4C Edges On Body Wave Wig?! Watch Me Install & Style This Body Wave Wig Ft. Beauty Forever Hair


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06:36 - PROS & CONS (CONS)

07:40 - PROS & CONS (PROS)


09:42 - FULL 360 + LENGTH CHECK

Change life goes up and it goes down and we keep track of time being so serious idiots thinking it will matter. Keep me company Downtown before the clock Runs Out. Sun is shining, but the rain is not on my mind, but then it's here. All Things Must Pass, but I'm not gon na wake up. Wake up, I'm not ready. Let me have another day: don't wake up wake up, keep it steady cause, I'm happy! I'M not gon na wake up, whoa, I'm afraid I'll end up nowhere. They keep saying I'll. Be fine but how you know that I'll be there when it feels like I'm lying every time someone asked how it goes comes around and then I remember All Things Must Pass, but I'm not gon na wake up wake up, I'm not ready. Let me have another day: don't wake up wake up, wake up! It'S steady cause! I'M happy! I'M not gon na wake whoa, but I'm not gon na wake up wake up! Don'T wake up! Wake up, keep it steady cause! I'M happy cause! I'M happy! I'M not! Gon na wake up yeah how you looking cool, maybe in spite of the body stretching out your Pinstripes got so much to tell you come on inside from the invite Wan na Give me Taps with my hands tight. All I wish for, if you could go my way, yeah been Had Me From the Start. You'Ve been on my radar for too long. I want you to stay, you'd, never say the word. I could give you the world girl. Won'T you try me. I bet you're gon na lie: yeah foreign, don't you let it pass us come over yeah in all right, Charles, so I'm obviously finished selling this wig, and this is what I got if you're interested in the details and specs and all those good things about this. Wig, then, please continue to watch all right, so the unit that I am rocking wasn't to me by Beauty forever Hair Shop. You beauty forever for sending me this unit and sponsoring this video. Yes y'all. This is yet another unit with the 4C edges. You guys know right now. That is that's trendy okay, so I'm like why not try it in every texture. You know me child okay, so this one is a body wave, one um. It says beautiful upper best body, weight, 13x4 lace, front wig with baby hair, 150 density, pre-plucked virgin human hair. Now, honestly, I don't really see the baby hairs on this, but yeah. I don't see on here where it says it or nor do it look like it in the picture, but I they did tell me that all of the units that they were going to be sending out with like they gave me three options basically and in those Three options: they did say that all of them would have the 4C baby hairs. So I I knew that was going to be the case, but this is very and Beauty forever. Color is natural color. It is available in 16 to 24 inches uh. It'S average cap size and yeah. That'S pretty much it as far as details and specs that I personally see so they don't have on here. What lint they sent me. It does say it's only available in 150, this tea and, in my opinion this is uh pretty thick for 150, especially as a body weight wig, but they have on that is 150 density, so honey. We ain't gon na be mad. Nobody having stupid. We ought to be mad when it's less than what it says. Okay, I ain't gon na be mad at nobody, for it being thicker than what it says. Um. If I had to guess I would say this length is probably 24 inches and I'm gon na. Do a 436 and show you guys, so you guys can really see it uh. This is just your standard body weight wig, it's an average cap size to me it is big head friendly and it also has that adjustable strap that I did have to use. I did have to utilize the adjustable strap as well as um. I mean the elastic band. I had to adjust that as well as the adjustable straps. So in my opinion, it's big head friendly, but I am an average cap size, so girl. Take that with a grain of salt, I can only talk about the head that is on my shoulders. As far as Shannon and tangling goes with this wig. In my opinion, it did none of the things try to package. That'S another style girl won't do any other things at some point. It'S just that straight out. The package and she didn't know the things now. I did uh bleach the knots, but as far as the hairline in itself, I did not touch it. So how you see it is how she woke up now. I know this. This trend is not for everyone, but honestly y'all. I like it. I like it. It'S basically like it's giving me baby hairs without me having to do a whole lot of work to him. Now I could have swooped these, I didn't feel like they were super dense. I wasn't really mad at the look of them and I wanted you guys to look at them like to be able to see them without me. Super swooping them and I may at some point swoop them, but for today she gon na wear it like this. I'M just gon na act like like child, like my my hair was done, but then my my edges sweated out or something so I decided not to swoop, but you can do it. However, you to, and if you don't like the trend and you like uh-uh, you know I thought I was gon na like it. I don't you can just always kind of push them back and not utilize them at all. So I like the versatility that these baby hairs offer me. So, yes, I want to throw that out there and yeah. That is pretty much it. As far as the details and specs going up, you're interested in my pros and cons was before 360. Then please continue to watch all right y'all, so we're gon na start with the cons, because you know your girl like to end on a high note. So my come with this wig is that it's a 13x4 and honey. This wealth has been wefting. Okay, so y'all know how I feel about that and yeah. I still did a c part, but for some reason I was feeling my bust down today. Okay, so yeah, that is gon na be my kind. My Pros is, I love the hair. The hair feels good, like I said, your standard body weight, but it feels really really nice. I love the lint. I love that it came with layers, although I did add a few more and I really just. I am feeling the the 4C baby hairs. Y'All. Okay Judge Me: Not sis judge me not, I am definitely feeling it and yeah that is pretty much it um and yeah. Those are my Pros with this wig. Yes, I would recommend this unit. I feel like it is super cute and I think everybody needs at least one by the way, just like I feel, like everybody need at least one straight wig. I feel like you need at least one body weight. Okay, you can never go wrong with a good body wave unit and add the 4C edges like boom. It just does something for me, okay, so yes, I would recommend this unit all right. So let me give you guys this bowl 360. So we can perhap. This thing all the way up, so this is obviously the unit in the front. This is it on the left side. This is it in the back, keep in mind, I am 5'4 and this is it on the right side, so yeah y'all. Let me know down below what you guys think about this unit. Let me know if you think it's a look. It'S a Vibe like I do sound off down below in the comments Cynthia. Have I sold you on the 4C baby hairs yet or not? Are you like still no girl, it's okay! Let me know what you think down below once again Shop, You Beautiful ever. First, sending me this unit and sponsoring this video. If you guys, are interested in purchasing this unit, I will have a direct link to it down below in the description box and your girl. That'S all! That'S all all right! So if you like this video, give me a thumbs up, you have any questions. Don'T you feel like I may have left out, feel free to comment down below and if you already subscribed girl click the Subscribe button. It'S not gon na cost about one Redstone and if you're not ready to follow me on all my social media platforms, I am disasters beat on both IG and Tick. Tock, I'm here to Misty on Snapchat and I'm disasters on Twitter and I'll see you logos. Next time bye, this is

lneal2800: This is Gorgeous Chrissy! !this look Is definitely you!...keep slaying these looks and options boo!

AndUDon'tStopYo: The 4C baby hair does look very natural. Another beautiful wig!

Sybil Davis: Hey Chrissie, I love this unit, it's absolutely beautiful on you. You wear it well!!!!

crysten brooks: I'm not mad at this unit not one bit!!!! I love it! And the edges go so well with the rest of the Unit! The unit looks so full and the length is just right! Thank you for this review!

Spring Copeland: Lovin on this unit girl! The curls.layers..and density are slammin...4c edges count me in❤.again sis ya rocked it❤❤

Love Yourself: Happy Wednesday This is really pretty you have mastered curling and styling these wigs. Slay All day. I like the textured edges too so natural looking when done right. Have a Blessed Day and Take Care Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy there Chrissy! The hair is beautiful. I love how you layer and curl the hair. Now, about those 4C edges, issa Naw for me. I fight enough with my own 4C edges, trying to get them to lay down, but nothing works because my hair is very coily. I ain't fighting with no wig too. But you did get them together though.

Koren Lawrence: That wig is nothing but stunning and the way you style it of course, I'm in awe. You inspired me to get a head so I can precurl wigs. so tyvm

Pamela Gordon: Hey Chrissy love this wig so wavy♥️♥️♥️

patrice moore: Super cute sis !! Very classy look.

Jennie Martin: heyyy Lady Diz..... its a cute look own you style it Nice and Fast... # much love # stay safe, ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

Dee Luther: First Comment Queen Pretty thumbNail Tho U DEFINITELY Slay This Look You Looking Hella Gorgeous MakeUp Always Look Good How was your Vday Enjoy your night as well Happy Fabulous Weekend Ahead Stay Bless N Be Safe Always

Jackie Franklin: Yes it

Dominique O:

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