Woo Hoo! It'S Wigaversary Time!! Join Me As I Share My 5 Favorite Wigs I Wore This Past Year:

Many Thanks to all my Subscribers and Viewers for joining Me on my Wig Wearing and Hair Loss Journey this past year!

I am having so much fun changing up my look anytime I want:) Wigs provide such a Joyful and needed Solution for people Suffering from Hair Loss:)

My 5 Favorite Wigs:

Breezy Wave Cut by Hairdo:


Medium Gold Curly Wig:


Dahlia by Paula Young in Flame Rooted:


Rebel by WigShop/Paula Young:


Jenna by Paula Young:


Stylin Silk Serum:


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If you are experiencing hair loss, please know that you are not alone! Many people have hair loss whether it is from medications, chemo, genetics or certain medical conditions. I personally have 2 autoimmune conditions and a family history of hair thinning in my mom and grandmother. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to get my hair back. I have come to realize my hair is not coming back anytime soon:( I wish I had discovered wigs MUCH sooner, I am having so much fun! I can wear whatever hair I feel like wearing that day. Please join me on my journey!

Foreign, this is fake, hair Mama. It'S that time of year again it's my wigiversary, my second wigiversary and today I'm going to be showing you my five favorite wigs that I've worn in the past year. We are going to start with Breezy wave cut by hairdo. She is in ss1488 and she has a, I think they described it as a medium brown root. I just took her out of put her back in the circulation. I guess last week and forgot how lightweight and cute she is she's just so easy to wear. Definitely a grab-and-go wig. It goes well with headbands and um definitely have worn her a lot. I have her in a reddish color. I can't remember the name of the color, but definitely one that I've worn in the past year and one of my favorites and next we have a wig that I bought on Amazon and she is by Wigan way and she goes for 22.99. She'S got some beautiful Barrel curls, I did add some rooting to her. She does have a very basic cap, there's a small velvet strip in the front and some permatease on top with some Rose lace, fabric and open wefting. There is no velvet in the back and it does have the hook Adjusters, but I would recommend tacking those in place once you have the wig at the size that you want. So the hooks don't keep hanging down, and I haven't done that yet with this one. So many things to do - I don't know about you, but my pile of Maintenance. Wigs keeps going up and I try to make an effort to get them washed and steamed and whatever they need, but other things seem to take priority. So, despite the volume on this wig, she is very lightweight, is also very easy to wear, grab and go my kind of wig. Don'T want to have to be fussing with the wig when you just want to head out the door and go where you're going right. So this is the medium curly wig and by Wigan way - and I will leave a links down below to all the all these wigs if you're interested in them. Next, we have Dahlia by Paula Young. This is one of my favorite, wigs and favorite colors. She is in flame rooted. She reminds me a lot of Alva. She has less density on top, less permatease and so to me she looks more. She falls more naturally she's, not as poofy on top. If that's the kind of wig you prefer - and she has a nice kind of hard to tell - because it's everything's black here. But she has a nice wide velvet strip on the front and lots of open wefting in the front here for ventilation and also in the back. There are some small openings in the ear tabs or glasses. If you like that, she does have a bit of an extended nape and there's only like velvet. I guess where the adjusters are the velcro Adjusters. So let's try her on. I like to wear Dahlia when looking for a change, changing color change in style and she's got bangs, which I love. Isn'T she gorgeous? I love this color and I've had her for about a year and I have been you know not wearing her all the time but she's still in good shape. It also looks great with a headband. If you don't, the hair does fall forward a little bit, but not too bad at all. I think I had more of an issue with that with my Alva. I love this color. It'S not like flaming red, but it's a nice deep red and the root is a very dark brown. It almost looks black. So if you do wear this, one you'll want your eyebrows to pretty much match the color of the rooting just to not to raise suspicion that it might be a wig, but, like I've said before, people are not not really looking at you to see. If you have a wig they're just going about their business and if your hair looks fine, they just think everything's normal. So our next on our list, we have Jenna and Jenna is made by Paula Young, and this is the color of Vanilla, swirl she's, another one. With some gorgeous curls, very lightweight, definitely another grab-and-go wig and she does have a velvet strip in the front here and a little bit of open wefting on the sides and some Rosalie's fabric where the permatease is. But it's not a huge amount of permatease just enough to lift up the fibers. There is a small opening for glasses and open wefting on the sides and the back, and there is a little bit of an extended nape. There is no velvet here, but there is the velcro adjusters, which I love got ta have those makes things so much easier, so Jenna also looks great with a headband or if you just wanna, pull her back with a barrette, very cute, very lightweight, definitely one that Would be cool for the spring and the summer I love this color. I did do one little snip in the front. One of the curls was just a little bit too long and kept hanging um a little bit too low for me. So that's Jenna. Let'S move along to the next one, so my number one wig for the past year is by far Rebel and rebel, is made by wig shop and sold by Paula Young. I have her here in two different colors. We have 1488 a and 14 26a. I think I have these mixed up they're so similar. This is the 1426a, and this is a 1488a and I have added rooting to both of them to make them more natural. Looking you'll see, the curls are a little more defined on this one. She just got a wash and um this one. I'Ve worn a couple times and the curls do loosen up and get a little. I guess fluffier as you wear her. So let's try on the 1488a. This wig is 29.99. You can't beat that price. I definitely have some spare ones in both colors and I may try some other colors, but none of them have rooting, so you can definitely add your own brooding. This wig is so fun to wear so easy to wear and for 29.99. The cap also has some decent features. We have a wide velvet strip in the front, some open wefting on the top on the sides and the back so great for ventilation. There is a small opening for glasses and there is no velvet on the nape just where the velcro is the velcro strip or the velcro adjusters. So you can still have some nice features for the price point. Definitely and then we'll have the 1426a very comfortable. I find uh definitely spritzing your curls with water will freshen them up, get rid of some of that frizz and when the water is not quite doing it anymore, and it's not quite time for a wash. I will use uh some styling styling, silk serum as the silicone serum that I'll just rub on my hands and just kind of crunch up the curls and it brings back, gets rid of the frizz and brings back the shine to the curls and freshens it up. I will leave a link down below to all these wigs. Let me know which one is your favorite. I am still on the hunt for Budget wigs. I will keep looking for you guys, but these are the ones these wigs are my favorites for the past year, but also um at least. Half of them are definitely budget, wigs and they're all under a hundred dollars, except for the first one by hairdo. That one runs around 130 dollars unless you can find her on sale or on clearance. Well, thank you for joining me for my second wigiversary. Let me know what your favorite wig is and what your favorite is that I showed you today, we'll see you the next time and please like and share this video And subscribe. If you haven't already done so bye

Jean Jacobs: Greetings Brenda! Congratulations on your wigaversary! I think that the wiginway curly style is my favorite. I also like the short shag which wasn't in the running this time! Thanks for featuring affordable hair! Love and blessings ♥️

Dixie Seymour: They all look great on you! Congrats and thanks!

kansascitian2009: Happy Wigaversary! Thank you so much for your video. I had ordered the Rebel in 1488A today by mistake, but now I think it was a fortunate error!

Serenity: As soon as I saw that first one, Breezy Wave Cut by Hairdo, I instantly thought "please let this be a recent video" and you brought it to us 10 hours ago, so yay! I'm pumped. Off to shop I go.

Lisa Holmes: Hello Beautiful... You look fab in all your selections. Keep your reviews coming.

Mae_306: You look great in all of your wigs. (I find it cute that you mention you can add roots.) When I was young if your roots showed it meant you needed to get to the beauty shop for a touch-up... Now we look odd if we don't have roots. ☺ha.

Kathy Herbert: Maybe it's time for a curly wig. If Rebel looks half as good on me as it does on you, I'll be happy! I also have a couple of Breezy Wave Cut in two different colors. I love her too.

Kelly Peters: You look amazing...love you in the red wig!!!

Lin D: Happy Wigaversary!! ⚘️

Clara: Congratulations

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