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So apparently, in October I just went on a wig buying frenzy and never bothered to open them up and check them out. So I found another one, but I haven't open sole. Wig is a straight headband wig, it's 20 inches, it's heat resistant, it's synthetic and it was only 19.88 and guess what it's still only 1988. So if this thing is hidden and uh jump on it, what's in this bag, a wig cap, the wig - that's it! It has some good weight. This is what the inside is looking like. So there's four cones one, two, three four! That'S the cap on the inside. It'S straight, the black is 1988, the one with brown in it is like a little bit more. Oh okay. I don't know how big head friendly this is. My head is not big and it fixes with the headband that comes with it. Regular headband, 1988. y'all better get one of these uh. It'S cute Amazon, Prime

tasha: Very cute

jackie burgess: cute

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