Aurburn Wig 90'S Inspired Updo Ft Beauty Forever

Hey my beautiful Kweens thank you for watching today’s wig review and installation. I am so obsessed with this Aurburn wig from BeautyForever. If interested all details are below:

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Love you guys

Foreign welcome to today's video. I am quickly talking because load shedding is about to hit us, but welcome to today's video I am working with um Beauty forever. They'Ve sent me this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous unit and I have styled it installed it, and this is what we're looking like. So, if you're interested please stay tuned and let's get right into today's video, alright guys, let's get started um. So, first of all, this is what the unit looks like absolutely absolutely gorgeous um. I have had a wig this color before, and it was actually my favorite wig that it got damaged eventually, I think from like the coloring and the bleaching and stuff, but this wig looks like really really good quality. So what I've done is. I did go ahead and customize the wig, like I always do so. I'Ve bleached my knots um and I've plucked it as well. I have, however, I did not leave the bleach in for too long, because I don't want the same mistake like my last wig install, because this is color. It would have been um a lot harder for me to um correct it. If I made any mistakes but absolutely love it, so it's this like um, I think, is it Auburn um reddish orangish, um color. It looks very like burgundy on your side, I think, because of the lighting but yeah. It'S like this red um orangey tone and the color job on this is absolutely impeccable. I must say, though, that um coloring hair always just degrades the quality of your wigs, and I can feel it in this one. It is a tad bit like a try in the ends to be honest, um after washing it. I did um run my Dyson air up through it as well just to straighten it out, and this is a body wave, um wig, so yeah. It will look very nice very pretty with some curls, so hopefully that is what we are doing today. If I don't do curls like I take it back to that wavy look um. I think I'll do an updo, maybe like those 90s, it's inspired, updos um yeah, we'll see how we go in terms of time. So let's get started. I'Ve already slicked my hair um down with some gel. So my edges are protected and part of the gifts that you get with purchasing the hair is wig caps and the nice thing about these wig caps, guys, I don't know if you can see there, they literally look like um stockings, so you know how I've started Using um stockings, as opposed to wig caps for my ball cap method, um, because it is very sheer, it is very thin and yeah. It just makes like blending um a lot easier, quite Beauty forever, and I think quite a lot of like hair companies nowadays are coming up with. Are these stocking type wig caps, as opposed to the traditional um thick ones? And this is kind of sort of like what we are working with literally looks like um a stocking, and it is very thin - and I like that um, although this is a bit um lighter than my skin tone, it is kind of like transparent in a sense And I'm sure putting um makeup on it. It'S gon na help. It blend really nicely. So you just pop that on, like you, can literally see everything that is going on underneath. Oh, I forgot one step. I am gon na go in with um some wipes and I'm gon na remove my makeup in the parameters of my hairline to sew. That area is clean and we get a nice like um, stick down. I'M gon na cut um the stocking at the back of my ears, so you can lay flat make it easier to apply the glue. I am gon na go in with um my glamor Beauty Gray. You want to make sure that it is dry like not a little bit but like dry dry before you cut, so it seems like it's dry now, you're gon na cut as close to your hairline as possible foreign slightly small. I am usually a size small in wig caps, and this is a small, but it's very, very tight. So yeah just bear that in mind. What I'm going to do next is just cut off and sections, because I want to work in sections. It makes it and much easier and just pull it back like that, her feet, I am not using glue, I'm actually gon na go in with my um got to be child. I I'm sort of a clueless girl. I prefer not to use glue only for the simple reason that it is such a mission to clean up afterwards. So unless I'm like going on holiday - and I know that I need my wig to last me for a number of days - I just use - got to be um and my glamor Beauty spray anyway, two weeks, I need to put this somewhere on my hands. So I don't get too much on and you're just gon na lay that try avoiding the cap, the gold cap that you did so put it directly on your skin, because if you don't it might lift - and we don't want that so I'm literally just put in Like a very little and I'm trying my best to like even about then we're gon na go in with a blow dryer, I think it's a bit tacky now and then gon na pull there. We go foreign okay guys so because this wig is slightly small. It is giving me such big problems, cooling down the sides, but I've tried to sort of like work with it and another thing that I don't like is that I didn't actually show you guys. The closure isn't like a full. It'S not! So it's not like a completely a 13x4 on the sides, it's 13x4 in the middle and then the sides are much shorter and if you guys can see here the way it's sitting right now it is. I feel like it's too. It'S too forward making my forehead. Look really tiny, but at the same time, if I cut like, if I make the lace um, if I cut it back, then I'm cutting into the hair - that's already short there. So I'm not I'm not sure how I'm gon na handle this situation see we'll figure. It out, I am, I want to spray it now. Thank you. So I've managed to spray everything down. I think think we should put on our little melting band on um. This came with the hair. It says they BT forever. If you guys can see and guys please don't mind the lighting change the sun is sitting on me. This is taking me longer than I expected and now yeah we're gon na have sort of like different lighting, but that's fine, and then I haven't even decided. If I'm gon na do like curls, am I doing an updo? Am I doing another part? What am I doing, but I think we should do an idea right. I feel like there will be something very different, something I've never done, um on a hair review, and this hair is just perfect for it yeah. While this sort of like melts down, I think I'm gon na start working on the updo. I want to do. I'M just gon na apply to the hair foreign foreign foreign Escape foreign foreign foreign foreign guys. I think we have something here um. This is what we are looking like. This is a bit of a challenge. You know getting it done, but this is what we are. Looking like very cute, girly 90s inspired type of um sort of like updo, and then I obviously went ahead oops. I need to pin that as well. I am so scared to see what's going on at the back, so I'm not even gon na show you guys because just in case it's a hot mess, but this is cute. Oh my gosh, I love it. Oh um! Thank you so much for tuning in guys. I'M obviously speeding up because I'm rushing against the clock but remember to subscribe to my channel, give this video a big thumbs up, and I will see you in my next one love you and all the details are down below in the description box.

Happy M: Whaaaaat do you even mean?! You’re so gorgeous now let me finish watching the install

Zolile Basi: I love how you styled it!

Roxanne Negongo: Stunningggg I ended up purchasing the 16inch body wave from Ali Pearl because of how it looked on you. I’m so happy. Enjoy ur break sweetheart. Xx

Maria Marydoll: Absolutely gorgeous,,

Wendy Oagile: The hair unit is gorgeous

Workouts By ZeN: Whaaaaat?! Pls they need to make you a hair ambassadors or someTING!! It turned out so amazing and you look gorgeous

Tshee Hlaabye: Beautiful ... i never miss your wig install because wow you never disappoint.

Noluvuyo Mlisana: Absolutely gorgeous my kween

Zama G: You killed it Kweeeen

Pinkdoll_love: Hey the also suits you best. Looking cute mamma❤

Nosipho Mkhabela: Girl that hair colour on you

Daniel: ❤❤too gorgeous

xPn: ikfanela njani! Stunning, immediately add to cart

Sindi Zondi: Me liking before watching ❤

karabo: can you please recommend the camera equipment you use for your hair videos

Dru Mbonani: Mmmh! Love da color Kween

Dru Mbonani: Mmmh! Love da color Kween

Tsholofelo Mametse: Mina m madly inlove with ur blocks ...yohh I love everything about you shame

Tsholofelo Mametse: Please donate old wigs plz

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