you're natural, with a headband wig. That is straight. So i really do love this hair and the wet look. Is such a vibe? It'S so cute. Look at that! Look at those curls y'all! Look at those curls like i definitely 100 do recommend this wig. I am not experiencing any tangling. I'M actually like editing this video a few days after wearing the wig, and i still haven't, had no tangling and no shedding, so that is such a plus. It'S so versatile and i'm just now going to show you guys some different ways that you guys can wear this hair. I didn't do the pineapple method i wish i did. I might put a picture of how it looks at the end of this video, but there are so many ways that you can wear this hair. It'S awesome. It'S awesome to wear to go to go to the gym. I love it and i'm also going to show you guys how it looks with the headband that i received with it. You definitely don't even have to wear any headbands with these wigs. You could just wear the black band with it, but i didn't want to let you guys see how it looks. I definitely want to cop some more headbands just so i can wear this wig with some more clothes that i have, but i love it. I think it's really cute and really convenient just to put on and go especially if you are natural. Like me, i am on a natural hair journey and i am trying to grow my hair, so i constantly have my hair braided and a lot of times. I don't feel like throwing on a wig and dealing with the whole gelling it down fiasco, but yeah there's so many different ways to wear it, and now i'm just showing you guys how it looks half up half down for me but yeah. Thank you guys. So much for making it this far. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and i helped anyone out who is thinking about buying a curly, headband wig or a jerry curl headband wig. More specifically, if you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to give this video a like and make sure to subscribe for more videos as well. Bye, keep it

Yazi Carter: new subscriber here your sooo pretty I lovee the curl pattern I’ve never tried a headband wig before but this is sooo cute I definitely might have too!!

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Sunshine TV 🌻: Thank you so much. You are a vibe and the short looks amazing on you. I’m about to get it in 20 here from Tik Tok

Nichel'le Robinson: Girl this looks so BOMB on you

Sunshine TV 🌻: Definitely subscribing that’s my song

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