Hit Or Miss? Trying A Burnt Orange Layered Wig Ft. Yolissa Hair

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Foreign ERS and welcome back to the channel if you're new hit that subscribe button and join at the gang. So as you can see, I'm looking like a body a little burnt orange moment going on today's video is sponsored by yolisa. So unisa can't respond to read yet another video. Let'S get in to it. So I got a few items in the package. I got lashes, a pair of wig caps. I add a wrap an edge brush in pink. I got the elastic band to tie that lace down or to put on the back of the way you can use it for either the cute little bag that all of those came in last but not least, the beautiful units. So this is a five by five burnt orange 18 inch layered wig. I'M super excited for this. I'Ve never landed literally tried a layered custom. Layered wig and I've never tried this color before I've tried orange, but not a bird orange, and I really love this shade of orange. So I'm excited I'm just going to take our foundation and the same brush and apply it to the lace on the wiggle. Okay, babe we're looking a little crazy right now we're looking like cosplay. So let's get this thing laid and then we see what happens. I love the softness and I love the density of it. So I'm going to start by just add combin it to lay flat and I'm going to achieve that by using the wax sticker and the at home. Okay, progress, progress, we're looking better, I'm just gon na go ahead and clip the straps in the back or hook them. Rather I'm going to hook them together. You know I have it more snug, so I'm just going to use the alcohol and a cotton pad to remove the excess makeup from my face and today we're using the ghost bun to install this wig, I'm using a popsicle stick because I found it way much Easier and cleaner than using a comb - I kind of Mark where my wanted right here so right here so foreign. I think I'm just going to do one layer. So, as you can see it's clear, so I'm just going to go ahead and lay the wig respectfully and let me use the tail comb to just press it in I'm gon na. Let this sit on my lace for about 10 to 12 minutes, not too long. Now, just one layer, so I'm not trying to get a secured installer, so it has been like 20 minutes. I just take off the bun now, if I can get it open. Okay, that's the only reason why I like the tape one because it's easier to open, but I don't feel it that they fit as snug as like this one to tie, or I could just pull it over like work, smarter, not harder, okay period, okay, so I'm Just gon na cut away the excess lace and I'm going to try to do it in like a zigzag motion, you know. Actually, I learned that from Like A Wig Company on the manual thing, they were like cut it to zigzag and it actually worked perfectly like you see less of the lace when it's like zips up, because they claim that the the eyes only see straight lines that Doesn'T sound logically correct, but in this case it actually works to some extent, foreign. I have a um curling wand, but I don't know Oscar live here. If y'all keep up with my weak videos, I do not know how to curl hair. Oh, that's it, and that is wow, and it's also unintentional. What why, over the side, a kind of flat door like it's not giving what this side is giving was it supposed to be a side part like? Why is it not giving the same thing? Maybe I don't like that. I love this okay, okay I'll take in to this, take into it because I'm actually going to strain it. I just love this little flip thing, because I always try to do it and it never works out, but anyways I'm going to plot the airline a bit, so it can look a little bit more realistic because it's kind of giving cosplay a bit. Thank you. Everybody got it overseas, baby, just playing games, okay, so this is what we're giving straight. This is what we're giving I probably had a little bent in this part, but I wasn't like trying to do too much because I'm actually going to try and add some cards, but this is how we're looking looking good honestly looking real good like this orange, is Not too much, I feel like it's just perfect. Okay, now, let's add some curls I am lucky nervous. Can I start with the frontier, maybe too much, I'm so lazy? I always try to do so much at once. How does it cut like where's the sharp pieces? Okay right here right here - okay, so I say I don't have a curling iron I'll be trying with the curling wand, so I think I'm gon na go this way. Hmm yeah! I really don't know how to curl here unless it's going to be like those body wave curl, let's get your together be for real that wasn't even a proper activity. Yeah I need to buy a Green Iron. Where should I curl it the other way when I would say curl away from your feet, foreign? This is what I could have done. I probably could have done better if I like price it better or something, but this is what I have we're going to comb. It out fixed by the top and I'll come back. Okay, I didn't get back that little soup thing that they did, but I'm pleased with the outcome. I think I look like a bad bee like this is a nice look. I love it. I love it. So much on me so yeah, that's it for today's video thanks for watching and thanks again to your list of our sponsoring. Yet another video I've worked with yolissa numerous time and they never ever disappoint Amber so yeah. Thanks for watching our link will be down in the description below check it out. Bye,

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