Gabor Bouncy Beauty Wig Review | Styling Tips | 3 Types Of Light | Ss Rusty Auburn | Unboxing

The wig of the day is Gabor BOUNCY BEAUTY in SS Rusty Auburn! I will UNBOX, style this wig, show it to you in 3 different types of lighting plus much more! I hope you enjoy it! I purchased this wig from the clearance section at!

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0:00 Intro

0:28 Unboxing

2:20 Try on

2:38 Discussion of wig and permatease

5:08 Styling segment

6:54 Cap construction

7:22 Lighting sequence

7:31 Ending

I get so many questions about how I apply my wig cap and grip, here is the video if you are interested.

Here is the link to the wig grip I am wearing;

❗My stats:

Head Circumference: 21 1/4"

Ear to Ear: 12 1/4"

Front to Back: 12 1/2"

Hairline to Bottom of Chin: 9"

Forehead: 2 1/4"


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Produced and Filmed in 2023 by Crazy Wig Lady


Hi and welcome back to my Channel today we're going to unbox a wig from Gabor. This is bouncy Beauty. The color is SS Rusty Auburn. I have never tried this wig, so I'm excited to try it. This is the Gabor Luxury Line. I purchased this from the clearance section at, so I really wanted to try it. I saw it there and I thought. Oh, this is the perfect time, let's unbox it. So let's get started all right. Let'S see it comes with a new, you Gabor wig, a little bit of information there. It'S like that, it's in a hair net. Let me get all this out of here, okay! Well, this is really on here. So let me get it all out. Let'S see if I'm gon na try it it's in that bobby pin all right is difficult, but I'm just showing you how it comes, so this is kind of all wrapped up together. There we go. I got it all right. This is how it comes okay. This has an extended lace front and a mono part. That goes all the way back. I'M going to show you this really up close in a little bit, but I just want to show you how it comes right out of the box. Has that mono part that goes all the way back, it's open. Wefted has these closed ear tabs? It has an extended felt nape and velcro Adjusters. There'S some stretch here all right. Let'S look at Rusty Auburn, oh gosh, okay, that's so pretty! I love the Reds. So this has different shades of copper. You can see light, copper, dark, copper. Well, that's pretty hints of blonde running through the ends, and then it has a medium brown root. It looks like all right. Let'S try it on I've. Seen this on so many people and seen so many reviews, I just wanted to try it for myself all right fit. First off. I wouldn't have to make any adjustments all right. It'S a lot of curl here, oh gosh! Okay, that's pretty! No adjustment fits me. Well, there is permatease in this wig. Of course, that's what's going to give it all this shape all this movement, I'm feeling it all in the cap a lot of permatease at the nape of this one. Let'S see now, I'm just going to just kind of see what I'm working with here lots of waves. I have enjoyed wavy wigs. You know I used to just review if you've been with me for a while. You know I just reviewed short pixie blonde Styles in the beginning, and that was great. That was my comfort zone at that time, but as I've moved through this journey - and I would encourage you to do the same - I started branching out to other colors other styles. Other brands, everything and it opened a whole new world. For me, I found out that guess what I love red hair. I would have never thought I would wear red hair now I find myself gravitating towards red even more than blonde. Sometimes so it just goes to show you if you try something new, you just never know now what I'm gon na do. I have a little of the hair. You wear hairspray that I like and y'all just let me call to your attention. There are adjustments on the top of this. You can adjust the spray on this the hold on there, so I just want you to know that I know I didn't even know that for the longest time, so I'm going to use a little of this, because I want to get this off my face. Just a little it has this lace front. I want to take advantage of seeing that beautiful lace front and then I have just some plain water and you know I do this all the time I'm just going to spray it with some water. I'M gon na separate the fibers, get them away from the cap that controls some flyaways too. That'S just my way. It'S just my preference, something you don't have to do. It'S just something I like to do. I can kind of see where I'm going with these fibers. What they're doing wow this is beautiful. This is a lot of hair. Now, there's a lot of fiber on this wig so letting you know that, but as far as permatease being huge up here, it's not, but it is definitely there. If you do not like permatease, then no you're - probably not going to like this wig. However, as you know, I'm all about it - I am here for the permatease. Okay, let's see now this has so much hair so much. I think this wig would be beautiful in an updo. I just think it would. It lends itself to that. It has all this fiber there's so much you can do you could wear this in a half up and half down. I do believe. I even think you could wear this in a low ponytail. You could there's enough link here now. The front of this is seven and a half the crown on this. One is 10 inches. The sides are eight and a half the back is 10 and it has a seven inch, nape yeah. Okay, I like that I'm gon na throw it on just with a headband yep that works. You could also pull this completely off your face and just clip it at the top to show your lace front. If you like, I like these wavy Styles, I just think you can wear them, you can dress them down or you can dress them up. Like I said, this would be gorgeous in an updo. The holiday updo would work beautifully with this wig. I tend to these sometimes just take the smallest amount on the front and twist it and clip it back with some kind of pan or Barrette or whatever you have, and that will get it off your face. If you want - and it just adds a little something extra like I said - you can dress this up or down all right. Let'S take a look at the inside of the cap. Here is bouncy Beauty. The inside of the cap, like we discussed it, is an extended lace front into a deep mono part goes all the way back. There is no seam here either. I just want to make sure you see that there is some permatease here closed, ear, tabs with stays, open, wefted extended, felt nape and velcro Adjusters, and then I want to show you SS Rusty Auburn one more time. Thank you so much for joining me today and having a look at Gabor, bouncy Beauty and SS Rusty Auburn. Such a beautiful color again be sure to check that clearance section at wig studio one. They have some great deals there and if you haven't already please like And subscribe to this Channel - and I look forward to seeing you next time -

Crazywiglady: I hope you enjoy this video of a style that is new to me, I loved trying on and reviewing this classic Gabor style! xoxo

Linda Williams: That wig looks absolutely beautiful on you. I loved it when you first put it on before doing any adjustments,such a gorgeous colour and style

Rhona Siegel: The red wig looks amazing on you. It softens and highlights your face.

Deborah: Wow, this wig is gorgeous on you! It’s a little too much hair for me, but still fun to watch. Thank you, Eileen! Hope you have a fantastic day! xoxo

Barbara K: That wig is absolutely stunning on you!

Alison Somerville: I officially have wig envy.That’s gorgeous.

Nancy Taylor: What a beautiful color. I remember the first time you reviewed a red wig. I was like, hmmmm, not sure about that”…lol I had only seen you in blonde. Now I love you in red❣Thank you for being an encouragement to all of us

Becky C.: My first wavy style was Gabor, Curves Ahead. Then I purchased Upstage. Now I’m waiting for another Raquel Welch that’s on backorder and it’s also wavy. I never would have tried anything other than straight wigs without your encouragement. Now they’re my favorite wigs.

Clara: Pretty pretty colour love waves and curls

Margaret Tassey: Another style that I think of as Breck Girl hair. I thought it looked like it would work well for an updo and I was happy to hear that it fit you well. Thanks for the review.

Anita Ward: Very pretty absolutely love that color on you.

Susan S.: Whatever question you got a great deal. One of the most beautiful wigs I've seen on you. Maybe it's the color oh, I don't know, but I'm in love with it.

Janine T Harding: ❤️ luv the length amazing colour. Fab

Sharon: Beautiful Eileen, you were definitely meant to be a my opinion. :)

Francine Girard: How do I order wigs fron crasywiglady

Judith Driscoll: Red is your color

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