Part 2 - Unboxing Amazon Wigs Under $10. Wigs Are Jewelry For Your Head!

Unboxing 10 more Amazon wigs under $10.

Some are no longer available at that price, and some are sold out. If possible, I included a link to a similar item for the sold out wigs. These may be in a different color than I showcased in this video.

Note: Some of the in stock wigs have increased in price.

Vsiopy long blue wig:

Map of Beauty 16" brown wig

Pink wig: NC Shoulder Length

I received a Brown Highlighted wig instead of this one that I ordered: Kuroe Shizuku purple

Aimole Strawberry Blonde Shag

SOFUN Long Curly Wig with Bangs Orange Wig (16 Inches)

Alternative...the bob I bought in wine red is sold out....HMD Light Blue Wig with Bangs

Alternative...the red one I ordered is sold out....ANNISOUL Black To Red Curly Wig with Bangs (14inch)

CAIXIU Ginger Wavy Wig With Air Bangs Women's Short Bob 12 Inch

Definitely not 150%, as indicated in this description, and wefting pokes through the hair fibers. Short Red Bob With Bangs 14 Inch 150% Density

Hi everyone, my name, is Shelly. Welcome back to another episode of wigs uh jewelry for your head, I'm here with my two friends Amy and Jasmine and they're, going to help me. Do this unboxing we're doing a part two unboxing of Amazon, wigs for less than ten dollars and let's get to it, I have a huge box. You can't really see it. I have a huge box over here all right, but it's too heavy for me to pick up right now, so I'm gon na do my best I'll just grab one and we'll undo each one as we go. Okay and before we get started, people have asked me what I wear on my head. This is what I use um. If I can there, it is it's a mesh there. We go um all right mesh. I guess it's a. It could be useful weaving too, but I just use it as a cap. Okay - and I got this at my local wig store, but I've also bought them on Amazon, so you can get them wherever it's convenient for you all right, all right. Let'S take the first one out of the box: this is now I'm gon na try to match them up. I'Ve got them all written down here, I'm going to try to match up. What'S what here all right! This is a all right. This is the blue one. Okay v s, i o p y, it's the manufacturer of this vsi opy and again I'm going to explain before I even start. Let me just back up um these wigs for 9.99 will not compare to a three four five hundred dollar wig that you would purchase from a you know, a regular brand manufacturer, all right, they're not going to be the same. You just have to understand that right from the beginning, these are fashion, wigs they're for fun, um to change up your look to make a statement, their accessories. Okay for your outfits, that's why my show is wigs a jewelry for your head, because they are accessories just like scarves and pins and regular jewelry. Okay. So that's how I view them anyway, and this wig is obviously a blue one, so um and that's the other thing I wanted to mention. Someone had said to me well you're, only showing long, wigs with bangs and honestly, I just purchased whatever's available for under ten dollars to show you, okay, um, and it changes all the time. So you can go out to Amazon and in the search box put wigs. You know under ten dollars and it'll pull up a whole bunch of things, wigs and wig accessory items like sprays and things like that: okay, just scroll through there. If you don't see one that you like check back in a few days, because the inventory changes very quickly, these things sell out really quickly. Okay, so that's why I don't always I'm not always able to post a link for you because they're gone okay, so we'll try this one. This is v s i o p y. It says it's a long. Blue wig, with bangs, see what it is and they did send a wig cap oops I dropped it, they did send away cap and the one they sent is black, probably because the wig is such a dark color. This is it very long. It does have its wrap, like I can't even like a lot of expensive ones are with um, has the net on it? Has the paper inside and that's quite on one of the Combs so bear with me a second and this one has the little okay I'll show you. This has an extended nape with the little hooky Doo straps Adjusters. It has the covered ear tabs with the snap Combs that you attach them, and then you just snap them into place as opposed to the kind of you have to like comb into your hair, all right, um the front, because these wigs are so inexpensive. Obviously, there are no lace, fronts or mono tops or any of that kind of thing. They just have a regular front, but it's kind of felted. So it's soft that the bangs are all attached to all right. Then we have the other comb on the other ear tab. The inside this has a completely covered cap, It's all wefts under there, but it's completely covered, which is nice for people who have sensitivity to the fiber. They have fiber that way. It doesn't touch your scalp at all, and it's soft all right, um, it's gon na be nice. Let'S see I'm gon na hook this hooky dude that keeps coming undone. Am I too close to the camera? I I feel like I might be too close to the camera. Let me back up a little bit that might be easier. Okay, all right! So here we go foreign because I don't always keep these. I don't want to really really mess around with them too much because you're not supposed to like brush things out or around or curl them or you know, add color to them or anything else if you're going to return them all right. So I'm just trying to get the hair out of my face there. We go all right, so I will try to stand up a little bit, so you can see how one this is all right, I'm 5'4 and it's below my bus line. I don't know if you can see the back I've kind of jammed in here I've kind of jammed in here. So it's not always easy to show you the whole thing, but that's the back all right I'll come down. You can see the side in the front and the other side and coming right out of the thing. This one has a little bit of conehead box here, all right, which you'd have to like form to your head um. What I do when I get away like this, see I don't like them so flat to my head. I will use a lip comb and I'm not gon na totally lift this one, because I don't know if I'm Gon na Keep it. But I use this lift comb which you can also purchase on Amazon or you can get the montia Maria wigs all right, and so I would go in and like lift it up off the cap, a little all right to try to get it not so close To my head, that's what it looks like on me now. I have a nine and three quarter inch face from my hairline to my chin and the reason my two friends are here is because they're a different size. This one is the average sized person she's. I think seven and a quarter inches or seven inches from here to here. This one is my petite friend and she's six and a quarter of six and a half. I don't have it in front of me. I should put it back in front of me again anyway: she's got a shorter face, all right, so I'm going to put it on them just quickly, so you can see kind of what the difference is. I won't do that with every one of these, but I just want to give you an idea of what um how it might fit on you all right. So when an average person an average person, it would look like this. As you can see, it fits it. It'S longer on her, you know, lengthwise than it is on me. My face is down right here: okay and not petite person, no Amy has a shorter forehead, so she would probably want to trim these bangs. But so again, this section here that was like right at my chin length and on the uh and on my friend Jasmine was a little bit up in here. I'M aiming it's way down here: okay, okay, so that wig was 9.99 from v s. I o p y and it's just called long blue wig with bangs I'll put all these away later, so I'm going to stack it over here. Okay, all right, the next one in the Box. This says beautiful your life. The tag is kind of on top of it, but um, and it's not telling me which company this is from so we'll try to match it up all right. So they have a little card in here. That tells you about the wig and if you're not happy with it, you can you know contact them or whatever. But, of course, if you're on Amazon you're a Prime member, you can just return it if you're not happy with it, and you will get your money back. This um Shangela, one Shangela is their um email address and it's a forest. Wigs is what it says on this card now I don't have anything, that's a forest weeds, but this came with a wig cap also, but this is not a mesh cap. This is a stocking cap which wouldn't have any of the airflow that this one does. This would just be solid is should be interesting because I ordered a ginger one and I ordered a red one, so I don't know which one this is all right. Let'S see this is what this must be, this it's a short bob wig with bangs in a red color. That'S all the description was okay, because I'm looking at it - and this is definitely a little Bob wig very cute um - it has a black cap trying to get inside out. So it has the extended nape with the belt, with the Yum hooky do Adjusters and it is. It is a covered nape. It'S not open, it has covered ear, tabs, they're, soft and again because it has no lace front or anything like that. It just has the standard cap front with the bangs sewn in it has two combs in the front that you can use to hook it into your own here. If you have hair um, it has again this the other ear Tab and there's a lot of hair sewn into these. So that's nice! That'S good coverage! Um! It has. This is the very top of the wig. So it has this um round pot in here, because all the hair is going to come out. You know like all around the crown of this wig and then the back is all wefted and it's got really good stretch to it. Let'S put it on this, one also is 9.99. I only have one that wasn't they're, primarily all 9.99, but when I get to the one that was 8.99 I'll, let you know I know several people wanted me to show some shorter wigs, so this one is shorter. All right, I tried to find something that they had for less than ten dollars. That was shorter. It does have Banks, though, because again these are all basic cap. Wigs and the easiest way to hide that hard front on a basic cap Wing is to put a bang on it, which is why most of these do have that if they don't like that green one, I did in my last review um. You just have that hard front, so you definitely want to cover that with a headband. So that's really the option with um an inexpensive wig like this one, okay, all right, so this is kind of what it looks like it's cute, the next side. From the other side, like that, all right now this one I will put on my friends because I have such a long face - you will see how different it looks on people with different size faces. The um comb is quite in my cap. There we go all right. I find that unless a wig is mocked, petite or large, they're, pretty much made for an average size person, so um the design that they or style they've created is made. With that in mind, this is what it looks like on the average size you can see on me. This was basically at my chin, like you know, was right here on my chin that we got to yeah this one hangs down a little lower and it has really nice movement to it see. This is really a cute, a cute little wing and now on a petite face and again I'm not gon na style it. You know I'm just gon na try to like make it straighter, and she would definitely need to cut these bangs a little because she has a short forehead like this is what it looks like on Amy and you can see how much longer it is on AIM. Even it was on me: okay, it's really cute for 9.99, it's really cute foreign, so that one was it's just a short bob wig with bangs red color, and it's from this. It'S just this beautiful your life on the package, but the little card says e Forest underscore wigs um and the Gmail is one Shangela s-h-a-n-g-e-l-l-a and it's o n e One One Shangela Outlook. So if you are interested in seeing what else they might have, but this I did find this one on Amazon and it did come with um that that wig cap, that I showed this one, the regular stocking type wig cap and it came with tissue in it - And it came with a hair net, so I mean it's packed very well, and the package itself was very nice, the little zip black bag, so that was very pretty very good. I'M gon na have to pull a chair over here to put these on, because they're going to go sliding all over the place, foreign next all right so now this is. This is a i m, o l e, a mole or a moly, or I'm not sure how it is. This is a shag all right. Some people always call it like kind of almost a mullet um. This is supposed to be a light strawberry blonde. This is the package, I don't know if I can get it in, so you can see what it says yeah. This is amol amoli, I'm not sure how to say that all right um this one was also 9.99. Now I've bought some of these before, but they were called Lydell l-y-d-e-l-l, I suspect, they're the same company, because what a lie down, sometimes you get a. I m, o l e, so um and I did show some of those in my 80s wigs video. But this one again, it's got the handout on it. If I can get it or what it's on there really well, there we go. It has a little tag on it. Um it's a style, e3008 and the color is 19.. I don't know if this is gon na yeah. The light is like it's kind of shiny. I can't I'm sorry, but it says color 19 and it's e3008, it's the style number and it was inside out. So I'm going to just turn it inside right. So you can see the wig itself, that's what it looks like and again it has bangs, because again it has that flat. You know that hard front um all right, so we have an extended nape. Now this nape is just um like um lace, like a lace. Nate, but it has, the hooky do strap Adjusters. It has again the lace, ear tabs, there's all the hair fiboson in so there's a lot of hair fiber on those as they're straight hard front. I say hard front, meaning that there's no lace or anything um. You know mono tops nothing like that. It'S just a regular straight front with the um I'll show this right now. This Top Pot here covers permatease, so that gives you this lift you'll see when I put it on. This has a lot of lift right here at the top, all right and the other etab same thing. Okay, there are no Combs on this wig at all right now inside this is so interesting inside the label says this is part of the high Vision, collection, h-i-v-i-s-i-o-n collection says 100 synthetic on it, and I mentioned before about the cap um that covered cap on the Other wig there that would prevent like if you have a Sensitive Scalp, the other thing you can do. If you do have a Sensitive Scalp and the hair fibers bother you, you can try the bamboo caps from Amazon um. It would you know, because bamboo is usually okay with people who have sensitivity. I mean I can't speak for everyone, but it usually helps them. So if you get a bamboo cap which would be a similar cap to this, but it's all being boo all right. So it's covered in it's all bamboo and you put that on over your scalp or your hair that you have and then put the wig on that might help you um with that sensitivity. Here we go. This is a really cute, color um! That'S a cute wig! Let'S see, okay is that the same other side show you the back yeah. This is really. This is really cute for 9.99. It'S amazing to me anyway, so that's that's. Amol, a-i-m-o-l-e soft Shag in the color 19. light strawberry blonde, which is it it really is. It'S definitely a cross between blonde and red. It'S not either one, it's definitely the strawberry blonde, or should I show you that on Amy because she's, the smallest, let me just show you on Amy, okay, I'm keeping this one, this one's good! For me, it's a good one for me. Okay, let's see what we got next all right. Okay, no clue the bag says LPN pm iu559 7285 say what it is I'll try to match it up here on my sheet and we'll see which one it was so fun, we've done, the ammo, the short bob and the vsi opy. Okay is one door. It says o-n-e-d-o-r, that's what it says on a little tag here. This is also a little Bob now I ordered a purple one, but this does not look purple somewhere. So this is the tag for this one. There you go. Okay, it says style s, w 481 and the color is rl5 27. and I think it's going to be a process of elimination, we'll have to see what's left and I'll. Let you know which one this is because it doesn't match up with any of the things. I would all right so again: this has the extended name with the hooky to adjust is which I'm half gon na have to hook, because they're not hooked right now it has a lot of hair fiber sewn into the ear tabs. This one does have a comb in the front of the wig. It has that totally covered cap, so there must be some permatease under that lots of wefts, not as though it is stretchy, but not as stretchy as that. First one that I showed you. I suspect this is the one I ordered purple, but it's not purple. It'S definitely not perfect foreign. Oh my cat's twerking. If you hear him crying, that's what you're hearing while his name is Twilight and it's funny all right, oh my I, this cap is, is small. Um, I have a large head, it's 23 circumference and it's difficult for me to get it on, but just letting you know there is a lot of primatees. I don't know if you can see it. It feels like it's visible, but I can't look at the Camry and show it to you at the same time all right, but it feels like visible permatease. So if you're, not a fan of permatease stay away from this one um. So it's this it's similar length to the red one, but it doesn't have that swoopy front to it like the red one. Did this one just is a straight straight bob and I've got. It definitely has hat uh box here right here. That would have to be worked on just to get it to be flat. You can come up. You want to come up. Well he's thinking if he comes up I'll show them to you anyway, all right! So that's um! That'S this one! It'S uh! I'M trying to do it just even though it's small on me and I'm trying to get it so that it'll sit. So you can see it um, that's cute and it's cute and it's a pretty color. Can you see the back all right, I'll show it to you on Amy she has the head: that'll probably fit best, so I know some people were saying they had smaller heads and they had a hard time finding a wig that would fit them. You might want to try this one um, it's definitely small on me, but of course I have a really large head, so it probably is like an average to average petite size all right. This is this is what it looks like on Amy. If he wants to come say hi to all of you, it's twilight. You know I mentioned in my other video that he's 19 years old and he'll be 20 in April and he's getting very needy. He just wants to be with me all the time, but he's a good boy. Okay, so this is um. I will do a process of elimination, but I think I think this is supposed to be my purple, one that I wanted, which it didn't come. They sent me the brown, but we'll see if that's the case I'll, let you know, let's put that aside for a minute I'll move on to the next one all right. So here, oh, this is now last time I did a map of beauty that was 20 inches long. This one is 16 and I thought it'd be interesting to look at that and see how different it is from the other one. Okay, this has a net. That'S quite on the adjuster strap, so it's one second, while I get it out, it does have paper inside there we go. This has some wave to it. The other one, I think was fairly straight. This looks kind of cute and again it looks red, but it's not. It is brown. I'M coming I'm back here. If you can see the color better, that's brown it has. It has bangs again because it has just the regular front and they try to disguise it by putting in bangs, sometimes they'll put in, like just side, swept bangs and sometimes they'll put in like a regular full bang, which you can sweep to the side. And sometimes you can even depending on how careful you are, you can even pull them back and up away a little as long as you want to leave a little bit of Disguise that front and they look fine. So all right here we go this one is a totally open neat, very different. It'S um just a mesh. Can you see how open that is? It'S like open all right and it has um just the adjuster section here with the hooky Dews that I will hook up when I go to put it on and it's got lots of um wefting, but it's covered with this net in the back. Now, that's not the same thing as that covered thing that I showed you earlier, which would protect your head. This one is like lots of little holes in it. That would let air flow through it still all right, um. This one has, let's see so the front of this. This is very odd. It doesn't look like it doesn't appear to have any ear tabs at all. No, it doesn't so there's no ear tabs on this, and it does have this little um soft Crown area where a lot of the hair is sewn or rotates around all right. Let me just hook it together and then we'll put it on okay, this one's very different. I'Ve never seen one. That'S like totally open mesh like this. This is like. I don't know if you can see, because I the light actually shines right through it um. Let me turn it inside out for a minute, so you can see what I'm talking about. Well, I guess it's not going to come across on camera, but kind of like it's just the like totally open all right, which I guess for people that live in warm areas like Florida like I do, wouldn't have any issues with the heat. You know it's all. Yeah flow now, the last map of beauty I tried on was very small. This one is not at all this one fits me just fine. In fact, I have extra room in here, so this one could fit a log head. I can feel some of the wefts through the top. I don't know if I can, if they're visible, because because I unfortunately I need glasses to see that far but um I'll just get up close and if you see Webster, they'll know what I'm talking about and, of course now with a with a regular top. Like this, you could pretty much move these bangs any way you want them. She wanted them to be on swept to the side. You can do that if you want to trim them straight down and just have them all straight down and trim them right across there. You can do that or you come this way and, like I said to you before, you can actually, if you're, very careful with the way you do it. I don't know if I can do it without being able to see what I'm doing but um. You can actually like train these up as long as you leave enough to cover you know what I mean, so you can actually have the more back, but but not totally back, and I know some people like to pin their things up and back and if you Leave that little bump there in the front, you could even do that because these this particular one feels like it covers it pretty. Well, that's really: nice movement too. Okay, I'm gon na show you all the sides inside and the other side and shift my cat he's sitting on my lap, the back. I actually like this one. It'S really cute, you know for 9.99, I'm gon na look at it and see if I can make sure that those because I can feel them, you know, but it's probably just because it's been in the Box - well, the bag for so long. It'S probably just you know, crunched, it needs to be shaped and if I and if I put it on a wake head for a while, it will shape it a little better and then I'll know if it's gon na still poke. Because then I don't like that when I can feel them, but anyway, so this is this one: it's really cute yeah, it's really cute and again I'll show it to you on these two people, because I have such a long face. So this is on Jasmine and Amy and they're getting on Amy, because she has a short face. She gets this added length. It makes it look much longer when she's wearing it okay, but I do like this one. This is really cute. Okay, let's see what the next one is. Oh, I have a pink one all right and it doesn't look like there's any labels on this at all, but I only ordered one pink one, so the pink one is find it. This is called NC like North Carolina, but it's not, but it's called NC shoulder length, pastel Bob with BT waves and it's pink, and this is 9.99. This came out like a rigid thing, which is really nice, so it doesn't get as smashed up as some of the others in the packages supposed to be a Bob. It'S pretty good one for shoulder length, but it could be the right size for me because I have like I said, we'll see. Okay, there we go and it has paper inside and the cap is like a pale color. It has the hooky do Adjusters just trying to hook it together, so I can show you the nape all right, the um, it's a nice smooth nape with the Adjusters. You can see there's a lot of wefting in the back. Let'S cover the attacks and they do have some metal and well. It feels like it's something anyway, either plastic or a metal that allows you to bend it to hold it closer to your face again, the bangs, because we have the straight front - and we do have this area here. This one has a skin Top Pot, so you've got this area that gives you that parting on the top there and the other airtime, the top of it, is just lace and then, of course, you have the open, Westing see what we get. Okay and again, I would work on this pot to make it a little poofier for me. Um and the banks could be straight down if you trim them or you could sweep them to the side or to the other side um. If you do want to trim the bangs, I've watched some videos and I and it seems to work quite well. I haven't actually done it myself, but if you take them as much of it as you want to, because you can make your Banks, beware, you know whatever you want them to be. This one has some one pieces here: um, if you take them and twist them and then cut them. You know usually like to your center of your eyes. When you let go, they will shape around your face and it's better to cut them too long and be able to go back and cut them again than to chop them too short. So just take it slow. You maybe have to do it two or three times to get them the way you want them, because once you cut them too short, There's No Going Back all right. Unfortunately, it does not grow back, so this is kind of cute. It really is cute okay. So we have this sign and I don't feel any of that stuff poking through, like I did on the last one for that yeah. This is very cute. It really is okay and again on me. It'S here um. You know you can see from from my chin to here I'm talking about it's that much space, but on a shorter person it would appear to be longer because their face ends more like here than so. You have all this extra, so it makes it look longer than it does on me, and this is very comfortable. You know, so it will fit a lot. I'Ve got it all the way out as far as it goes, but you can cinch it in too to fit a smaller head, but it definitely would fit a larger headed person. So I'm very happy that this one this is really cute. This is called NC. You know on Amazon and see like the initials and then shoulder length, pastel Bob and it's in the it's with beauty waist and it's in the pink color and this one was also 9.99 okay. Oh, let's see this looks interesting. Okay, this one says for beauty just say made in China. It says on the back, it says long, curly wig with bam whatever. That means being something it's 16 inches. I have a feeling this one's very, very curly. I ordered two very, very curly ones, one in a red and one in an orange okay and the one is supposed to be um 16 inches, which is this one I think, and the other one's supposed to be even longer or shorter than that. I don't remember now which which they were, but they the pictures were really cute. So we'll see what this one is. It just feels thick. So that's what I'm thinking it's probably one of these yeah. I actually didn't take care of them. No, it doesn't tell me the name of it, so we'll see what we get. Oh, my goodness, and they sent me earrings, look at the size of those some stickers and two pieces of the um. Totally closed stocking type, wig caps, this one I'm this is either the average of the red. I mean it's the color name and it is Curly, and this is aniva a-n-n-i-v-a. The Queen's choice is what it says on it, and it's got this little card. That shows you some different styling. You can do with it um it has a paper inside and it has the um matting hole on the outside. I can get it off without making a mess stuck on the card foreign do the best. We can you're gon na see that hanging, because I can't get it off of there and I don't want to rip it all right. This also has the hook-to-doos, which I'm gon na hook slightly extended Nate again with those hooky do Adjusters. These attempts are felted and again that's just the tag that you're seeing poking through there. This one has a comb on the middle of the front so Center Front. There'S a comb and again because it is just a basic cap. This is all half of sewn in to form like bangs in the front, but they curly curly curly and then the other yeah tab and inside we just have the round Rose like lace and then the wefts in the back and it's very stretchy. So, let's see what it is now, if you once you get this kind of a wig, if you decide you are going to keep it, I'm just going to put it on and we're going to look at it the way it comes out of the box. Okay, but if you decide you were going to keep it, you can shake this thing and it'll loosen up all these curls and make them more um. Well, it can cause it to look a little like fuzzy too, but I mean you can do that. If that's what you prefer or you can pull each one one at a time and form them into you know, still leave them curled, but just not as tight as they are around here. Okay, it depends on what kind of style you want. Some of the bangs are stuck in that little comb, that's in the front, so there we go okay. So if you're looking for a really vibrant curly Style, this is one to consider. Look at this. This is amazing and again, and you can trim this too. I mean you could pull these and cut them and make this style of your own. You know it's very it's very tightly curled right now! That'S the back! Okay and that's what it looks like on me, and this is supposed to be. What do you say six? This is supposed to be a 16 inch width. Okay, so 16 inches on May Falls here on someone else. It might I'll put it on Amy and you'll see where it falls on her, but this is where it falls on me all right, so I'm gon na Amy. This is where it falls on Amy, and that is really it's thick. It'S got a lot of hair on it. It'S um, it's really very nice, so someone who's looking for that particular type of style and that color. Oh, it's awesome, okay, and then you get all that free merchandise too. I mean it's a little bonus thing right thrown in let's see, what's next three months, three to go so this package is interesting and that's the back. I guess I guess it's inside this Ziploc bag: let's pull it out and see scroll protected, so it says r-u-o-c-h-i-n and it says: choose: are you o-c-h-i-n and choose high quality so we'll see? And it's got this bag for storing an awaken which is kind of interesting? Let'S see what it looks like again, there's a wig cap - and this is again just the straight um like stocking cap. This is a it says. It'S wine red so hold on. I can tell you which one this is wine red. This is singing that reminder. I'M not sure trying to match them up seriously is difficult, because the names on the package you receive is not the name on the website. When you order it, I'm going to assume that this is an Auburn short bob, but when I pull it out we'll find out, if that's true lots of electricity, it keeps keeps attracting itself over here. It doesn't want to come and come off. Okay, we have extended nape hooky, do straps lots of laughs, felted, ear tabs straight front, but this one has like a soft band on it. So it's not a hard front. Has two combs in the front? Has this little spot here, which is going to be a part of sewn? In part, I mean um, yeah you'll, see it's a it's like a skin Top Pot, which I'll show you in a second and that's it for the front and then the other ear tab on the other side. Okay and it's quite stretchy - actually all right. This is the what The Parting looks like in the front, and you would you could add, and I would recommend that you add a little Foundation powder to make that match your skin tone all right, because, right now it's white okay, this is, it looks like a Little beachy wave wig, let's put her on now. I have it all the way out and I could actually move this in one section, because it's very nice and loose very, very loose actually - and I would again play with this Top Pot and get some lift out of that. So it doesn't look like a Conehead side, the front and the other side and the back - and it's really got nice movement to that too, and it's comfortable oh, this is so soft. This hair is so soft. I wish I could feel it it's incredible and again same thing with the bangs. You can trim them, how you want remove them any direction you want them in. I don't know if I have it quite straight, but you can play with it to get it to sit correctly on your head, just missing attempts, so that is cute too very cute and the color is really pretty I'll sit back a little. So you can see the color better, because when I get up close to the ring light, it really adds a lot of red to everything but um, it's a it's! A dark wine, color. Okay, all right two more! This is how these this last two is packaged. Like this, so I'm gon na need my scissors to cut this apart, so you made it, I put them. I buried everything now with all these wigs. Here they are foreign. This must be the other curly one. Remember I told you I added an orange one and a red one. This must be the other one. So we'll see what that one looks like, and this is interesting there we go. Let'S see what's in this box too. Let me see if there's anything else in there, no that'll empty out this whole box. Let'S see if we got all right. Let'S do this cake soup cake soup, this one, okay, so, okay! This is supposed to be a ginger wavy wig with bangs it's 12 inches. So this is going to be a shorter one on me anyway, because my you know I mean when you're talking about almost 10 inches from here 12 is going to be short all right, um, it's c-a-i-x-i-u, as it says I can, and it's made by a x-u-c-h-a-n-g Company um, so let's open it up. This is 9.99, also figure out how to open this box. Okay, they have this taped in, like three places there we go foreign foreign golden orange. Almost I just dropped the paper, but that's all right. This one has a real skin type pot. You see that so that again, you know, put foundation powder to match your skin tone. Okay, let's see what we got this: let's get the hooky Doo Adjusters all right covered, extended nape, it's nice and soft use, a little hooky thing or Justice lots of wefting in the back soft, oh real soft, nice velvety, ear tabs with a lot of hair sewn On them, two combs in the front and again you have that straight front, because it's just a basic cap, that's the skin Top Pot. This is the other Anton and it's got like that. Pot is covered so um and then the west and it's okay. It'S not as stretchy as some of the others all right. So, let's see what this one looks like and you could probably get this one, I'm gon na guess that you could get this in other colors, but they won't be 9.99. You know I mean that's. What happens they decide they're going to clear out a color or a particular style and they'll knock them way down, and then they are gone. You know, but we'll see I don't mind color I like color. Actually so I think it's fun to play with again because they're accessories to make your outfit cute, so all right this one I can feel the wefts like. I could on that other one, that I said, I'm gon na look at later and see if I can see them um, but this is this is what this looks like, and you can see that this is shorter on me. Then the elders I've been putting on so there's that sign and this side you can see the part in the back. I don't know what the back looks like. That is the back okay. This is a fun color. It really is. I will put this on Amy because she's, the shortest the has the shortest face, the smallest face and we'll see how much longer it looks on her because you can see on me it's well above my shoulders. Well, above my shoulders right, okay, so here it is on Amy much longer looking on Amy. This is a cute wig, very cute, I'm looking at the front of it because there is, you have to be careful how how you move these bangs around, because I'm looking at the very front of it and it's got the way they stitched. It looks like they made a mistake when they were stitching. This one looks like they went right over some of the hair that they had put in there and stitched over it, and so now you've got this funny area in the front. So you'd have to be careful how you arrange those bangs or so that's that one foreign we have the other one of those curly curly, curling ones and we'll know once I open this, if it's the orange one or the red one, because we saw the other One I saw the color of the other one so we'll see then we'll know which one was which and this one is supposed to be - um 14 inches. So this one is shorter than the other one, and this is by a-n-n. I s, o. U l anisle! This is the one that's 8.99. This is the one. That'S a dollar less than all the others that I have here today see what it looks like. Okay, so the other one was evidently the orange color, because this is definitely a darker red. It has the regular wig cap now this one also has some stickers. I just dropped them on the floor, no earrings in this one, though just a bunch of little stickers good. This one also has the little tag that shows your ultimate hairstyles and the same problem with the tag being in kind of like stuck inside the um net. So I'm just gon na we'll just ignore it's gon na hang! Okay! Let me just you: do these straps? All right, I should show it to you before I do that okay extended Nate, we could do straps yeah tabs with the hands sewn into them a regular basic front with one comb in the front, as you can see that comb or not, and the other add Tab with the tags attached, so that's where you're gon na see that on that side, okay, so this is similar to the other one, but it's shorter than the other. One was only a couple inches, I think, but it's still it's a little shorter I'll. Try to straighten it out a little better and again, you would play with these bangs, which can be banged, so you can pull them back or how it you know. You'D have to be just be careful that you're not exposing your hot front and um. You can style this up any way you want. Okay, assign and again that's that thing just hanging there just ignore that tag, all right, another side and the back okay, so that's kind of fun. So that's 8.99! So, let's see if we can figure out what that other one was so that other one must have been. It was supposed to be the purple that I did not get. I got a brown instead and that was the Cairo Suzuki which they sent me. A brown wig instead of the purple, one that I ordered so um that answers all of our questions. I think so, if anybody has any comments that they have questions that they have about anything they've seen here today, um again, you can get these all on Amazon. If there are links still to them, I will try to put them below. I can't guarantee that because, like I said they put these on sale and then they're gone, they really are they disappear. But if you go in every single day or every other day and just look at wigs under ten dollars, you will find an amazing selection. It changes very quickly. So if you see something you think you want order it. Okay, if you have Prime you're covered, because you can send it back, if you don't like it, just do not like don't take something and shake it out or brush it or add Foundation powder or anything to it. You cannot change it, and so you know you are going to keep it okay and what I caution you totally, because they will not take it back once. You'Ve done something to it so um, but in the meantime you can try. A few Styles see what you like, and they really are fun, wigs, ah jewelry for your head and that's what I have for you today. So thank you for staying with me. This long have a great day, bye,

eva nosek: I watched many other videos and one in particular showcased a young girl with alopecia who was wearing a worn out wig due to her budget restrictions ..your videos can make a real difference in peoples lives ,,they all like to say it’s just hair but it is not, it’s self confidence , it’s such a complex subject , especially for women,people with perfect hair can never understand the severity of impact hair issues represent…

Nancy Carol: I loved it all! I still can't believe how great these "under $10" wigs look on you! You can wear all the colors and styles and they look amazing. I loved that 16" curly wig most of all. I'm going to look for that in a different color (I think.) That just looked like the most fun. I hoped you would shake it out to see what happened. I understand why you can't though. If you do shake it out vigorously, will it go back to the original style and tightness if you wash it? That one just blew my mind? Are you keeping that one? I don't like curly or short hair on me, although I don't wear wigs much. But after watching you, I thought I might try some again. I received one today in fact. The Paula Young Gayle in Autumn. I really like it and I've had it on all day. Now I want a silver one! The style is a bit young for me, but who cares? People are so caught up in themselves, no one will even notice. Oh, you bad girl! What have you done?!! -- Wiggles. -- Twilight is gorgeous!

NewKettleOldGout: So fun to see! This pastel seemed enhanced in framing by it's full body / shape of wave. Quite similar to an actual powder in color. Lovely effect to the skin tone.

Terry Sue Makes Videos For You: So much fun Shelly! I love your videos! Thank you for showing some affordable wigs that we can have a good time with. Amazon has lots to chose from, and alot of different price points. I have bought some real nice wigs from them too! Have a great week!

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