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Please all right, hey! You guys welcome to my channel. So today we are working with this unit from Asteria hair. This is a 5x5 closure unit. You guys, I forgot how much I love doing closure wigs because they're so quick and easy. This does have HD lace and it is 22 inches long, so yeah, let's just jump right on into this, I'm just starting with a little bit of my edge control, I'm using the lock-in gel um. I picked this up from Amazon. I'Ve been using, it love it. No white cast no anything love doing my braids with it as well. You can do mini twists all that good stuff, but today I'm just using it on my edges and then popping on my wig cap. I did go ahead and bleach the knots on this unit and wash her detangle her all that good stuff to melt this lace. You guys I'm just using my hard head hairspray that I've been using for like the past 10 15 million years. I have that switched it up at all, but this is my go-to, you um, it's so crazy. The amount of people who um still want to wear wigs like say you know they tell me. Oh, I want to wear a wig, I'm still so nervous about it. I don't know what to do and I'm like come on. This is like the easiest thing to do, and I always tell them start with a closure. Unit. 5X5 basically means you have five inches going horizontal and vertical. So I slap this in the middle of my head and that's the thing with a closure unit as well. You can kind of turn it to do a side part, but I just keep mine right in the center for a middle part, um and then I'm going in right here, which is optional and just taking out a little bit of the hair, because it just needed A little bit more um of a pre-plugged hairline for me and whatever color was left on as far as Foundation goes the back of my brush. I just you just saw me just put that right on the hairline to just make sure that lace Blended well, but this is HD lace. You guys, I had no issues with it: um melting to my skin and blend with my skin up very well. Next, you guys this is always a struggle for me. I'M I'm honest with you guys, because you know we stay honest on my channel. I always have such a hard time doing my little baby hairs whenever it comes to a closure unit, because where I normally would lay them is a little bit further down. Whenever I do a closure unit, I have to kind of start my baby hairs closer to the top of my head so closer to the part. I hope you guys understand what I'm saying so I always feel a little awkward um, but you know I'll be trying. My best, like always um and then to lay them y'all, I'm just using my design, Essentials, foam, wrap um, keeping this very quick and easy. I really had to get going these this day, which is why this closure unit was perfect. For me, I had like 45 minutes to get dressed through my makeup and then pick Isaiah up from the bus, stop and then do some errands. So just tying that down you guys and then I'm just gon na blow dry per usual foreign. So next you guys. I went on ahead and got my wax stick and popped that at the you know, the roots and I went on ahead and paired it with my hot comb like I normally would, but I'm not the biggest fan of pairing your like doing this process when it Comes to curly hair, because some I mean I can tend to go overboard. I tend to go overboard. Um sometimes like at this part right here with making that part section just look too flat. It almost just is like a dead dead giveaway that it's a wig, so you want to be careful at that um, like closest to your part when applying heat. Whenever I add some mousse to the rest of this hair, I'll typically add a little bit still at the top just to kind of wave it back up the tiniest bit um. It'S like just a fine line. It'S a fine line, you guys, but I'm using the cream of nature like honey, curling mousse, something like that I'll make sure I put it down below in the description box, so make sure you guys check the description box. All the info on this unit from Asteria hair and all the products I'm using are down there um, but yeah. The hair was already detangled. I made sure to dry it nice and detangled, so I didn't want to go interrupt the curls. I just wanted to go in and add some mousse to the rest of the hair to hold the curls. Basically, that's what I'm doing here and then I'm just gon na do the same thing to the other side. Thank you. Thank you, foreign. You guys so I had to judge this unit up a bit. I felt like it was just a little too heavy like as far as like the thickness of it, which is not a bad thing, because you definitely can always take hair out of a wig. You can't really put it back in, but I didn't have any thinning shears um, so I had to just take my scissors and just get to adding some layers around the face. Um. It just kind of you know just framing on my face a little bit, not making the hair all one length, and that was basically it for this wig. You guys, I did take it up a notch as well right on the ends. I took just a few inches off. I was about to go in and like really cut this up, but I said no, I got ta wait till I take it off because I have learned my lesson trying to cut curly hair on myself. It needs to be on a mannequin head, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video um. Let me know if you guys have any questions comments. All that great stuff, like I said, don't forget to check the description description box. If I have any coupon codes, all that good stuff will be down there. Thank you guys so so much for watching, and I will talk to you guys in my next one bye,

Brown Skin Beauty: Everytime you show a wig I already know to get ready to pull my wallet out lol. I think the 5x5 is better than the 4x4 depending on your head size. I just like more parting space personally. You sound under the weather today so hope you feel better ❤️

Teena Taylor: Pretty unit! I agree, closures are definitely easier to apply. That Bed Head spray is IT, I bought that Got 2 Be and never even used it If anyone is nervous about starting with wigs, just jump out there and try synthetic first. Nothing to be afraid of You sound a little stuffy, hope you feel better

Lady Rose: Love this. Beautiful unit! Now as always I have to go check this out!

CrazyNaturalPrincess: Love it❤

Ivory Artis: Very cute unit!

Just Danie: I only like 5x5 because it won't slide back with glue. Lace fronts be sliding back when I glue it smh

Just Joia: Very cute!

It's a me: What's the song in the intro please?

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