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Hey guys, I'm back today with another video and this one is going to be brought to you by the company Beauty forever hair, and today I'm going to be showcasing this Kinky Curly Beauty. This one is a honey blonde highlight unit this one is 150 in density and it's 22 inches in length, and this is what the curl pattern looks like straight out of the box and look at that color. Yes, it is very nice and full. Now addition, it does have a cap construction of two Combs on the side. It also has a comb in the back, your adjustable strap, and it also has an adjustable elastic band, foreign, shampoo and conditioner. So this is what the hair looks like dry down. I don't have any products in it right now and I wanted to show you guys the front of the hairline. Now I did go in and pluck out the hairline a little bit more. However, it does come with the pre-plug hairline. So if you are a beginner, you don't have to worry about doing anything extra. Oh I'm going to be using my even active hole spray and I'm going to be spraying a generous amount on the side underneath the lace and I'm just using my red seal cone to make sure that the lace is pressed and laid down really well now you Can rock this unit ghoulis? If you choose to this cap size, is a average cap size, so it's a 21.5 to 22 inches and it fit me good. However, I feel like it was just a little bit roomy in the front part, so I wanted to make sure mine was melted and laid down. I'M gon na be pulling out a few hairs in the front of the hairline. I already knew that I wanted to create some swoops. I love swoops, especially when it comes to curly hair. I don't know it just kind of flows well together. However, if you are not a fan of the baby hair swoop, look going on, you can definitely skip this step and just rock the hairline, as is once I am done with that. I'M gon na cut the hairs down shorter and then I'm going to place my elastic band on top of the lace. So I can let everything marinate in while I work on styling the rest of the unit. Thank you be taking my wax. Stick around the front area and then I'm going to use my hot comb to press everything out. I will be rocking a middle part today, so I'll be taking the wax and doing the same thing in that area. Now I did just get this wax. Stick from Amazon, my last one was very greasy and it was leaving a shiny greasy residue. I did not like that at all. I don't like when it's too shiny at the top, so this one's so far so good I'll make sure to leave a link down below to all the products that I am using in today's video foreign, the hair. So I can begin styling because it is a lot of hair and I want to move that other side out of the way and then I'm going to pin up the top half of this. Now I'm using my wide tooth comb just to kind of run through the hair. Before I decide to put my products in, I am using my continuous water bottle and I'm going to drench the hair, not too much, but I'm definitely going to be focusing on the ends now. One thing I will say about this hair is that it was softer than some of the other highlight curly units that I have dealt with before working. My mousse through this hair was just easy. I didn't have any issues doing that I am using my detangling brush and it's definitely pumping those curls up together, foreign like to switch up my products when working with curly hair - and one thing I like about this mousse - is that a little bit goes a long Way - and I also like how it does inflate my only thing I don't like is that it can get very, very sticky, but I feel like it just defines the curls so well, so you can see what one side of this looks like and then this is The other side dried with no product and then I'm going to go off a camera and finish the other side up, but you can see also that I am going to be adding random finger coils throughout this hair. I just wanted to add a little bit. More definition, now I'm not going to go and like take each Strand and do it so I'm just picking up random pieces foreign, these curls, which is always my favorite part, because I like to see what it's going to look like after it is all dried up. But I am going to let you guys know that this did take a while to diffuse it did, especially when it came to the back area. So I'm not going to diffuse this 100 on camera and I will come back and show you guys what it looks like drive down. Girls are about 90 dry and I feel like that's good, so I'm going to pin the hair out of the way. So I can work on the front of the hairline because I'm not ready to fluff it up just yet, and I'm going to comb those wispies out just to kind of get a look at them. And I like how the lace melted into my skin. And it's looking good so far, so I'm going to cut these hairs down, I don't think they need to be this long and then I'm going to take my flat iron and curl the hair be adding a little bit of curl to those hairs in the front. Just really helped me to kind of swoop it the way I need it to be. I just feel like it flows better, but it's definitely a personal preference. You can just swoop without doing all that extra stuff, but I'm gon na be taking my time doing this, because I want to make sure that everything kind of falls into place. So you guys know when it comes to the front of the hairline. I never can just swoop and go. I got ta take my time with it foreign. Now, I'm not going to be heavy-handed with it because I don't feel like I need to use too much now. This lace was more on the brown side, so it blended it. Well to my skin, but I did notice like a few little areas that just need a little bit extra and then I'm definitely gon na have to add some powder to The Parting space, to kind of open it up more because the front part looked nice and Open, but towards the back, you couldn't really see it well get my Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Serum I'm going to work on fluffing up this hair. Now I don't want to fluff it too much because I feel like the density, looks good on it right now. Um, I don't want this to you know, be too frizzy like I like the way the curls are really nice and defined. So I'm going to be really careful. Now there were some pieces at the ends. I needed to trim off that were a bit frizzy and you can see where I kind of finger called in certain areas. It looks really nice and defined, and the hair looks juicy it's not giving dry at all, which I'm happy about now. I did pick apart. Some of those finger curls just in certain areas, but for the most part I decided to leave it alone. This is the final look after everything is nice and done up. I want to turn around, so you guys can see the back now, I'm only 5'2 for reference, and this is 22 inches in length. So it did shrink up some now that the curls are really defined, and this is what the front of the hairline is giving. I do wish that the hair was a little bit thicker at the very top where the end of The Parting space is, but you can always kind of flip some hair over. I kind of went far back as far back as I could and then what I decided to do was kind of Tuck, some of this hair behind my ear, because it was falling in my face so much and I probably should have added a bit of layers. But guys, let me know what you think about this unit. Are you feeling this color? I think this color is really pretty. If you are feeling this, I'm going to make sure to leave a link Down Below guys. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel turn those notifications on share and, like this video and I'll see you guys next time bye, guys, foreign

Simply Sherelle : Happy Monday! I’m back with a gorgeous highlight wig! This one is going to be on the high maintenance side due to the color and curls. What do you think about this beauty?

Kie RaShon: I love the color on you. the curls add that extra dimension to the look. Very pretty

lneal2800: Hey! Sherelle I love the highlights throughout this unit+ and I love how natural it looks! Love the length! Nice right out the box! This is beautiful you finesse this unit! Gorgeous!

patrice moore: This is a beautiful unit ! The color is gorgeous !

Pyt G: My Oh My! I'm ing this texture with this color!! This looks amazing! Tfs

Love Yourself: Happy Monday This is absolutely gorgeous I lovvveee the color. I call this my Beyonce hair. This has nice density and the curls are poppin you look Beautiful Have a Blessed Week but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Sybil Davis: Hey Sherelle, I'm loving this unit, the color is fire on you!!!!

Shanise Nicole: Not me wanting to put on a curly wig and play with some curly swoops LMAO! This install was so pretty and the color looks so good on you but yes I think some added layers would have set it off. Job well done S❣️❣️

Jackie Randolph: Happy Monday Sherelle this is a very curly wig and that color is lovely that wig is beautiful on you as always. ❤❤❤❤️‍

Daniel Simpson: That color looks gorgeous on you

crysten brooks: Okay Golden Goddess! She real cute. Those juicy curls are hittin'!! I agree about the top being thicker. But other than that I like it. Thank you for this review!! And Happy Valentines Day!!! ❤❤❤

Adriene Denise: I like everything about this unit ❤️

Carolyn Gamble: Beautiful!!

Quinn 5: Beautiful on you! ❤️ but that's really short for 22 inches....I have a kinky curly and it's down my back....

Esther Sowell: The color is awesome ooo its pretty

CarrieBrooks: Summer Spring Beauty

Toni Terrell: Yep...she's a winner!!!

kmariamv: You did that!

Peaches Royale: Color

Deb: New subbie sent by Shanise Nicole

Shanise Nicole: Stop looking at me like that in the thumbnail

Shanise Nicole: Yeah let me gone head and order that wax stick just call me copycat

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