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Thank you, hey guys, welcome back to another video. I hope you guys are doing fabulous today. Vigo, Vigo, Vigo, so guys this video is in collaboration with beauty forever. Here they sent me over one of their wigs and I will be installing it and reviewing it for you today. This is everything that I got in the package, but before we get into the review, guys remember, leave a like on the video hit that subscribe button. If you're not already subscribed, so let's just get right into it, so this unit that I received guys is their honey blonde highlighted kinky straight wig, it's a 13x4 lace frontal and it's 150 density. I did get mine in 24 inches. This is what the lace and the unit is looking like guys, it's looking good, but I love the color and all the details for this unit will be in the description guys so go ahead and check that out. So the the first thing I did to the unit guys is: I noticed that the lace, the lace is good, but it needed a little bit of tinting. I didn't bleach it or anything. I just used my lace tint so that it would match my complexion a bit more. But let's talk about the fullness of this unit, guys it's so full. Yet it's so soft, and also you can do a center part, a side part to the left or to the right on this unit. It did come pre-prighted in the center, so I am being lazy today and I'm leaving it as a center part plus, if you're new over here, I'm a center for a girl all right. So I basically just use my wax stick and then I combed that down with my hot comb, to kind of lay everything to the back, because now I'm going to lay down my lace and I'm using the oven spray. This one is in the yellow, the yellow container, so that's the one I'm using today, but guys I have like a special connection with kinky straight here. I love how much it matches my natural, like hair, the texture, the coils everything I'm obsessed with it, foreign just sectioning, the hair right now with my hot comb, um first, I use my wax stick, though, to kind of lay everything down then I go in with My hot comb and the hottest setting and I'm just running that through the units in sections to kind of lay the top flat. So it doesn't look as poofy and as big. But, of course, if you want to rock it like that, like a almost Afro type of vibe, you can definitely do that, but I want to show you guys how versatile the unit is foreign, so now that I cut all the excess lace off the unit, I Am using, I got to be sprayed to seal it and further melt that lace into my skin, because when you cut, you might see a little bit of lifting and you can definitely see that lace. So you want to correct that, but instead of spraying it directly on the lace, I'm spraying it on my fingers first, so I have more control and then I'm using my rat tail comb now to press that forward into my skin. So it lays flat and then I'm just going to go ahead and tie that down foreign. So I got the unit moisturized with my oil and, of course, just running the hot comb through it or combing it like I'm doing. No, this is a look. You can definitely wear the unit like this, but I want to show you guys how it looks when I just apply a little bit of heat to it. So I'm going in with my flat iron and I'm just going to be running this few through the unit. Once to see how it looks, kind of laid down and I'm just making sure all the coils are going in the same direction and everything is looking a bit more uniform, you know foreign and guys. You can definitely see here, even though it's a kinky straight hair, you see that it takes the heat so well. You can see the difference from the side that I flat ironed as opposed to the side that I didn't. So let me just go ahead and work on the other side and get everything looking flat and nice, but still Kinky Curly, but a little bit more uniformed foreign. So the next thing I'm going to do now is work on the edges. I'M going to be doing some tiny little baby hairs across the front two to the left, two to the right and that's basically it so I'm just cutting them down and I'm using my got to be glued gel and I'm just going to be sweeping those back To kind of give this unit a finished, look once I'm done with that. The next thing I'm going to be doing is work is not working, but I'm going to be using my concealer on the part to kind of brighten that up a bit more. As I mentioned, I didn't pluck the unit at all. This is straight out the box. So let's get into the final look foreign so guys I must say I really love how the unit turned out. I love the color, the mix of the honey blonde and I love how flat and uniform the unit is. It'S still very full and kinky. I got minimal shedding from this unit. It'S so soft and it didn't get knotted at all, not even once so. That'S a plus thank you, so much Beauty forever here for sending this unit over you guys. All the details will be in the description of the video so go ahead and check that out, love you guys and I'll see you in the next one bye, guys, foreign

Carlie S: Wow Kim I love this, I got mine in black. The thin baby hair looks awesome.

steph_steph876: I absolutely love this!! Its so pretty....

Marie L: Hi Kim, the honey blonde looks great on you.

Verita Fairclough: Absolutely beautiful hair up up love it

Max F: Kim, you look lovely in all of the wigs but I love the lighter colours on you

Dr. Jiles: This color looks beautiful on you.

Tanisha Peter tv: This is so gorgeous on you Kim

milcha ohara: Hey beautiful, the hair looks beautiful

Verita Fairclough: Love watching you do your wigs. Nuff Blessings and love ❤

Julie Pierre: Absolutely beautiful

Pamela Johnson: That hair colour look lovely ,i just love the way you styles and models the wigs .awsome God's Blessings be with you continually .

Deborah Thomas: Good morning Kim!looks absolutely beautiful on you have a wonderful weekend ❤️

Angella Walker: Looking great Kim❤

Stacyann Hibbert: Beautiful ❤

Angela Obrien: Kim you look so gorgeous and the hair looks beautiful on your

Tracy-Ann Cummings: I always love this colour hair ,nice

Jackie Betton: Lovely wig

Georgia Gerald: Beautiful color looks beautiful on you as all others that you wears❤️

Rgat Girl TV: I love this wig on you

Erin Barrow: Kim it looks beautiful

Donna Haynes: Nice ❤️

Lillian Smith Whyte: FABULOUS ✌

Sanjay Reid: Nice wig girl

Sher Smith: So beautiful. Anyone wanna get me one.❤

Limbs of Praise Dance Ministry: Kim you are a beautiful black women.

K Stanley: So beautiful

kemar Gaza:

Verita Fairclough: Big up Kim ❤

Georgia Gerald: Big Up Big Up Kim ❤️

Chen Chen Official: Looking gud Kim

Theresa Ragland: Hi Kim yess u beautiful black women

Its Stella: Hey girl, shout out from Jamaica

Stewart Family TV: Big up big up big uuuup

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