Deyngs Hair Aliexpress Afro Kinky High Puff Curly Headband Wig!

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel so in today's video i'm here to share with you all very affordable, easy nice cute puff apple kinky, curly hair. I super people love this hair here and i decided to share with you all because when i laugh please don't forget, it was like this when i received it - and i have already you know, try it on and i know what i'm talking about. That is why i'm here to show you all so inside the bag. Uh i get the hair out. This is a palm afro kinky curly hair. I just love this in here, i'm not a person that i really really love. I don't like too much braids, because whenever i break my hair, i turn onto their head the inside um, and then i put this one on for you guys to see how it looks like so guys. Uh. This thing here is everything. Look at this puff afro, kinky, curly wig that i have on is this scent look beautiful. This is gorgeous so so so so so you

Patricia Abijah: Love the natural look

LOVE OF CHIRST : Your hair is very beautiful

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