2023 Two Sexy Spring Synthetic Wigs!!!

Two great wigs for Spring 2023. Synthetic wig update. Get ready for Spring and leave Winter behind with them two great, sexy, sassy wigs. Fortune by Mane Attraction in the colour BUTTERNUT.


MIRANDA by Jon Renau in colour Venice Blonde.



Oh, have you had enough of freezing through the cold winter Blues spring is nearly here and let's bring ourselves from the winter blues and get excited about ordering that new wig for spring get rid of those winter beanies shed the weight and get out there and have Fun, this is Fortune by Main Attraction in the color Butternut Fortune is a really great week for spring. It'S not as short as a pixie, but it's not as long as an arrow or a wren or an Angelica. So you can get the weight of those longer wigs off your back and lighten up the load and feel a little bit Breezy a Little Bit Sassy and enjoy the coming of the Sun. So it's really time to shed those winter layers. Let go of anything negative that may have happened in Winter and embrace spring, and this is a really great way to do. It update your wigs order, one and get ready for spring and he's a 360 of Fortune, so this beautiful wig is Miranda by John Renault. In the color Venice blonde - and I think she's a really great transition, wig again for those spring months when we're not freezing cold and we're not boiling hot she's got a lot of lovely layers she's, not too long, and because she has a beautiful lace front. She'S really great for putting up in a half updo if you're in that part of spring, where it's feeling a little bit more like summer, so start thinking about that spring wig! Now, that's going to lift your spirits, make you want to get out into that beautiful sunshine! That'S coming for us and live life I'll put links to both of these wigs Down Below in the description box, for my full reviews and YouTube is going to have a video specifically selected just for you. So thanks for joining me on Julie's wig World get out there and have fun

Clara: Lovely to see you

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