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In today's video I installed my very first braided wig! To be honest it was quite difficult to install, but I was satisfied with the result and so my efforts were not in vain. The lace part is a tad bit too small, but other than that this wig is giving SCALP!

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Hello, everyone welcome back to my channel it's Danielle here, so in today's video I will show you how I achieve this look so if you're interested definitely continue to watch it and if you're new come on in join the family and without further Ado, let's get started. Today'S video now I wanted to show you guys this, because I need your braids to be as flat as possible or if you don't braid - and you have your hair, like slick back, make sure it's slick back, really good. Okay, because this wig cap is a tad bit too small, it's a tad bit too small, so you're going to really have to make it work. So this is what I'm working with. So I'm going to tell you guys a little bit about this wig. This is 100 Japan made it is premium synthetic fiber here now one con about this wig guys, I'm Gon na Keep it all the way 100 with you one upon about this wig is that it does have a little hump at the back. You guys might see the little hump right here, but you know why. It'S because I had to pull down the wig, because the wig cap is a little bit too small. So I have to put down the wig and the more you pull down the bigger the hump will become. So you have to be mindful of that and when you divide your hair into two, when you section it off like this, so you're gon na actually see a gap between the braided hair and the root of the hair. So it is a little bit of spacing. It'S given five months post install Okay um there. You can actually pull these out. You know and braid it a little bit tighter and then seal the ends again. If you want, you know, if you want to do that or you can just wear it like this, just wear it down or take these two and like tie it right here or you know, do whatever style you want to do with it. So they give. You tips on how to wear the wig, how to style the wig and also how to take good care of the wig. Now you are purchasing this rig over a hundred dollars. You want to make sure that you know what you're doing you want to make sure that you're taking good care of the wig, so they do give you some tips along the way. Just to help you out, they say to stay away from high temperatures. The wheat cannot be stained, meaning that it can't be colored or dyed like how you'll do you know human hair wigs? You can't do that with this wig, because it's synthetic okay, so because it's synthetic, you cannot stay in the wig right. You cannot color it. You cannot dye it, you can use ORS, you know temporary hair wax and put on it or something, but you can't dye this hair at all. Now it says: do not use hot water to clean the wig. You can wash it with normal shampoo and a general conditioner and after washing, don't use, hair, dryer, better use a hair towel to block the excess water and avoid direct sunlight. So those are the tips that they give you for this unit. I'M just letting you guys know so you guys know what you're getting into and they said to use special WIC homes to comb. It don't use plastic Combs. Now this is more so of a generalized. You know version of how to take care of a synthetic wig. Since it's a braided, wig you're not really going to do much to it, you might just do a little baby hairs like how I did, and you know call it a day - you're not really gon na. Do that, much to it, but yeah enough about this guys. Look at this, let's get into it, get into it all right! It'S giving realistic it's giving. I just went to the hair salon, got my hair done and now I feel amazing, that's what it's given all right. You can't lie all right. The wigs don't lie. Okay, so I have my stocking top hair. This is this shade that I chose a little darker shade, because I do want it to mimic my hairline you're going to need your wig spray or your wig glue, whichever option you prefer, since I have the wick spray, I'm just going to use it, and this Is from the ebin New York brand, alongside with their lace, tinted spray? Now this is in the color dark brown. So go ahead and get your dark brown. If you're my complexion, this should do great. Okay. What you're, also going to need is a wig band, so make sure you have a wig band in place so that you can melt the hair melt, the lace as seamlessly as possible, and I also have my handy dandy golden hot blow dryer every time. So I'll be using this Golden Heart blow, dryer, just to make sure that everything is in place and contact and dried and ready to go. Okay, so go ahead and grab all your tools. Let'S just create this wig together. Even if you don't have this wig, you have some other wig. Let'S just go ahead and install a wig together, okay, come come, get your supplies, get your materials and, let's just have some fun, okay guys. So, let's start right now now what I'm gon na do. Is I'm gon na push this a little bit below right here? So you want to make sure that the wig is covering your ears. You know I'm not a pro okay, I'm learning! Just like you! Okay, I'm learning just like you, but it seems to work out better that way: foreign we're getting there. Okay we're getting there. So now, I'm gon na go ahead and install the wig. Now I'm going to place it on my head and glue that down also and then we're going to go ahead and style these baby hairs. Thank you, foreign. So while I have this wigbed on my head, I'm just going to go ahead and try to fix this bun, because it's a hot mess, foreign foreign foreign ahead and placed this wig band on I'm, not a pro with the baby hairs. Okay, this wig took some time. I'M not gon na lie it. It'S no joke, okay, but I went ahead and put this wig band on just to lay down the baby hairs that I just created and then, after this we're going to be all done, I promise of my foreign. So it's a little bit humpy like I said because it had to bring it. I had to bring the wig forward. So it's a little bit humpy. I know you guys probably see the hump it's a little bit humpy, but it's not too bad right, not too bad. It'S just a little. I wish it was just a tad bit bigger like just a tad bit, so that I don't have to have a hump man, so no for the hump, because it gives you a little bit of Hump at least on my head. It gives me a little bit of Hump, so that's the disadvantage of this wig. It'S a little bit too small man, but it looks so good. It looks so good. Look at these braids, oh my gosh, God bless the hands that did this braids. Okay, these braids are beautiful, okay, beautiful, but this is the final result. I will go ahead and leave my affiliate link down in the description box down below. If you still want to check it out, because it's not about wig, it's a tad bit too small. You know tied it because of the hump, but I like it I'll still wear it now. If you have a bigger head than me, then sis this might not be the wig for you. I ain't gon na lie to you. Small Touch of medium hits. Okay, if you have a bigger side head, go with The Sensational brand, I do have a video of The Sensational weight that I purchase. It is a synthetic wig, but it is really good. Really. Nice go ahead and click on this video right here. But if you have a small to medium sized head, go ahead and check out this way and then click on my link down in the description box below it is an affiliate link and it will help me out a lot so go ahead. You know and support your girl all right, get this wig look fabulous for the holidays, and you know just step out because when you step out trust me all eyes are going to be on you. Okay, they're gon na be like they're gon na. Do a double. Take like what what so yeah go ahead and check out this wig, but thank you guys for watching. Don'T forget to like comment share and subscribe for more videos like this one and I'll see you in my next video later guys.

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